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This is not a putdown. I’m not putting her down. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I’m simply stating the case. She is what she is. She’s a Brit. Her husband is Harry Evans, used to run — What was the publisher? What was the book company, Doubleday or something? He used to run a big publishing house, published “Primary Colors,” book by “Anonymous” that <a target=new href=”http://www.salon.com/media/media960718.html”>Joe Klein wrote</a>. So they’re big. I mean, they’re huge, big in the literary crowd in New York, and they largely… You will not, nobody ever will dare in any venue, gossip column, news column, nobody ever will utter anything but total love and devotion for Tina Brown because they’re scared of her. Folks, I don’t want to name any names, but I didn’t know who she was when I got to New York. Didn’t take me long to figure it out. I had Republicans (you’d know the names) call me up all giddy when they were invited to a Tina Brown dinner party and I said, “Hmm, maybe this is somebody I should like to be invited to dinner parties. Well, hell, if this is what’s happening!”
This is before I had my head screwed on right about this and knew what was going on. I’m just telling you all this. This is who she is. I mean, nobody watches her show. To me it’s a clear microcosm of where the left is. Nobody watches her show, but you go to New York and there’s nobody more powerful in the media in literary, it’s not Peter Jennings. I mean, it’s a tight competition. I mean, she may not be the #1 now, but she was. She was it, and she still is. You get an invitation to one of her parties and you don’t go at your own risk. You go. You drop everything. If you’re scheduled to have a baby, you call the doctor and say, “I need a cesarean by Friday so I can go to Tina’s party Saturday.” I mean, it’s that big. Well, that’s the best way I can think to illustrate it. So, anyway, she’s got David Westin on the program, and she says, “David, would you have a reporter/producer live in any of these communities?” She’s talking about the red states of America here, folks. “Would you have a reporter/producer live in any of these communities and saturate themselves in these cultures so that they get more stories from those communities?”
WESTIN: I think we don’t do that enough, and I’m not just talking religious communities. I’m talking all sorts of communities across the country. I think that… You understand this, Tina, living in New York or in Los Angeles, we have busy jobs. We go into the office every day. We tend to socialize with the same people, or the same types of people, and I think it’s terribly important for journalists to get out whether it’s overseas or domestically and try to understand.
RUSH: We need more foreign correspondents in Alabama! We need more foreign correspondents north of Palm Beach County in Florida! We need embeds to go to church, find out what’s going on with these holy rollers! Ah, folks, you can’t know how much I love this. You just can’t know. Moving on, let’s go. This is Meet the Press with Tim Russert yesterday, their roundtable, and Maureen Dowd — who is literally a shadow of her former self both physically and intellectually; it’s a shame what’s happened to MoDo. She was, at one time, she was pretty funny. She had a caustic, rapier-like whip. She’s just become embittered, just totally embittered, and there are a number of reasons why we won’t go into, but she typifies one of the attitudes that is out there amongst the left. Tim Russert says, actually asks her this question. What does he know? I mean, to ask this question, you’ve got to know the kind of answer you’re going to get. He says to Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, “Do you think the president ran a jihad?”
DOWD: Uh, yeah. I think that if you look at all the quotes from evangelicals today they’re talking about how we’re “on the eve of destruction” and God gave us a reprieve. You know, we got Satan, you know, away from the White House by defeating Kerry. I mean, it’s very… I think the evangelicals think they’re in a holy war now.
RUSH: Now, this is all Greek to me. Who’s out there saying that we were on the eve of destruction, that God gave us a reprieve and that Kerry was Satan, who was saying this? I, frankly, didn’t hear this, either, and I think most people would assume that I would be wired to this community, given that I am the spokesman. (broadcast engineer interruption) Oh, oh, I’m sorry. Mr. Maimone tells me it was a guest on the Tina Brown show one night that said this. Oh, do you happen to remember who it was? He doesn’t know who it was. Some guest on Tina Brown said this. Maureen Dowd must have been the person watching that night. All right, so, then Chris Matthews, he’s on the roundtable. He says, “Maureen, we grew up with ‘let’s get this country moving again.’ We all remember George Bush winning the White House by saying, ‘When I put my hand up to take the oath of office I promise to restore the dignity of the office,’ and everybody knew he was talking about Clinton. At least there was a one-liner. Was there ever a one-liner you could point to and say that’s the Kerry campaign?”
DOWD: No, Kerry was like Gore. He was a winner who somehow managed to lose. He won all three debates and still lost the election, and they’re loners. They were loners in the Senate and they didn’t have that many friends and they were hall monitor personalities. Democrats have to choose people who are cooler, and sexier, really, to be blunt.
RUSH: If you didn’t hear the double-talk, she said Democrats “have to choose people who are cool and sexy, really, to be blunt,” if they want to win. These hall monitor-types just don’t win the elections. Now, what she didn’t say here but what she said in a column, it was either on Sunday or Friday, I forget which, but she said Karl Rove is the kind of guy that was never a cool guy in the big clique when he was in high school, and he spent the rest of his life (paraphrasing) spent the rest of his life getting even with people who had shut him out. It always goes back to high school with these people, and somebody was or was not “in.” So what they’re telling us here they know they’re the elites. They know that they are the big click in their own mind and they think that those of us who have not been admitted are loaded for bear to take ’em out because they are excluding us.

