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RUSH: All right, now, during the campaign, we had this great Democrat, John Kerry — who reportedly served in Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia, and admitted committing war atrocities — John Kerry had to bring up the sexual orientation of one of Dick Cheney’s daughters. He did this during the second debate, and it was in the debate with President Bush he brought up the sexual orientation of Cheney’s daughter. And, of course, this caused quite a firestorm for one primary reason. It appeared to be an attempt to hurt the vice president and his daughter. This from sensitive Democrat. We’re told the Democrats are at one with the gay community, that they alone are understanding and supportive of America’s homosexuals and that they alone are able to defend these people against the wicked assaults of the Christian right. And yet when it comes to homophobia, when it comes to attempts to hurt people on the basis of sexual orientation, who in a most public fashion has become the most prominent exhibitor of such behavior? The Democratic presidential nominee.Now we’ve got a guy also in the running who wants to take the title away from John Kerry, and that guy is Bill Clinton. “Former President Bill Clinton wasn’t about to let just anybody attack his wife – especially a gay Republican operative. Clinton fired back yesterday, suggesting that political consultant Arthur Finkelstein, who has launched a ‘Stop Her Now’ campaign, is suffering from ‘self-loathing.'” We had this story from the New York Times yesterday. Finkelstein is a gay Republican. He’s been a gay Republican all of his life, he’s been a Republican all of his life, but he hates liberals. He despises them and he actively works against them, and he is exceptionally good at it. He also went up to Massachusetts recently. I didn’t report this, but he went up to Massachusetts and married his long-time partner of 40 years because it’s legal. So here’s a conservative Republican gay who went up there and got married. You would think the Democrats would embrace this as advancing the cause. But, oh no. Here comes Bill Clinton, forced out of the woodwork to defend the honor of his wife, Hillary Rodham Rodham, and Clinton said, “He went to Massachusetts and married his longtime male partner and then he comes back here and announces this.” His attempt to get the truth out about Hillary and her campaign. Clinton said, “I thought, one of two things. Either this guy believes his party is not serious, and is totally Machiavellian in his position, or there’s some sort of self-loathing there. I was more sad for him.”

Now, for those of you in the gay community, I know what a cut this self-loathing charge is, self-hating. It’s often said there are some Jews who are self-hating Jews, and it’s normally liberals who throw that out there, and they say it of conservative Jews. “Well, they must be self-hating, they must be self-loathing.” So now all of a sudden we have a gay Republican who got married to his partner in Massachusetts last December, and what does the man who led the party for eight years in the White House with all this compassion and all this tolerance and all this understanding aimed at the gay community, come out and say? “Why, he’s gotta be a self-loathing man, he’s gotta be a self-loathing gay.” In other words, he’s not an authentic gay because he’s not one of us. He’s not an authentic gay, he’s not a Democrat, he’s not a liberal, he’s a conservative Republican that married his partner. You think he’d be praised for advancing the cause of gay marriage in the Republican Party. But oh no, he must be self-loathing. And so here come all these insults aimed at gay people, all these outings now of CIA operatives, from the tolerant and understanding and compassionate and inclusive “can’t we all get along” phony baloney plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll left Democrat liberals, once again insulting a group of people who happen to be gay.

Now, as this story in the New York Daily News points out, “Clinton’s decision to bring up Finkelstein’s sexuality hearkened back to a similar remark made by John Kerry in an Oct. 13, 2004, presidential debate. In responding to a question whether homosexuality was a matter of choice, Kerry said, ‘I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney’s daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she’s being who she was, she’s being who she was born as.'” There’s no question that what Kerry was trying to do was hurt Cheney’s reputation in the Christian right and the Republican base by outing Cheney’s daughter for those who didn’t know she was a lesbian. He didn’t say she’s gay. He didn’t say anything — she’s lesbian. I will tell you this, if Tom DeLay had said any of this, if Tom DeLay had outed a CIA agent on Capitol Hill during some hearings, it’s all the New York Times and the Washington Post and ABS, CBS, NBS, CNNBS would be reporting. I forgot, MSNBS. Are there any others? Algore BS. When does he start up this stupid little network? August? Yip yip yip yahoo. You know what Gore said about this? “It’s going to be liberal. It’s going to reflect the point of view of young people.” What the hell is that, Al? What the hell is the point of view of young people? Blow jobs, that’s what they’re doing out there. They’re out there getting oral sex all day long, that’s what they’re talking about. That’s the point of view they can’t wait that your boss, Al, made sure that’s become the number one sport in high school today. So I guess you’re going to have a BJ network out there, Al, is that what you’re going to do? You’re going to call your network the oral sex channel out there, start competing with MTV? No, it’s not going to have any of this stuff out there, folks, it’s going to be talking about liberalism, no, no, no, that’s not what we’re about. Classic, cannot even admit who he is. “Finkelstein did not return calls for comment from the New York Daily News. Republicans believe that if Hillary Clinton can be defeated in her Senate reelection efforts in 2006, it would kill her chances of running for the presidency in 2008. Her husband appeared in Harlem to announce a $10 million initiative aimed at eradicating HIV/AIDS among children in Africa,” because Clinton didn’t do diddly squat about it while he was president. Now that he’s had a couple of heart surgeries he’s thinking about his mortality and his legacy, “Oh, I gotta make myself look good so my foundation is going to send $10 million out there,” compared to this pledge of President Bush’s this $10 million is chump change, and yet Clinton getting big plaudits in the media today, lots of credit for his concern and compassion for AIDS patients in Africa.

