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I realize many of you are trying to figure out what’s going on. “What was up Rush’s sleeve here in the first hour talking about all this health stuff, oat bran and exercise and number of heartbeats?” Here’s my point, ladies and gentlemen: The left often accuses people that listen to this program, you, of being mind-numbed robots. I suggest to you that it is the left that creates mind-numbed robots. You know, life is an interesting thing. We only get one life, each of us, with all due respect to you — what do you call that? I’m having a mental block. People who believe you live two and three lives, what is this? Yeah, reincarnation. With all due respect to you reincarnation nuts, we all get one life, one conscious life. Mr. Snerdley, I’m telling you if I was Napoleon in a previous life, I don’t remember it. This is the only life I know, so it’s irrelevant. If I had previous lives I don’t know about it, so it’s not relevant. If I was a rattlesnake in a previous life, I don’t remember it. If I was a groundhog, I don’t remember it. This is the life I know. This is exactly my point, and way too many of us go through our lives doing what everybody tells us to do or expects us to do, and we always fall prey to experts saying this.
Global warming is a classic example. For 20 years, we’ve had nothing but anecdotal evidence to suggest that there’s global warming. Aaron Brown tonight on CNN, they’re so upset about these “weather disasters.” Aaron Brown is going to run a one hour special on these extreme weather events. I hope somebody tells Aaron Brown that an earthquake is not a weather event. I somehow think that they’ll have the tsunami disaster in this thing tonight. I’m just guessing. I hope I’m wrong about this. I hope somebody tells him that an earthquake is not a weather event, but we will find out. Here’s a bit of news I think somebody needs to quickly tell Aaron Brown about, those who go hand in hand with his show tonight: “Russia’s winter is so warm that a bear in a zoo has woken from her hibernation two months early while another hasn’t gone to sleep at all says the Interfax News Agency. The normally ferocious Russian winter has been unusually mild this year, temperatures hitting record seasonal highs, and the zoo’s brown bear hasn’t gone to sleep at all. One other bear has awakened nearly two months early from its hibernation.” Now, I’m assuming that Aaron Brown’s weather event show tonight will be oriented around global warming. (SEE: April 28, 1975 Newsweek: “The Cooling World”)

Global warming is not scientifically established. It has simply been bought into by so many people with anecdotal evidence such as news like this. We got a warm winter, “Oooh it has to be global warming!” If nobody had put the thought of global warming in your head 20 years ago would you think this? Probably not. You’d just think it’s a normal winter or maybe above-normal-temperature winter as they happen to be now and then, as they have always been throughout your life. So by the same token, somebody comes along and says if you exercise, if do this, do this, do this, and do this and do this, you’ll never die or you’ll live a lot longer. Most of it is stuff you wouldn’t want to do on your own. Most people end up reacting and doing things that experts tell me to do. Today we get news that says: “Hey, the more you sleep the more weight you lose and the less exercise you get the healthier you are,” and I took the first hour of this program to say, “I believe that. Why? Because I want to believe that,” just for the sake of proving a point. Who’s to say these experts on diet and exercise are right and who’s to say these new experts are not right themselves? The point is that I’ve always followed my instincts and I’ve always done much better following my own advice than listening to a bunch of other people giving me advice, trying to combine what they’ve told me and do that, and I’ve done both over the course of my life. And I would suggest to you that your instincts are far better because you know your life much more intimately than any outsider does, because you’re probably never totally honest with an outsider about how you feel, even though you’re talking to your best friend, your wife, your spouse, or whatever. But most people are just not comfortable doing that. They don’t have the confidence to follow their own instincts, so they’ll rely on these experts. They’ll go do things they don’t want to do. They’ll live their lives in ways they don’t want to live. They’ll live where they don’t want to live. They’ll drive cars they don’t want to drive, all because they think somebody smarter than them is suggesting to do this because of some greater common good — and this does not lead to happiness. I guarantee you if you’re doing things you don’t want to do just to make other people happy or just to satisfy others, I guarantee you, you’re not going to be happy. The exact opposite is going to happen to you.
We’re all gonna die. We don’t know when; we don’t know how, but we are all going to die. The trick is to maximize the life that we have each and every day to the best of our ability and if you think somebody called here earlier last year sitting in stress, stress is a character builder. “Rush you sound like you’re trying to avoid stress.” You’re darn right I’m trying to avoid stress! Stress is a killer in itself. There’s nothing good about stress, especially when you realize that most stress is manufactured. Most stress is manufactured out of the basis of fear, which leads to telling a bunch of stories of what’s going to happen to us in the future that we can’t possibly know, and since most people are oriented toward the negative and the doom and the gloom rather than the optimistic, people are telling them stories of doom and gloom and their future and all this, “I’ll never be that. I’ll never get that. I’ll never go there,” blah, blah, and you end up being miserable all your life, when in fact that’s wasteful. You’re wasting your life if you’re doing all that, if that’s what consumes you, and that leads to even more stress, which you think is good because you’re enduring a bunch of hardship and building your character. That’s another thing that’s wrong.
The way you build character is how you deal with all of these things, be it stress or just the obstacles, how you deal with them, how you put them behind you, how you keep an optimistic outlook, how you strive. That’s what’s builds your character, not how miserable you are and how good you are at dealing with it, and so we’ve got all these things: “I can’t be miserable. I can’t be unhappy, so I’ve got to go do these things I don’t really like. I’ve got to jog six miles every day and that’s going to keep me healthy. Then I’ve got to go only eat this because if I don’t I’ll die of this, and if I don’t eat that I’ll gain weight or I’ll lose weight,” all tied up, occupied, trying to meet all these expectations that people you don’t even know have placed on you simple because they get the expert tag and as experts, the left happens to promulgate their opinions and, voila! You end up being a mind-numbed robot yourself rather than being who you are, and all I’m saying is: “That’s not me. I know who I am, I know what I like, I know what I don’t like. I strive to do what I like, I strive to do what I enjoy.” This job is not a job to me. I mentioned to you the other day, somebody said, “Why do you keep doing this? You don’t have to work anymore.” I love it. I love it. Besides, the country needs me.

