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RUSH: These next two weekends in the NFL, they’re the cream of the crop. We have the divisional championships and the championship games next weekend, and as always, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to welcome to the microphone via the telephone for this discussion, the former NFL great, <a target=new href=”http://www.abchurch.org/about/pastor.php”>Ken Hutcherson</a>, a linebacker with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers. Hutch (applauding) on the phone with us from San Diego — or from Seattle today — and it’s great to have you with us my man. Welcome to the program and it’s time to go on the line.
THE HUTCH: Heh-heh-heh. Yeah, you’re trying to make up, man, for calling me out. That’s all right.
RUSH: (Laughing) No, I’m not trying to make up!
THE HUTCH: You cut me. You told me I was stealing checks from San Diego. Can you believe — I told you last year: Don’t call a black man out on national media. (Laughing)
RUSH: (Laughing) Don’t go Randy Moss ( news | bio ) on me here, please. Don’t do that to me.
THE HUTCH: Hey, how you doing?
RUSH: All I meant was when you went out to the San Diego for the final, whatever it was, two years of your career, you know they had no… What was it, Tommy Prothro the coach then?
THE HUTCH: Oh, my goodness, the worst coach in the history of NFL football.
RUSH: This guy destroyed the artificial turf in Kansas City when the Chargers came in there because he smoked cigarettes and threw it down to the turf and that stuff melted.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing) I wish you could have see his pre-game talk. It just got you so fired up you couldn’t wait to get on the field.
RUSH: George Toma told me — well, I never told his pre-game talk but George Toma told me that the biggest nightmare for him ? he was the groundskeeper in Kansas City for the Royals and the Chiefs.

THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: — his biggest nightmare was when Tommy Prothro would come in with the Chargers. He chain smoked and he just threw his butts down on the artificial surface over at “Airhead” Stadium and the stuff melts.
THE HUTCH: He would light one cigarette with the one that was going out. No joke.
RUSH: Yeah.
THE HUTCH: He told us when we was paying the Pittsburgh Steelers — you know, your favorite team — out in San Diego. They were Super Bowl champions the year before. They walk into the stadium; this is his pre-game talk. He says (impression), “Well, I don’t know how good they are.”
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: “But, uh, if they make a lot of mistakes and we make no mistakes, we may be able to win this game.”
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: Did you…? Was that…? By the way was that…. Unitas had finished by the time you got to the Chargers, right?
THE HUTCH: Right. Absolutely. Fouts was there.
RUSH: Yeah, alright.
THE HUTCH: Dan Fouts, and he was the worst quarterback in the league, and Joe Gibbs came in and made him Air Fouts. He owes his career to Joe Gibbs.
RUSH: By the way, I understand that Fouts was the commissioner of dominos in that clubhouse.
THE HUTCH: I mean, man, they would have the bone yard doing every day before and after practice, and the brothers would get so mad because Fouts would beat ’em. (Laughing)
RUSH: (Laughing) At dominos? Why shouldn’t he?
THE HUTCH: Oh, my goodness, man, you know, that’s a brother game, man. Throw those white dominos down, booooy! (Laughing)
RUSH: Was Louie Kelcher… Were you there when Louie…
THE HUTCH: Oh, my, biggest hands in the NFL, Louie Kelcher. Yeah, he was there. He told me, he says, “Let’s go. Hutch, I want to invite you down to Louisiana to do some water-skiing.” I said, “Man, I don’t ski.” He said, “We won’t ski. We’ll just use you for alligator bait.”

