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“Rush, I got a question for you.” Yeah, what is it? “I want to know what we’re going to do about terrorism.” Jeez, I’m trying to fix my golf game. Can you give me a break? “Well, listen to me on this,” and here’s what he said to me. He said, “I want to know what you think, and don’t you think you should get this message to Bush?” Everybody thinks I’ve got a pipeline to the president. They sit down, “You tell the president that this has gotta happen,” and I said, okay. Okay, Mike what is it? He said, “Well, isn’t it about time that the whole Islamic world was made to take responsibility for what the Islamic terrorists are doing, and isn’t it time they were told that if this militant Islamist terrorism keeps up we’re going to have no choice? We’re not going to be able to surgically strike just the terrorists, that some innocent Muslims are gonna get hurts here, and don’t they deserve to take some of the responsibility for this and isn’t it time they were told that they can’t just sit by silently and idly while people commit murder and terrorism in their name?” and I said, “I’ll pass that on.”
Which I’m doing now, because I know they monitor this program in four different rooms of the White House. No, I don’t know that. I’m just making it up. But nevertheless it was an interesting conversation. It brought me out of my golf funk because I thinking about it and I think it does make sense, because Syria? Iran? And all over the world, we know this war on terror is much more than just Afghanistan and Iraq, and we know that Iraq is not contained within its own borders in terms of this insurgency, and now that they’ve admitted that former Saddam Ba’athists are in Syria and raising money and sending it into the insurgents. The Ba’athists who want take the country back. They’re hoping to wear us down and get back in, and get back in power like they were before we invaded. If they are in Syria, what else might be there — as in weapons of mass destruction? Everybody knew this. Now it’s been made official by these statements and the reporting in the Washington Post.

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