Now, I just have, if you’ll bear with me, just (counting) one, two more stories. Two more stories here that illustrate perfectly the point that I was trying to make in the first hour and in my brilliant opening monolog in this hour. First story seems innocent enough: “Cavemen Lived a Healthy Lifestyle — Their calorie intake stayed low because food was hard to find; they exercised regularly to bring home the bacon. The government wants Americans to follow the caveman approach, now. Today, food is at their fingertips, driving has replaced running and people are fatter than ever. New dietary guidelines coming out today are expected to place more emphasis on counting calories and exercising daily, along with swapping whole grains for refined…” We’ve told you all about this in the first hour. What this story is, is an attack on carbs. It’s an attack on carb diets, low-carb diets. Carbs do not make you fat, calories do. I can disprove this myself with my own anecdotal evidence, folks, and so can you who have gone on the diet. I’m not saying calories don’t count, but I don’t want to get into that, because I want to go back to the first paragraph. “Cavemen lived a healthy lifestyle. Their calorie intake stayed low because…” How long did cavemen live in this healthy lifestyle? Would somebody tell me what was the average life span of your average Cro-Magnon out there dragging Bertha Butts and the Butts Sisters along by the hair back to the cave after slaying the dinosaur?
Just how long did this old boy live with his healthy lifestyle and his rigorous exercise and his infrequent eating because it was so tough to slay those dragons out there? Well, I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen. From Wonder Quest, a monthly column with April Holiday: Life Span of Ancient Man. “Question frequently heard: Our ancestors lived fairly short lives, only 40 years or so, but I’ve also heard the notion is bunk because high infant mortality brings the average down. Most people who made it to adolescence could expect to live to 70 or 80 just like today. Which is it? Answer, our long ago ancestors lived rather short lives, even discounting high infant mortality rates. Before 1900, few lived to see 70. Practically no one lived for 80 years.” We’re not talking pre-1900 here. We’re talking about the Cro-Magnons. We’re talking about ancient cave people, the kind you saw at the opening of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, the kind that beat themselves over the heads and their language was, “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” They lived to be about 25 or 30, ladies and gentlemen, with this healthy lifestyle, this vigorous exercise and this rotten diet.
Now, I know they didn’t have doctors and didn’t have flu shots. That’s exactly right. Even with all the supposed sloth going on, even with all the overeating, even with all of you fatsos out there embarrassing the left and embarrassing academic doctors and researchers, the fact is the American lifestyle is expanding, so much so that Social Security is threatened. We are supposedly living unhealthier lives than ever, we’re now comparing ourselves to these idiots who didn’t even have a language back in the Cro-Magnon days and saying, “We gotta go back and live like these people.” Who does this sound like to you? Sounds like the environmentalist wackos who want to tear down houses and build huts, who want to get rid of toilet paper and instead use tree bark. Who are these people, and why are you giving them a moment of your time? Why in the world are you giving them time? Live! Just live your life. If you want to have a Big Mac, for crying out loud, go have the Big Mac! If you want to have a piece of cheesecake, do it.
If you want to run six miles every four days, do it, but do it because you want to do it. Do it because you like it. Do it because it does make you feel better. Don’t do it because some idiot you’ve never met, never seen, who happens to get publicity in the mainstream media tells you to do it — and if you try to run six miles and you can’t, run what you can, and don’t feel bad because you can’t do it. I just react to this first paragraph here of this story: “Cavemen lived a healthy lifestyle, their calorie intake stayed low because food was hard to find and they exercised regularly. The government wants Americans to follow that approach.” Okay, but the government? Too many people in the government don’t want us to go hunt anything like the cavemen had to do. They want to take our guns away from us so all we can do is eat berries and get drunk like the koala bear does. Who are these people? Why are you giving them a shred of your valuable time? There is no way on earth, folks, that we’re gonna go back and live the lifestyle of the Cro-Magnons. It will be silly; it would be stupid, and we would all start dying out young. I tell you what, this stuff, it just… I told you. When the left is out of power, it’s when they get wackier, when they get nuttier, when they get crazier.

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