RUSH: But now didn’t Louie Kelcher eat himself out of the league? I mean, he was huge, right?
THE HUTCH: That boy was huge. I think he had, like, almost a 26-inch ring finger. It was unbelievable the hands on that man. He ate his self right out of the league, but a lot of guys eat themselves out of the league.
RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Well, anyway —
THE HUTCH: You know what? We need to get that thing straightened out too — before we go to football — about that NBA. You know, I told you, “One decision and they can get the National Basketball Association to clean up.” In one decision.
RUSH: That’s right. Let me set this up because we were talking about this during the incident in New Fallujah, Michigan ?
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: — when Ron Artest ( bio | news ) bolted into the stands and the Hutch sent me an e-mail and said, “There’s one thing we could do that would straighten all this out,” and I never got back to you for your answer so what is it?
THE HUTCH: The only thing you got to do is the NBA is the only professional athletic team that the players are not afraid of the coaches, and the reason why is because the owners back the players more than the they back the coaches and if they would give the coaches the power to fire those players, and get them afraid of the coaches, they’d get some dominance back in; they’d get some organization. Because remember my friend got fired from the Sonics, Coach Westphal, because one of the players didn’t like him.
RUSH: Yeah, I remember that player.
THE HUTCH: You remember that? And I said, “If the owners would be men enough to give the power back to the coach and say, ‘If you mess up, you’re gonna be fired,’ then we could get the NBA cleaned up in a matter of one decision.”
RUSH: Makes sense to me because there is no authority in the NBA. The only —
THE HUTCH: None. None! They all spoiled brats.
RUSH: They’re the what?
THE HUTCH: They’re all spoiled brats.
RUSH: They’re all spoiled. Well, I know. Just… Well, I’ll tell you what, we’ll get into spoiled brats here and talk about Randy Moss in just a second. But first, let’s get into the games. Let’s set the games — and by the way, I’ve got two sound bites I want you to react to.
THE HUTCH: All right.
RUSH: Moss himself, what he said yesterday getting into his SUV, walking out of practice, and then they talked about that last night on HBO’s Inside the NFL with these great civil Libertarians Cris Collinsworth ?
THE HUTCH (Laughing)
RUSH: — Bob Costas had some comments. They’re civil rights experts about this. I want to get your reaction to both. But let’s start with, of all these four games, which one is the least interesting to you and we’ll get that one out of the way.
THE HUTCH: Alright. You know, well, I think it’s going to have to be, ummmm, uhhh… It’s going to have to be… Now, you have to ask the tough questions, bro.
RUSH: Come on, there’s only one choice! Come on, Hutch, there’s only one. Of all the four games, there’s only one that’s a did you do, that nobody really cares about, and that’s the Rams at the Falcons.
THE HUTCH: Well, you know, that’s what popped up in my mind but I didn’t want to say because I like Vick ( bio | news ) so much.
RUSH: Well, I lick Vick too, but, I mean, the Rams are an eight-and-eight team. Come on. An eight-and-eight in the divisional round? Yip yip yip yip yahoo.
THE HUTCH: Well, you better be glad that I’m not doing the chapel for the Rams or we’d have another upset.
RUSH: Yeah. Tell people what that is. I’ve told people you do chapel for the visiting teams up in Seattle. What do you mean? You conduct a church service?

