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RUSH: Brian in Gainesville, Florida, a retired Special Ops soldier. Welcome, sir. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Rush, first of all let me say, Dual Giga Show Me Dittos from us in the Show Me land.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: Actually I wanted to let you know, Rush, that a trip like that makes more difference. You are the unofficial radio talk show of Army Special Forces, and I say that because if you’re the official radio talk show, nobody would listen to you. That’s just the nature of Green Berets. But I started back in ’88 when I first went to Special Forces, and I got indoctrinated immediately. We listened to Rush on the team room radio every day. That was when we weren’t out, you know, training. That was our lunchtime pastime there, and to know some of the guys that are over there in Afghanistan and certainly in Iraq as well, to, you know, for you to make that trip over there and on the tell them that real America is behind them, you know, they see the media just like we do, only they don’t get the sentiment about talking to, you know, real Americans. And for you to be able to do that, the morale boosted is immeasurable, and you become a force multiplier when you do that, and a force multiplier is simply taking a specified size unit and making it much bigger in either strength, power or ability and you certainly have done that, and I salute you. It was a great thing to do.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I’m flattered that you would say that. You know, I’ll be honest, I hope — I was trying to do that. I wanted to go tell these guys, these men and women the truth. I wanted to buck them up. I wanted them to feel proud of what they’re doing. But you know what I found? They do already! They’re very committed to what they — would have made you proud, folks, to be with me and to see these young people and they’re not all so young. I mean there’s some people wearing the uniform that served in Vietnam. There are some retired Special Ops people that are over there on security detail. I had a long talk with one of them about some of his previous work in Afghanistan. He was trying to tell me that these people in Afghanistan can do it. They are tough. They are tough people. He told me some stories about the way he found people live over there that would stun you. Try walking down 3,000 feet of a mountain side for fresh water and bringing it back up 3,000 feet to your home every day in order to live. That’s what people who live at the higher elevations in Afghanistan do.

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