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Now, I think there’s a close-knit relationship between China and Iran in selling arms and sharing nuclear technology, and the Chinese are helping the Iranians speed up the process. So this notion that it’s been announced that the Iranians are going to suspend their enrichment, fine and dandy on the surface, but I think the thing to do is to not believe it until it can be independently confirmed. Oh, some leftist columnists are all excited about this. It seems that the French and the Germans are working with the Iranians to get this done. And, of course, the left in this country is looking for anything that will make the French and the Germans appear valid and worthwhile in the new age in the modern era, but I wouldn’t trust that, either. I mean, we know, particularly when it comes to the French, they do not have our best interests at heart. They sold us out at the Security Council, the oil-for-food program. There’s simply nobody to trust in this whole equation. Can’t trust Mohammed ElBaradei. Can’t trust the French, or shouldn’t. Shouldn’t trust the Chinese. And last of all, shouldn’t trust the Iranians.

So if I were you, Rob, I wouldn’t proceed on the assumption that the Iranians are telling us the truth. They’re no different than communists. Communists lie. The truth is what kills communists. The truth kills all totalitarian governments and dictators. The truth is what they must do their best to obfuscate, cover up and distort daily, and since they know that the world is interested in this, they probably think that one of the greatest ways to reduce the heat on them is, okay, fine, we’ll do it and keep doing it. Nobody can get in there and verify anywhere except their allies and their allies are people like the Chinese. So I think this is still a troubling, risky situation. Let me just put this to you this way. And I don’t want to be an alarmist. I think it’s worth being a realist about. Iran is not going away as a problem. It’s just that simple. Whether it’s about nukes, whether it’s exporting terrorism, and, you know, I mentioned this to you last week, I had a theory, I didn’t develop it, I just put it out there. I think Fallujah, in addition to what it was, was to rout terrorists and Zarqawi and his group of insurgents out of there, and it has been a major success. Zarqawi has sent letters. He’s all upset at the clerics, the Sunni clerics for not supporting him. They suffered a devastating blow in Fallujah but I also think that was potential war games for Iran, and I have said on this program before that I think, you know, we never actually fought the Soviet Union in the Cold War, but we fought their surrogates. We fought ’em in Grenada, we fought ’em in Nicaragua, we fought them around the world. We never actually engaged them directly in battle. I think the same thing is going on in Iraq now. I think a large factor in Iraq is Iran. I think we’re already at war with Iran, if you want to know the truth, and it’s taking place in Iraq right now.

The next stage is these elections. I was driving in to work today — I have satellite radio in my car, I didn’t know it. Got this new mama-jama car. It’s got everything in it, and I didn’t know it had — there’s a button on there says “sat,” I thought it was a misprint for seat, I thought it was a seat warmer. So I hit — and, bam, here came satellite radio. So I start scanning through it, and was listening to CNN driving in to work today. And they had two guests talking about the upcoming elections in Iraq. One guest was Cliff May, well known Republican, the other was our old buddy from the glory days in the Democrats of the nineties, Victor Kamber of the Camber group. Oh, Vic doesn’t like this show, doesn’t like me much, but I don’t know where Vic has been, but there he was, Vic Kamber, and they were asking these two guys about the elections in Iraq, which I thought — nothing against either of these guys — but it’s a strange group of guests to have talking about elections in Iraq.

Anyway, Vic Kamber said (paraphrasing) “I think we should postpone these elections and do ’em right, make sure that everybody can vote. I think we make sure that these elections are safe so that nobody dies, nobody gets hurt,” blah, blah, blah, blah. And Cliff May came back and said, “Well, that’s just not the way these things work. We had elections in 1864 in the middle of the Civil War and the people that weren’t able to vote, tough. Abraham Lincoln was reelected, the election goes on.” And the point is the election should go on here, on January 30th in Iraq. And it doesn’t matter, whatever the precinct circumstances are. The first election is the most important. Do it. That’s one of the biggest signals that you can send to these insurgents and neighboring Arab countries that democracy is indeed taking root, implanted and on the march in Iraq. You postpone these elections, which isn’t going to happen, it would send the opposite message. So it’s that first election that matters. And this election, by the way — you’ll keep hearing about these elections in Iraq — you know who’s running for office and what the office they’re running for? Does anybody know this even? Do you know what it is, Mr. Snerdley? You’re on top of this stuff. If you don’t know nobody will know. That’s right! Snerdley got it. They’re gonna elect the people who are going to write the Constitution. They’re going to elect the people that are going to write the Constitution in Iraq in these elections. That’s important. If this election goes off — I’m just saying that the Iranians are not going to want this to happen, either, and neither are the Saudis, neither, any of these, the Jordanians, the Syrians are not going to want this to happen. When it does it’s just another nail in all of their coffins, and they see it.
So, you know, the Iranians are not going to get rid of their nuke program. There’s nothing in it for them to do it right now, especially when what’s happening in their own backyard is happening, their alliance with the Chinese. You know, keep a sharp eye on that. The Chinese, do you know what could eventually happen? The Chinese, once they get all these consumers buying automobiles, they start driving around and using gasoline, they’re going to become, China will become the number one producer of these so-called greenhouse gases in the world. China will become the number one contributor to global warming. I want to see when that happens, I want to see if the global warming crowd and the militant environmentalist wackos then train their sights on the Chinese and say we’ve got to do something about the Chinese and their lifestyle. I want to see if future agreements like Kyoto focus on the Chinese rather than the United States. My guess is they never will focus on the Chinese because the whole point of Kyoto and other international agreements aimed at us, is to separate us from our money and to do as much as possible to restrict our ability to grow and progress, primarily technologically. We have enemies out there, folks. We have economic enemies, we have partners, we have political enemies, and most of them are embodied with immunity at the United Nations. So there’s a lot to keep an eye on here where China is concerned and given their alliance with Iran, I don’t even think we’re at the stage of “trust and verify” with the Iranians. I don’t think we’re anywhere near where we can trust them.

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