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RUSH: Here’s Sue in Annapolis, Maryland. I’m glad you called, Sue, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. I listen to you a lot, loved hearing all your optimism during the election, and I want —
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: — you to know that there is a conservative Republican environmental science teacher in the country, and that’s me, and —
RUSH: Well, we’re happy to have you with us.
CALLER: — I’m applauding what you’re saying, because I think it’s going to take about 10,000 years before we know for sure, if humans had anything to do with climate change, or if it’s just going to happen because that’s what happens on earth, period. I try to tell my kids that.
RUSH: Sue, I just saw the other day — it was in the Seattle Times — it was last week, that the amount of pollutants, I think it was CO2, actually, or sulfur dioxide, something, that Mount St. Helens has polluted the earth’s atmosphere more than all of the factories in the state of Washington in a whole year combined.
CALLER: Yep. I heard you talking about that the other day, and I was unable to get the reference so I could print the article for my kids.
RUSH: You know, doesn’t that debunk the whole notion of human-caused climate change?
CALLER: Well, it does, and it tells us that we are only part of the issue on the planet. It’s a huge planet. There’s lots of water, there’s lots of things happening, and you can’t just pull out one single factor just to suit your purposes, which is what I think they try to do many times.
RUSH: You know what else? You know what has taken root out there is there has been clear cutting of the Amazon rain forest, which is a jungle. You know, this whole term, “rain forest” is to romanticize it. It’s a jungle and nobody would want to be caught dead there except to be eaten alive by snakes and bugs and whoever knows what else, alligators. But nevertheless, there’s this thing that’s caught hold out there that we have clear cut the Amazon rain forest to the point that it’s in a terrible state of disarray. Well, the truth is two things, and I mentioned this to the person who told me this, and this person just pooh-poohed it. You know what, I remember the story where we came out and talked about the acreage of the Amazon rain forest that had been so-called supposedly clear-cut, that same year the Europeans were alarmed and stunned at all of the new foliage they had that they hadn’t seen in a while, and the conclusion the scientists made was the earth’s climate system and the whole ecological system is something that if we think we have control over. We are vain like nobody’s belief, that —
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: — if there is a reduction in foliage, the earth takes care of it somewhere else, that the amount of water on the planet is constant, either in the oceans, in your bathtub; it’s in clouds or whatever, but there’s no new water that arrives here from a delivery truck from outer space, we have the water that we have here, you know, and we clean it and do what we can. It’s a contained ecosystem. It is brilliantly put together. The idea that human beings living their lives can destroy it, is just vanity to the max, and then I find it contradictory. On the one hand we’re on powerful and we’re so vain and we’re so huge that our cars can destroy our atmosphere and our ozone, which another thing that’s not happening, the ozone layer is created by the sun. By the same token we’re no different and better than a rat, and animals and trees need primacy because we’re the ones destroying. The things these people come up with amaze me intellectually.
CALLER: Yeah. Well, it’s complicated, and I don’t think we should run around destroying it just because we can, but I just wanted you to know, there are a few of us trying to bring some reason to this destruction —

RUSH: I appreciate —
CALLER: — you know, this discussion especially with kids.
RUSH: You’re doing the Lord’s work because you’re out there against such things at Captain Planet and all these cartoon series, and that stupid movie, “The Day After Tomorrow.” I mean, how many…?
CALLER: My kids beg me to see that, yeah, they keep begging me to show it to them, and I’m like, “No, we’re not going to waste our time.”
RUSH: You need to. You need to go to Blockbuster. Be there first on a Friday rent it and show it to these kids and use it as a classic example of the paranoid extremism that the people who want people to believe this stuff actually think. It’s valuable. It is valuable as it is.
CALLER: Well, I say to them things like, “You know, Vice President Cheney doesn’t care about our air because he breathes different air and he drinks different water, right? Isn’t that the way all Republicans think?” and they always laugh because they start realizing that we’re all in this together —
RUSH: Exactly.
CALLER: — and it can’t all be that bad, and so it’s going to work out, but thank you. I enjoy listening to you. Great to talk to you.
RUSH: Sue, before you go, quickly, I need to ask: Can you give me an example when you said, “We shouldn’t destroy it,” meaning the environment? I agree totally. Can you give me an example of how we do that?
CALLER: Like for example with the mining when they go blast the whole, you know, top of a mountain off and then all of the debris is in all of the streams and you have all the sediment. I mean, I live on the Chesapeake Bay. All you have to do is look at an aerial view and you see all the runoff and the pollution so we can have perfectly green lawns, and we don’t have any crabs now. We’re killing them in the bay. But we do do some things. We do do some things because we’re not as careful as we could be —
RUSH: Now, but —
CALLER: — but I think that the earth is bigger than that.
RUSH: Here my question for that. See, from our perspective, there aren’t any more crabs, and you see a lot of debris, but are we actually destroying anything? In a pure sense, did we destroy anything by blowing up a mountain in mining? Did we destroy anything?
CALLER: Well, you’ve destroyed the things downstream because as you keep putting all of this junk into it streams that finally get their way into the bay then we destroyed the aquatic vegetation which all of the little crabs and little creatures need to live and to breathe in so we can have more crabs in the future —
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: – -and it’s pretty clear. But 30 years’ worth of talking about it hasn’t done one thing to clean up the bay, not one.
RUSH: In thirty years of talking, who hasn’t?
CALLER: Everybody. Everybody. Chesapeake Bay Foundation and all these environmental groups that run around carrying on and screaming and hollering about it but it’s still just as bad as it’s ever been, so —
RUSH: Well, my point is… I know it’s going to be thought extreme but my point is that you’re looking at this from our perspective. We like crabs. There aren’t any crabs. We’re destroying something. We like crabs. We like algae. We like little living rooms for growing organisms in the Chesapeake Bay but for whatever reason it’s not there because we blew up a mountain to get to the coal or whatever was in there. My contention: We haven’t destroyed anything. There are still crabs. We haven’t wiped out the crab population. All we’ve done is rearrange things. There’s all kinds of oddball life that is swimming around in that goo and that gunk. A nuclear weapon would not snuff out life. It may take a form we don’t know, but in terms of actually destroying things? Now, I know from our perspective, yeah, we can destroy things that we need for ourselves. I’m not denying that, but the idea we’re going to destroy earth and so forth I think is just so far over the top. If we had that power, we could create it — and we can’t.

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