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RUSH: What’s new in this to me is that conventional wisdom was stood on its head and that is a conspiracy. (Laughing) Who’s in charge of that, I don’t know. The conventional wisdom, for example, the last minute undecideds break for the incumbent. It’s normally, the conventional wisdom is, they break for the challenger, but that was never true. That has not been true in the last 50 years. It’s an old wives tale that is want true yet the kooks out there believe it. The old approval rating rule, the incumbent president never gets higher than his approval rating. That conventional wisdom out. Can you believe this? They actually want to rely on conventional wisdom plus their kook theories to say that the actual vote was manipulated. Then, of course, we have to throw in the Washington Redskins. The Redskins if they lose their last home game before the election the incumbent loses. Well, the Redskins lost but Bush won. They forgot to throw that in as a conspiracy theory. The Nickelodeon survey of kids. They had Bush losing in drooooooves, and that’s never been wrong but the conspiracy theories and kooks forgot to throw that in. So after Juan Williams goes through all of this, Brit Hume then asks Mara Liasson to chime in on it.
LIASSON: The thing that’s interesting to me is when you get e-mails that say, in certain precincts there were more votes than registered voters,” then you want to have that looked into.
HUME: Well, is there any evidence that if that were the case, that they were votes for Bush, not Kerry?
LIASSON: No. No. No.
HUME: And —
RUSH: “No. No. No.” But, Mara… I know it’s impossible for you to watch ABC News when you’re on Fox at the same time, but ABC News — that’s to Cuyahoga County website, and that website has since been taken down. The website that said that there were more votes than there were registered voters. It was all untrue. It was bad data. It was a confusing website, and they have reversed themselves at that website and taken the this whole thing down. A straw dog. It was nothing. Juan Williams chimed back in with this.
WILLIAMS: One of the things that strikes me about this is that people just are upset, Democrats, upset and angry. They think they’ve in fact become a theocracy that you’ve got to believe a — you’ve got to be a Christian, a certain kind of Christian. They think that, in fact, we’re going to become more authoritarian —
HUME: Yeah, I know they “think” that. Is there evidence to support that?
WILLIAMS: Well, there’s no evidence to support it at this point.
RUSH: “There’s no evidence to…” Well, the kooks didn’t have a good day on TV last night, “…no evidence to suggest it at this point.” You know, folks, again, I know some of this may aggravate you and it may even infuriate you but you’ve got to just open your arms and be amused at this and understand what this means, and I hate to quote myself — no, actually I love quoting myself because I’m so often right. I told you the day after the election this was going to happen. I told you these people cannot admit the truth. They will not live in the real world. They are in utter denial, and they look at life through the prism of fear. They fear religion. They fear God. They fear religious people, and so they assume that everybody that doesn’t agree with them is a “holy roller,” and, of course, the election shows there was not a significant…

By the way — and this is true, and I’ve got this in the stack. There have actually been analyses done of the actual vote — not exit polls, or any of that — actual analyses done of the actual vote, there were no more evangelicals that voted this year than in 2000. This election was not about religion. This election was about simple, traditional values that endure and triumph every time they are tried. Again, just to repeat my theme of <a href=”/home/daily/site_110904/content/rushspeech.member.html”>my Heritage Foundation speech</a>, on the left nothing but sheer rage, hatred, lies, seething, disgusting, lying anger that is not attractive; it’s an inspiring. That in itself caused a backlash among decent people. On the other side you had George Bush who simply lived it. He exemplified it. He didn’t spin it. He didn’t talking about it. He didn’t say, “I’m moral.” He didn’t say, “I’m decent. I have character.” He lived it. It spoke for itself — a reason to be very excited and happy about these returns.
Because the values are strong enough on their own when on display to overpower every element of negativity and lie and distortion I have seen exhibited in a twelve-month period prior to an election. The things that were tried in this election– and I’m gonna get a list of them for you after the break, because I’ve done this. I want to just get a list for you, remind you of some of the things that were said. You look at the returns; you find out what triumphed and what lost, and for the left to continue to sit here and assign this to this country becoming a theocracy is just blind anger, rage, hurt and fear. They are assigning what they fear. They are assigning success to what they fear, and I’ll tell you something else: You get nowhere in life looking at everything through the prism of fear which is exactly where they are, and they look at things through the prism of fear because they know they’re losing.
They know they’ve lost their monopoly. They know they’ve lost contact with average Americans. They’ve lost touch with average, real Americans, and they are so mad because they think that average real Americans have lost touch with the truly bright and intelligent in this country. The left is nowhere near ready to blame themselves. They blame everybody else. It’s like this business of blue state secession the blue states are all upset because the red states are simply a bunch of red state recipients. The blue states are paying all the taxes. We talked about this at the end of yesterday’s program. Is this not stunning? This is a 180 reversal the left has always said, “The rich should pay a greater share in taxes! More and more people should be on welfare because more and more people are incapable of producing for themselves.” Now they’ve come out with a 180, demolishing one of their old-stand by theories and that is now they’re upset at paying welfare, because the welfare recipients are not paying it back.
Well, it’s all bohunk anyway because the red states, just an example here, contribute far more to charities than do people in the blue states. State-by-state analysis shows that it’s not even close. But beyond all that, the blue states talk about see seeding, red states are so… It’s Jesusland as far as they’re concerned. The simply fact of the matter is, remember September 11th, 2001? A blue state was attacked, New York, and as I recall a bunch of red states came to the aid of New York, and they did it with eagerness and happiness and love, and where is the gratitude now? The red states may as well just secede or go their own way because they’re a bunch of ungrateful, stupid, hayseed hicks or what have you. The truth of the matter is, they’re not going to get anywhere and figure this out till they start blaming themselves. When you’re making a mistake or things aren’t going right, you’ve got to be honest with yourself about why before you have a hope or a prayer of fixing it, and they are nowhere near that, which is why I say, continue to be amused by all this.

RUSH: (Peter Jennings Impression:) “Hi, and welcome to ABC’s World News Tonight. I’m Peter Jennings. We don’t usually respond to these kinds of stories but we’ve gotten so many e-mails on this that we thought we should look into this as much as for any other reason, to decrease the number of e-mails we’re getting. So tonight <ahem> penis enlargement here on ABC World News Tonight.” I mean where does this stop? (Laughing.) You realize the standard now for getting a story on World News Tonight or anywhere else is just e-mail spam? (Laughing) So many e-mails on penis enlargement. Penile enhancement, sorry. Go ask your mom if it’s all Greek to you.

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