THE HUTCH: Yeah. What we do is right before they eat breakfast that morning, breakfast is usually — if the game is at one, breakfast will at nine. If the game is at 1:30, breakfast will be at 9:30, and right before that, we have the chapel service and I get the opportunity to go in a lot of times and talk to the players. Every team has chapel. They have priests and so forth come in and do those before the games that morning.
RUSH: You do it at the hotel, then.
THE HUTCH: Do it right at the hotel, yup.
RUSH: All right. Now, that leads me to another big question. Something I always wondered, Hutch. How important is the pre-game meal?
THE HUTCH: It’s not that important. It’s just psychological. But the meal that’s the most important is the one the night before. That’s where you get all your energy for the game.
RUSH: Pre-game meal, but the pre-game meal is all mandatory. Is that just so they can count heads and make sure everybody is there?
THE HUTCH: Well plus, you know, they want the guys to get some sustenance in their body because the guys got all kinds of different rituals that they go through, so it’s good that they check in, make sure they’re there, make sure they’re in and get a little bit in their stomach.
RUSH: I’ve heard it’s an informal survey but the worst pre-game meal in the league is in Seattle, that the hotel food out there for visiting teams — I don’t know where they stay but they complain about it and that’s why they don’t do so well out there.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing) Well, the Seahawks got to win somehow, brother.
RUSH: All right. Hold on. So when we come back, we’ll pick the Rams and the Falcons and we’ll go from there. Ken Hutcherson on the phone from Seattle as we take this weekend’s divisional round to the NFL.
RUSH: We are back with Ken Hutcherson, known affectionately as the Hutch here on the EIB Network on Open Line Friday. Okay. We’ll go to the — I guess this is the late game Saturday. That?s the 8 o’clock game. The Falcons hosting the Rams. You like Vick, is that all you need to say?
THE HUTCH: That’s all I need to say.
RUSH: All right. I’m going to go with the home team in that situation as well. Although, you know, there are some people, Hutch that might think Marc Bulger ( bio | news ) is more complete quarterback and could outplay Vick in a game like this.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: Well, but no, they’re saying that Vick has to do far more than Bulger is going to have to do, if the Falcons are to win. But I like —
THE HUTCH: No. No way. I mean, Bulger is good. Now, don’t get it. The boy’s cool. He’s collected but he doesn’t have the momentum. You know, you believe in momentum. He doesn’t have the momentum and he doesn’t have the skill, the Vick has to mess up a defense. You don’t know how to defend Vick.
RUSH: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. And I do think that Atlanta against Philadelphia is Philadelphia’s worst nightmare.
THE HUTCH: Amen on that one. Well, Philadelphia is not going to make it anyway so don’t worry about them.
RUSH: Okay, okay. Fine. Let’s move on then. Let’s go to the early game on Saturday, the Steelers hosting the Jets. The Jets have not won in Pittsburgh. I don’t think they’ve ever won in Pittsburgh. They’ve played —
THE HUTCH: Always a first.
RUSH: Hear me out on all this, now. You can jam me in a minute here. The Jets, this is going to be there are third game in thirteen days including a trip to the west coast. Now, the media says this stuff matters, all this going to the west coast and coming back. You’re a player. You can tell us whether or not all these intangibles actually hurt a football team. Travel to St. Louis, played in overtime. Travel to San Diego; played overtime were gassed in the overtime period, got back late on a Sunday morning, have to go back to Pittsburgh today for this game tomorrow. You got the near fisticuffs on the sideline between Herm Edwards ( bio | news ) and the running back’s coach.

RUSH: You got a personnel disagreement over Curtis Martin ( bio | news ) and Lamont Jordan ( bio | news ). You got a quarterback with a rotator cuff problem throws in slow motion. You’ve got the number one defensive end refusing to play, it sounds like, because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his free agency contract coming up.
RUSH: Versus the Steelers who are 15-1, pretty much fully healthy now and talk about Mo? They’ve got it. Their JV squad beat Buffalo in the last game. Buffalo needed to win to get into the playoffs. If Buffalo had won, the Jets wouldn’t even be there.
THE HUTCH: That’s right, but, you know, there you go again —
RUSH: You’re going to pick the Jets on me after all of that?
THE HUTCH: Absolutely. But I’m going to give you the reason why I’m going to pick the Jets on you.
RUSH: Oooooh, I don’t believe this!
THE HUTCH: I’ll give it to you. You keep saying “if.” If is the biggest word in the English language. You know, if Custer hadn’t gone to Little Bighorn he wouldn’t have invented Arrow Shirts. Now, the whole thing that we’ve got that’s a problem, is that the Pittsburgh has had too much time to think. They’ve had too much time to think. Half the people can’t even pronounce the quarterback’s last name in the first place.
RUSH: That doesn’t matter!
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: What’s that got to do with it?
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: You’re giving me the word “if.” So they can’t pronounce his name. So what? They haven’t had any — what do you mean, too much time to think? They’re not the Eagles?
THE HUTCH: Watch! You watch! Okay, you watch. I’m glad you’re going to be there because I cannot wait to see you on TV crying like a little baby, a little girly man, when they lose this game, and the reason why I’m so mad at the Steelers is because of what you did to me last year. Here I am, I bring my family down to visit you. What did I do? I couldn’t find my whole family so we spent, what? Three days on the Greyhound bus to get to you. You come out with this Pittsburgh jersey. It was such the greatest gift in all the world. You signed it for me — and, man, I thought, “Man, I’ve gone to heaven,” and then you put on the bottom of the jersey, “Hutch stole this.”
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: That’s right.
THE HUTCH: Everybody that comes in my office that sees the jersey up there goes, “Did you steal this from Rush?”
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: So just for that, I am against the Steelers ’cause of you.
RUSH: The truth comes out. Because I teased you on that Steelers jersey I gave you, you you’re picking against the Steelers.
THE HUTCH: So just for that, I am against the Steelers ’cause of you.
RUSH: All right, I’ve got to question the integrity of your pick, here. Are you really picking the Jets on the basis of what you think is going to happen on the field?

