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We also know that the population of Iraq is very fed up with its leadership and they are extremely revolutionary minded. It doesn’t get reported much, but it’s Michael Ledeen — National Review Online, American Enterprise Institute — has done some tremendous work and reporting on the status of the Iranian population. But overriding all of that is the pursuit of nuclear weapons by Iraq. Now, the International Atomic Energy Agency, a division of the United Nations, has just given a pass to Iran, sort of a get-out-of-sanctions free pass. Iran wants a nuclear bomb, and make no mistake about it, they want to join the nuclear club and they want to join the club with China. Dr. ElBaradei and the UN threatened Iran with sanctions. Well, they threatened Iran with the threat of sanctions. They never really threatened Iran because they don’t have the guts to threaten Iran at the United Nations. And Iran, like all of us, knows what a UN threat mean’s: zip, zero, nada. The UN threatens you, you laugh at them. And yet for whatever reason, at the 11th second of the 11th minute of the 11th hour, Iran decided to agree to what they agreed to two weeks ago, and that is to cease nuclear activity. Not to end it, not even mend it, but to cease it, to stop it. Temporarily.

What a relief to France and Germany and England. You know, you have to admire Iran, terrorists though they may be. Have you ever seen a lion paw with its prey? I have a little cat, and this little cat loves lizards. I probably have saved the lives of more lizards in my house than you can shake a stick at. And my little cat, just instinct, sees a lizard running around, cat pounces, lizard has no chance. Lizard sits there paralyzed with fear, and the old cat, the lion, just paws with the prey before striking. Well, the prey here, when talking about Iran, the prey is France and Germany, maybe England to a certain extent, ElBaradei, and the United Nations. And yet the New York Times leads their story with, “In a defeat for the Bush administration, the Iranians accept a cease to the production of nuclear?” By no means are they going to cease this. They’ve just carved out a 70 billion-dollar deal with the Chinese to share technology and weapons when it comes to nuclear materials.
So what I mean to say, something is going to have to be done, and the diplomatic route ain’t gonna get it done. We have just seen the diplomatic route fail once again. The French and the Germans, they’ve been working with ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency to bring this about, and it’s just another feint, if you will, by the Iranians to respond to a mindless threat. In the meantime, the world thinks we’ve averted a huge incident when in fact we’ve just delayed one, while the Iranians continue to build up their stocks while everybody else thinks that they’ve stopped. And at some point it’s going to have to be dealt with and there’s only one country that can.

The point that I was making before I ran out of time in the previous hour is, you know, with Iran toying with its prey, because what happened was ElBaradei threatens sanctions, he threatens to threaten sanctions on Iran, and there are countries around the world that don’t want those sanctions, folks, on Iran and there’s a reason, it’s called oil. If there are sanctions placed on Iran, then we have to come up with an oil for food program for Iran, because they won’t be allowed to sell their oil anywhere if there is actually a series of sanctions slammed on them by the United Nations, which wouldn’t happen anyway. But the people who are out there under the cover of darkness, beneath the sheets, whatever, that were working against the sanctions were the French and the Germans primarily, and the liberals were right about that, the liberals were half right, it’s about oil, all this over there is about oil, but it’s not about us and oil, it’s about oil for China. China doesn’t want sanctions on Iran. They can’t get oil and they need it, folks, we talked about this yesterday. And it’s about oil for France and Germany and England, they, too, are all up in arms trying to block the sanctions that were never going to happen anyway on Iran.

Meanwhile, the United States is being accused by the American left of doing everything we’re doing in the Middle East for oil, when in fact you don’t find any American names or company names on the list of the bribed in the oil-for-food program with Saddam, and you don’t find any American names or any diplomats trying to stop sanctions against Iran being slapped on by the United Nations. It’s all these other countries that are doing deals over there for oil. Yet George W. Bush and Halliburton and Cheney continue to be accused of this. It ain’t us. It is them.

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