RUSH: Mike, <a target=new href=”http://www.bethesda.org/”>Bethesda, Maryland</a>, I’m glad you called. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hey, Rush, let me switch hands. My hand is going numb from this cell phone. Okay. Well, mostly I called to express just total affection and admiration for you for all you’ve done and to give you credit, I think a lot of credit, for the win, the victory we just had, not to mention, you know, you said you pulled us through the eight dark years of the Clintons and you kept our — our hopes, you know, going. And, you know, I don’t want to take anything away from Karl Rove, I think he’s brilliant, too, but I think you really did the job. I think you kept the base energized because even though Bush isn’t the most conservative guy in the world you kind of, you know, kept us focused on what’s important here.
RUSH: You know, Dick Cheney said the same thing to me once about the eight years of Clinton. He said, “It was you,” and I’ve always been embarrassed by this, because I was just doing what… You know, look. You’re very nice to say this, but this whole thing, you have to understand that it’s…it’s… I don’t know how to say this. There is a shift going on in America, and the thing that I have — and I really appreciate your kind words out there, Mike. I really do. Please don’t misunderstand me on this. But my whole theme today, folks, is it’s not any one person. It’s not even the candidate. It’s not Rove. It’s not anything of that nature. It’s not one person. It’s not one group. It’s not talk hosts and it’s not the blogosphere. It’s not any one group, everybody working together. But the overriding reason or theme, folks, if I can attach one to this is that decisiveness and decency and honesty, integrity, and character do still matter in what a lot of people think is a depraved country.
If I had one consistent point that I kept trying to make throughout this past year — or ten months, if you will — was continue to have faith in the American people, continue to have faith in them to recognize what’s right and what’s wrong and to realize that a campaign based on hate and rage doesn’t inspire and doesn’t motivate and it’s not the foundation that is built to construct a leading, leadership movement. It just doesn’t happen, and a lot of people doubted that because of the daily bombardment we get in pop culture, you think your ideas have vanished. You think that they’ve been pummeled and beaten into senselessness, that the daily barrage of garbage that’s on TV and movies and in music and so forth, you think it now runs and carries the day. You think P. Diddy defines it. He doesn’t. P. Diddy was a nonfactor in this race.
Michael Moore was a nonfactor except he was a huge factor in getting out the people that he opposed. He was probably more worthwhile to us than he was to his own base. Well, I know he was. The point here is, people talk about “values.” Let’s talk about them for a moment. The time-honored things that we have all been taught growing up and the time-honored things that you who have children have always tried to teach your children work, and they triumph, and they always have. They are timeless, which is why we have values. They give us structure. Values are the guardrails on the curvy, twisty highway of life. They keep us from going off the road. Well, some people have decided they don’t want those. They don’t want the guardrails. They want to be free to go off the road and end up wherever they end up and then when they get there they don’t want to be judged, and anybody that says, “Wait a minute. That’s wrong,” becomes an enemy to them.
So they rise up. These people, you have to understand, the opponents of the president today and the opponents of you and I and the opponents who are constructing this straw dog of values and morals and gay marriage and all this to explain their loss are simply living their lives in fear, and it is the fear that’s causing them to construct these straw men reasons for their defeat. They’re not going to look at themselves. It’s like <a target=new href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/06/opinion/06brooks.html?n=Top%2fOpinion%2fEditorials%20and%20Op%2dEd%2fOp%2dEd%2fColumnists%2fDavid%20Brooks”>David Brookes</a> said in the New York Times in his column on Saturday. Liberals will always spin a loss so that when they finish spinning it, they still have the moral superior high ground. And by claiming that gay marriage beat them, they are able to say they are still more enlightened, they are still more advanced, they are still more tolerant than all of you racist, bigots, homophobes and the like — and that’s why they do it.
Most of liberalism is a concept designed to make its practitioners feel good about themselves. It’s a construct that allows them to reward their good intentions while they ignore the results of their plans and ideas — which are dismal failures. So, I mean, I appreciate the sentiment, and, frankly, I’m well aware of the role I’ve played in many of your lives, but at the same time (laughing). I’m sorry. I had to add a little jocularity there. But point is, I want you to continue to trust the things you were all taught growing up, and I want you to continue to trust your own instincts, and I want you to continue to realize that hate and bilge and lies and scum and cheating, and that’s what Dan Rather did with those memos.
It was just plain old simple cheating. There was a word for what they tried to do. They cheated. All this focus on the AWOL and the National Guard and the bombs story the last week of the campaign from the New York Times, they’re just cheating. These are people that proclaim their objectivity. They weren’t, they were in the tank. They simply cheated. Doug Brinkley left out a key element from Kerry’s diaries, the whole Kerry campaign. I mean, was spun to attempt to fool everybody, and when are the Democrats going to realize that they are losers with the Clintons at the top of their party? Who ran the Kerry campaign in the last month? It was the Clintons that went over there and did a hostile takeover, ran a coup. Clinton people. There’s so much that you should be able to take from this and rejoice over for the sake of your country, and that’s what I want you to focus on.

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