THE HUTCH: I do. I really believe that what’s going to take place is that this is so much pressure. That young quarterback is good, no doubt, but man, they’re going to come at him. Pennington ( bio | news ) is not going to give up. The boy knows how to win because we thought he was going to be Vick to the Super Bowl two years ago, and I believe Vick would have made it last time if he wouldn’t broke his leg.
RUSH: He’s not the same quarterback he was two years ago! Now granted he’s not going to throw three interceptions against the Steelers in the first half like he did the last time.
RUSH: But the Steelers have got “Plexiglas” Burress ( bio | news ) back. Again, he’s a deep threat that the Steelers didn’t have. When they played the Jets are able to put eight men in the box, stop the run, up into the fourth quarter when the Steelers wore them down. The Jets aren’t going to be able to put eight men in the box to stop the Steelers run this time because they’re going to have to put somebody probably two guys on Burress.
THE HUTCH: Well, the thing that’s the most important is, I told you in my e-mail, the Jets will not beat the Steelers. The Steelers is going to beat themselves. You watch.
RUSH: All right. All right. I’ll be there. I’ll be watching. We’ll see. Let’s move on. Sunday at one o’clock, Minnesota going to Philadelphia.
THE HUTCH: All right. I am so excited about this game because I think everyone… Tice ( bio | news ) is going to get these guys — see, he’s got the pressure off of him because he won now and he don’t think he’s going to lose his job. He’s going to be the coach a lot more relaxed, and we all know that coaching makes the playoffs. Last year’s playoffs was the worst coach prove in the history of NFL. But Tice is going to give them… The Eagles done lost Mr. What? Desperate Housewife is out of there, so I’m not going to worry about that.
RUSH: That would be Terrell Owens ( bio | news ) .
THE HUTCH: That’s TO. Kicked off.
RUSH: So now they’re back to just McNabb ( bio | news ) and Brian Westbrook ( bio | news ) basically on offense.
THE HUTCH: And you know they can’t depend on just them. You know that for a fact. And I guarantee you the Vikings is going to come out bleeding on this one.
RUSH: Well, plus, you know, they’ve got Mo. You talk about momentum? They won last week in Green Bay, and Red McCombs, the owner came out supportive of Randy Moss.
THE HUTCH: That’s right. But, you know, Rush, they’re spoiled. Now there’s a lot of guys in the league that’s spoiled, but as long as they can produce, they can get away with a lot of that. They have already allowed their team to see what it is to lose. Remember I told you: The team that wins the Super Bowl is the team that has learned not to lose.
RUSH: Right. I remember that. Well, the Steelers haven’t lost this year. They’ve lost one time and that was before the rookie quarterback whose name you can’t pronounce got in the lineup.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing) I told you, I hope for your sake they win, but I’m going to pray against them because of what you did to me with that jersey.
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: But, you know, Hutch that Steelers jersey, my prize possession. It’s one they made with me on with my name on it.
THE HUTCH: I know! That’s why I was so excited about getting it, you rascal!
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: Well, you asked me to sign it. I mean, that’s… All right. I got to —
THE HUTCH: I didn’t ask you to put “He stole this,” on it!
RUSH: Just teasing you, because everybody knows I gave it to you. People know you’re not a thief.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: Here’s Randy Moss yesterday, leaving practice, talking, interacting with the media. The reporter says, “You write, your $10,000 check yet Randy.
MOSS: When you’re rich you don’t write checks. Heh, heh.
REPORTER #1: If you don’t write checks, how do you pay these guys?
MOSS: Straight cash, homey. (Laughter)
REPORTERS: (Laughter)
REPORTER #2: Randy, were you upset about the fine?
MOSS: No, ’cause it ain’t [bleep]. It ain’t nothing but ten grand. What’s ten grand…to me? It ain’t [bleep]. Next time I might shake my [bleep].
RUSH: Okay. Hutch, what would you do?
THE HUTCH: Oh, man. Good gracious. See, that’s the attitude right there that’s giving the NFL bad, bad publicity.
RUSH: Yeah, it’s after the fine. You know, here’s a lot of people that don’t make more than ten grand in a year some of them.
THE HUTCH: Yeah, in a year, bro.

