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RUSH: It’s a great April Fool’s joke. Sandy Burglar admits, ladies and gentlemen, to taking documents out of the National Archives three to four different occasions and is going to get a $10,000 fine and loose his security clearance for three years. White House national security advisor under President Clinton and also a foreign policy advisor to John Kerry, Sandy Burglar pleads guilty today to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information. Burglar is scheduled to offer the plea at Washington this afternoon before a federal magistrate. Now, the charge stems from a period in 2003 when Mr. Burglar was helping Mr. Clinton prepare for testimony before a national commission investigating the September 11th attacks. And as I say, what’s interesting is he was taking stuff out of there, he was taking it home. When you listen to some of the excuses here that the lawyer mentioned, “Well, you know, he just couldn’t concentrate in there, in that holding room. He wanted to take these things home, wanted to compare these notes and make sure they were accurate,” blah, blah, blah. Well, fine and dandy, I want to know what he took back in there. What did he replace?
This is the thing, the Clinton administration was doing everything it could to shift blame to the Bush administration doing nothing prior to the 9/11 attacks to let them happen. This is what the 9/11 Commission was looking into. In fact, John Fund writes today that, “If the 9/11 Commission is to be believed, the documents that Sandy Burglar took and then intentionally destroyed could have great meaning. Thomas Kean, the chairman of the commission, has said that President Clinton believed with absolute certainty that Iraq provided Al-Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction, expertise, and technology in the nineties. But the 9/11 Commission found that Mr. Burglar rejected four plans to capture or kill bin Laden because he was worried that, ‘If bin Laden responds with an attack we’re going to get blamed,’ meaning the Clinton administration. Indeed after a 1998 briefing from the then CIA director George Tenet, Sandy Burglar took no action against bin Laden, because he was focused most on legal questions. The 9/11 report stated that Burglar worried that the hard evidence against bin Laden was still skimpy. There was a danger of snatching him and bringing him to the US only to see him acquitted.”
You know, interesting parts of this story still remain to be resolved. He didn’t just take copies of national security documents to refresh his memory about Clinton administration anti-terrorism policy. Sandy Burglar took five different versions of a review of the Clinton team’s record on terrorism, which was written by Richard Clarke, the mainstream media’s hero. Richard Clarke’s work was spirited out of there and each of these five versions contained unique handwritten notes or markings made by various high level recipients of the memo.

So, in other words, each copy could reveal the responses of various key administration players to Mr. Clarke’s analysis of how the Clinton administration had responded to the rising threat of attacks on the US homeland, and for reasons known only to himself, Mr. Burglar shredded three of the five versions of the memo that he took out of the National Archives in his office. He shredded them! He shredded three of the five versions. (doing impression) “Oh, you now what, I was cleaning them up, and I thought I was in my office, you know, I forgot what I… never intended, I’m so sorry, I just shredded these things.” Just like this guy in Kofi Annan’s office shredded all these documents just to make room for space in his office. You know what this is? I got a note from a friend today, he said this is the equivalent of the Watergate burglars claiming they broke into the DNC headquarters just because they thought there might be some good stuff in there to steal. They admitted it was wrong to break into an office but they were tired, they weren’t thinking clearly, and that’s all there was to Watergate. (doing impression) “Here, give you the stuff back, I’m sorry. We did use three of the five pieces of things we stole from the DNC, and then we shredded them, but we’re sorry, we were tired, we made the mistake of even leaving the duct tape there, and we left our evidence of our having been there. And so we didn’t really mean to do it.”
So the mainstream press just looks the other way, and they face a challenge here, folks, because there are going to be a lot of people going to try to sweep this away now that Burglar has entered into this plea agreement, and they just want to get rid of it because it looks bad. And I say, you know, if Condoleezza Rice had done this, she was national security advisor before being secretary of state, if she had done this? And for the Bush administration, taken documents out, shredded three of the five, I guarantee you it would have been front page news for however many number of days that went on, 400, 365, whatever number of days it took to get to this end of the story, a plea agreement or what have you. April Fool’s joke on all of us, Sandy Burglar gets away with practical — I mean, you have to say gets away to it.

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