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You know, it’s a real simple thing in life, just be who you are. I mean you ever been to an NBA game? What happens is, I guess the same way in college, you go to an NBA game, the visiting team, when it’s time to announce the visiting time the public address announcer whispers and goes through the five names of the starting lineup in about 20 seconds, and after every name, the local thugs’ fans start booing and throwing things and then when it’s time to introduce the home thug unit, the home gang, the lights go down, and this ear-splitting music and fireworks go off inside the building and so forth, because the rival gang that’s in town knows it’s on enemy turf. It’s on enemy turf, and you set the stage. They set the stage for it anyway. So, I mean just my little suggestion. I worked in sports marketing for a while. I worked for the Kansas City Royals and I know what I’m talking about here. It was my job to convince people to come to baseball. If they went once, it was my job to find out why they didn’t come two and three times.

Well, I guarantee you, the NBA, it’s because you’re sending out a coded message as to who you are, and the ones that get it are showing up and buying season tickets, but the ones that don’t quite get it show up once or twice, and this is not what they think it’s gonna be, and they don’t come back. But if you tell everybody who you are, you’re the TBA, the Thug Basketball Association and start calling these teams “gangs,” and, you know, get the appropriate colors on the uniforms and so forth, you can watch this league come back to the prominence and so forth that it once had.

(Playing of Ron Artest parody)

RUSH: Just trying to help here the National Basketball Association find itself. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.

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