RUSH: Certainly couldn’t come up with a ten grand in a lump to pay a fine and he’s acting like it’s no big deal to him. I don’t have time to get your reaction to this. Let me just tell you what happened. Apparently Collinsworth who was part of the Fox team doing the game in Green Bay on Sunday. He was on the field before the game and he says all the Vikings shows up with their afros blown out ? all the black players did ? with their afros blown out, and apparently some of the Packers fans, according to Collinsworth, were calling them Buckwheat and making racial insults at them and that’s what stoked all this. A lot of people like Collinsworth were coming to the defense of Randy Moss on this basis and they discussed this —
RUSH: — last night on the HBO’s Inside the NFL. Now, even at that — and I’ll let you react to these guys. I don’t have time to play that bite for you now. We’ll do it after the break. But does any of that, do you thin, mitigate what Moss did in not only mooning the Green Bay fans, the cheese head fans but then wiping his butt on the goal posts?
THE HUTCH: Well, you got to… You know, the big thing is, class is class, Rush, and you can’t take a pig out of the mud, but he’ll return right back there. Regardless what someone says to you, you do not have to bend down and be as low as they do. You are a professional. You’re paid to be a professional. You need to stand up and take it like a man because the worst thing you’re going to do —
RUSH: Yeah.
THE HUTCH: — is to make you look bad when you act like the fans. I don’t care what you say.
RUSH: We got to go. We’re going to be right back, Hutch. Stay with us. Hard break. Don’t go away.
RUSH: And we’re back, and we’re in a final segment here on the NFL divisional round of playoffs, picking the games with the former NFL great Ken Hutcherson of the Dallas Cowboys. Here is the — tell you what, let’s play Randy Moss again and we’ll back that up with the Civil Rights Division at HBO, Cris Collinsworth ?
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: — and Bob Costas. Here again is what moss said and he’s reacting to a question from a reporter: Have you written the check yet, Randy?
MOSS: When you’re rich you don’t write checks. Heh, heh.
REPORTER #1: If you don’t write checks, how do you pay these guys?
MOSS: Straight cash, homey. (Laughter)
REPORTERS: (Laughter)
REPORTER #2: Randy, were you upset about the fine?
MOSS: No, ’cause it ain’t [bleep]. It ain’t nothing but ten grand. What’s ten grand…to me? It ain’t [bleep]. Next time I might shake my [bleep].
RUSH: All right. So here’s Cris Collinsworth saying that he was on the field before the game and he detected some insults being leveled at the whole black roster of the Minnesota Vikings as they approached the particular end zone in question.

COLLINSWORTH: I was on the field. Randy Moss comes out and his hair looked like that, as did all the players. They blew out their afros and that was part of it — and there were some racial comments made along the lines of “Buckwheat” and some other things that were going on.

