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CALLER: Oh, long lines? People were miscarrying in the waiting rooms because… I got a piece of copper in my finger from an injury at work. I waited 15 hours! I could have went home, slept, and come back. Fifteen hours to take a chunk of copper out of my hand.

RUSH: You could probably taken it out of your hand just as well as the doctors there could have.

CALLER: Well, that’s exactly what happened. This doctor, she come in wired on coffee; she was a student doctor, and she got a little piece of it. My wife had to take the rest of it home. This is our great health care system. Our health care system, I’ll give you an example. By 2025 in Canada we will have a shortage of nurses because they’re all retiring and the people aren’t going into the field up here because it doesn’t pay. They’re fleeing to the United States because they capped the wages on doctors and nurses up here.

RUSH: And patients are leaving Canada to be treated in the United States as well.

CALLER: I know — and one thing I want to say to America, about this. You hear about people coming to get medication to Canada. Well, here’s the dirty secret. You guys are doing all the research and product development! We cap the price on you when you bring your drugs in here, you guys pay for all the research and development. We make the profits. We don’t research and develop! You guys do all the work. We make the profit off it. We — we can afford to cap it, lower the prices, because we’re not doing anything. We don’t do anything! Merck and all these other companies, Wyeth and all these other companies do the work; we bring ’em in here. We rip you guys off with generic drugs and the Americans come in here and they wonder why they’re paying less prices. I mean, if people want leftism in the states, like we have one government controlled news agency. It’s called the CBC. We conservatives refer to it as the “Communist Broadcasting Company,” and the government appoints the head of it.

RUSH: Yeah, we know well the CBC. They’re preventing this program being syndicated up there. They always have.

CALLER: I’ll tell you. There are a lot of people who listen to (Sean) Hannity, you, Dennis Prager. There are a lot of good conservatives who are just waiting, waiting. I tell you what, they lobby to keep — you know your satellite dishes? They lobbied the Bell Telephone up here to keep your satellite dishes out because under law called Canada Content, they don’t want American news in here. Like for four weeks me and my wife almost vomited. I had to watch — we didn’t have to watch it; we watched it just to be educated on what the liberals and leftists are doing — they bashed Bush for four weeks. This is the crap that people watch up here!

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: And they think it’s the honest-to-God truth.

RUSH: I know. We know this.

CALLER: I’m just saying: Americans, if you think liberalism is working, police stop using Canada. Every time I hear Canadians used as an example. “Oh, Canada look at how lush and lovely it is!” We’re freaking working for the government up here!
RUSH: (Laughing, applauding)
CALLER: We struggle. And my wife makes good money. We’re considered top earners in Canada.

RUSH: What is that, how much do you and your wife earn combined?

CALLER: I’m off for a year with my kids because of the — well, that’s another story, the day care system. But we were making $105,000 a year. Cars up here, $40,000 for a car.

RUSH: Well, wait, wait, wait, wait. What kind of car?

CALLER: A minivan. A Chrysler minivan. On a home we pay $15,000 government sales tax called the GST. (goods and services tax) On a car you pay a GST and PST (provincial sales tax) You pay a ton of tax on the car. The government taxes… Okay, if you sell a car three times, it’s taxed three times.

RUSH: What most people are asking as they listen to you is, “Why are you still there?” Why haven’t you left?

CALLER: Me and my wife have talked about it. Recently it’s gotten so crazy, we’re talking about moving down there. I had an issue when I was a younger person, and I got in trouble with the law when I was a young man, and if you were in trouble with the law even once it’s hard to move to the United States. I have to pay legal —

RUSH: Noooo, it’s not! Just go to Mexico and come up that way.

CALLER: We’re talking about moving. I talked about that the other day.
RUSH: (Laughing)
CALLER: I said, “You know what, Cheryl? Let’s move, because this is…” and then this lie that everybody hates Bush in Canada? It’s not true!

RUSH: I know. I know. That’s one of the biggest myths out there, and not just in Canada, but around the world, not just hates Bush but hates America, and it’s one of these popular media myths. Bush is so reviled here by the American left that they’ll join forces with anybody that hates Bush, and have some sort of alignment with them simply because they’re so blinded by their own seething rage and hatred which I think is getting worse, as we predicted, since the election. Well, Matt, I’m glad you called. I appreciate it. Thanks very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, I left him on for a while because I wanted to you hear this. This was utter, raw passion of a man who is fed up with out of control liberalism in his own country, and I wanted you to hear it. We talk about it on this program. We have for quite a while. Here’s somebody actually living it, and despises it and hates it. Didn’t have any notes, I’m sure, just pure, raw passion flowing out — and this was all under the guise of calling this program to thank Americans for defending Canada because they don’t have but 10,000-man military force, if I heard him correctly, and we got more cops in New York City than they have in their military in Canada. I happen to know — I didn’t have a chance to ask him this but he lives in Windsor — now, if you get your map out, look and find Windsor in Canada, it’s just across a small body of water from New Fallujah, Michigan. That would be Auburn Hills where the Detroit Pistons play. If he feels… (laughing) If he feels safer living that close to New Fallujah, you can imagine how bad it is up there! Anyway, Matt, I appreciate the phone call. Thanks so much.

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