COSTAS: Despicable.
COSTAS: Despicable.
COSTAS: Off the chart by a hundred miles.

COLLINSWORTH: Exactly. So it was pretty crude going both ways in this situation.
RUSH: So it was “crude” back and forth ?

RUSH: — and when Moss apparently had the chance, he mooned ’em.

CALLER: Yeah, see, that’s the difference between a Moss and a Dr. Martin Luther King. I mean, you talk about insults? Let’s talk about what they did to Dr. Martin Luther King. What but what did he do? He showed his class in every situation and that’s why African-Americans today are where they are, because the man took insults and showed class and that’s what the NFL guys who are being paid more bucks than Van De Kamps got pork and beans needs to do.
RUSH: Well, it’s interesting too. You’ve got a number of players in the NFL. The NFL is an interesting beast these days. Randy Moss gets a lot of PR, a lot of press and a lot of notice, a lot of highlight reels because he does — he’s an extraordinary athlete and he can, you know, affect the outcome. He can win two or three games. Some people think he can lose you three or four. But you take a guy like Marvin Harrison ( bio | news ) who is every bit as effective, is every bit the impact player. You don’t hear a word about Marvin Harrison.
RUSH: It’s not just because he plays in Indianapolis. You don’t hear about him. He makes the highlights reels now and Marvin Harrison, as far as we know, has no life off the football field because we never hear about it. He never gets in trouble. He’s never mouthing off to anybody. Marvin Harrison probably fits your definition of class. Same with Hines Ward ( bio | news ) with the Steelers. Same kind of thing.
THE HUTCH: That’s right, that’s right. I mean.
RUSH: But what’s the difference. Tell me this. I’m just asking this. Without prejudice and without any answer, what’s the difference in what Moss did and what Terrell Owens has been doing all season?
THE HUTCH: It’s no different at all, is it? The biggest problem is, if you allow these guys to get away with that and you can’t do that, they’re going to continue to do it.
RUSH: But the media loves T.O. and they hate Moss. It’s obvious that there’s no love.
THE HUTCH: Look, the difference is the smile, Bro. (Laughing.) The difference is the smile! TO, he has good PR relationships. Moss doesn’t.
RUSH: And Moss hasn’t fostered them.
THE HUTCH: Absolutely not, and if you’re going to play this game and be good after the game, you better foster relationships. You can be great on the football field but once it’s over, nobody’s going to want you standing next to them with a microphone.
RUSH: We were talking about the thing in New Fallujah, Michigan earlier. You said just get some coaches in the NBA that can can these players or cut these players or fire them and you cut down on all this. Well here you’ve got in the NFL, you’ve got the Moss incident which is not going into the stands and beating up players. I mean, it’s not quite on par with what happened in New Fallujah.
THE HUTCH: Major difference, yeah.
RUSH: But still, you know, there’s no way Tice is going to get rid of Moss no matter what he does. He’s too valuable on the field, and that’s the thing the players know.
THE HUTCH: Yeah, Rush, but you’ve seen that new movie coming out. I’m not that crazy about the actor, but what is it about? Coach Carter or whatever it is?
RUSH: Yeah, I’ve heard about it.
THE HUTCH: You know, the whole thing is, he was more concerned about what the guy is going to be after they get through being athletes than before, and when you’re more concerned about your players, when you’re more concerned about keeping integrity on your team, when you’re more concerned about being a good example to those young people looking at you, you’re going to do what it’s going to take, even if you have to lose one or two games — and we don’t have that kind of style. We don’t have that kind of class going on too much in athletics today.
RUSH: Well, maybe not. I mean, I’m not going to argue with you about it but let’s not just end it there. You’ve also got the lack of class getting noticed, getting promoted, making people famous, giving them notoriety. They get on highlight reels. They get video games named off them. You know, it’s sort of like they feed the beast. It’s a chicken or egg thing and a never ending circle. Final game.
RUSH: Final game, and I want to review our picks up here. I’ve got the Steelers. You’ve got the Jets.
RUSH: We both have Vick.
RUSH: We both have the Vikings.
THE HUTCH: We both have the Vikings.
RUSH: All right. And I’m taking New England.
THE HUTCH: (Laughing) You’re going to have to, man. That’s your boys! But you know they’re not going to beat the Colts. I’m glad they let the field get muddy!
RUSH: (Laughing)

THE HUTCH: I’m glad they let it rain! Because the same guys that are trying to slow down the ride receivers, the corners are going to get slowed down and they’re not their best corners.
RUSH: Well, I know. It’s going to backfire on the Patriots positively if it backfires at all because the corners aren’t going to know where the wide receivers are going and the wide receivers will know so the corners won’t react —
THE HUTCH: Yeah. I mean our trying to stop Manning ( bio | news ). The worst thing is —
RUSH: Where’s your sportsmanship Hutch? You just got through talking about character and dignity and all that and here the Patriots are basically cheating by keeping that field a quagmire, so that the —
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: The only thing I can say, Rush, is: You better hold on, because either you’re going to be sad this week or you’re going to be sad next week ?
RUSH: (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: — but you’re going to be sad because the Colts are going to the Super Bowl.
RUSH: (Laughing) All right. Well —
THE HUTCH: Hey, last thing because I got to go and I know you got to go. Hey, Monday Night Football? You know what you ought to start thinking about doing, Bro? You got 24/7 going, right? Why don’t you just do Internet, man, and do Monday night and have people call in and ask you questions? You’ll take over the whole Monday night thing!
RUSH: While the football game is going on?
RUSH: That’s not a bad idea.
THE HUTCH: I think it would be a great idea to have you sitting in your chair watching the game, and they’ll turn the game on and turn the sound down and turn the computer up so they can call and talk to Rush while the game’s on. We gonna make take you one way or the other.
RUSH: So I take it this is a tantamount admission that you admit failure in getting me on the over-the-air broadcast.
THE HUTCH: No, that’s because you keep calling black guys out on national media. If you slow down on that, I can get you back on Monday night.
RUSH: Oh, come on! Give me a break! What do you mean calling black guy’s out on national media? I haven’t called any black guys out. I was talking about the media when I talked about McNabb.
THE HUTCH: And you called me out this morning, so be quiet.
RUSH: Oh, I didn’t call you out! He’s still burning over the fact that I’m accusing of him going to San Diego just to pick up a couple paychecks.
THE HUTCH: (Guffawing)
RUSH: Hey, seriously…
THE HUTCH: Hey, love you, bro!
RUSH: Tell me — I love you too ? tell me seriously why you think the Colts are going to do it this time. I want to hear your serious football analysis.
THE HUTCH: Let me give it to you straightforward.
RUSH: Yeah, yeah.
THE HUTCH: These guys, man, know what it means to get close. They know what it means to win. They know. You got the best quarterback in the league, one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league. He can throw a ball through a needle in a dark room with sunglasses on, and this boy knows what it means to outthink. He knows what it means to go ahead and let him coach on the field. He’s the general on the field, and no one is going to stop Manning this year. He should have won in this year but they changed the whole game plan last year and started trying to do the run. But they’re not going to do the mistake that this year and you watch the Colts because they are the best team right now in the playoffs.
RUSH: All right. We’ll keep a sharp eye. So I got Steelers you got the Jets. We both have Vick. We both got the Vikes. You got the Colts. I got the Patriots.
RUSH: All right. We’ll talk on Sunday night via e-mail.
THE HUTCH: All right, brother — and I’ll wipe your tears for you.
RUSH: All right. (Laughing)
THE HUTCH: (Laughing)
RUSH: “I’ll wipe your…” (Laughing) Yeah. Well, you won’t see any tears, but —
THE HUTCH: (Laughing) Bye, Bro.
RUSH: Have a good weekend. That’s Ken Hutcherson in Seattle.

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