So once again here is Bill Clinton talking about Arthur Finkelstein. Let me ask you this. Why bring up Finkelstein’s sexual orientation if not to make it a put-down or something harmful, an attempt to minimize the guy as credible on the basis that he’s gay, an attempt to minimize Arthur Finkelstein’s credibility on the basis that he is gay from the party that tells us we need to be tolerant compassionate and understanding toward gay people? He throws out the term self-loathing. So that’s who we’re dealing with out there, folks, if you didn’t know it. I’m sure you do, but that’s who it is, the leading celebrity, the greatest man walking the planet today, according to so many of our opinion leaders in the mainstream press in Washington, D.C., and in New York.


RUSH: I am going to apologize not for saying what I said, but I’m going to apologize if it offended anybody. I never apologize for what I say, but if some of you were offended by a graphic term involving actions committed by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky that have now spread to America’s high schools, I apologize. I meant to say “oral sex” throughout, but the guttural term escaped my pouty lips in a moment of pure, unbridled passion. The staff was so stunned and so scared today they didn’t dare hit the delete button, the deedle button, and so it got out there. My reaction is, “Somebody go ahead and turn me into the FCC. I’ll be honored to be fined.” It’s just another government agency with its hand in my back pocket, so go right ahead.


RUSH: Here’s Charles in Las Vegas as we go back to the phones. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Well, mega dittos, Dr. Limbaugh. I’ve been sitting in class since 1990, and this is the first time I wanted to raise my hand and talk.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Glad you did.

CALLER: And referring back to earlier when you talked about these self-hating, self-loathing conservative gays.

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Wait a minute, now, because when I mentioned that comment I was quoting Bill Clinton talking about Arthur Finkelstein, a 40 some odd year Republican operative who has decided to use his skills as he always does to defeat the Democratic presidential nominee every year, it just happens to look like it’s going to be Hillary, so Bill came out and said, (Doing Clinton impression) “He must be a self-loathing gay man out there. Took his partner up to Massachusetts last year and got married, gotta be self-loathing.” And I made the point that it’s always our liberal friends that make disparaging comments about gays. It was John Kerry in the debate with President Bush who called Cheney’s daughter a lesbian with the intent to harm her and Cheney with voters. And here’s Clinton — because it’s a Republican gay guy who got married in Massachusetts, and he’s off the reservation, he’s not a good gay guy, he’s not a liberal Democrat so he must be self-loathing, just like people call conservative Republican Jewish people self-loathing Jews. That’s how they explain the fact they’ve wandered off the reservation, so to speak. And so once again the tolerant, the compassionate, the understanding, the inclusive, the soft-spoken, the ones who have all the love and adoration for everybody, Bill Clinton leading that pack, calling Arthur Finkelstein self-loathing because he’s a Republican. And that’s who was saying it. I didn’t say it, Clinton did, and I was passing it along.

CALLER: Yeah, I was referring to your citing that. And I tell you, I have gotten more guff from other gays for being conservative than I’ve gotten from conservatives for being gay.

RUSH: I’m not surprised.

CALLER: I’ve had more acceptance from other conservatives because I’m gay than I’ve had from gays for being conservative.

RUSH: Not surprised whatsoever.

CALLER: And so I ditto that, and believe me, I voted my first presidential vote was for Reagan. My last was for Bush, and I have been a Republican ever since.

RUSH: Let me just ask you, are you self-loathing? I’ll put the question to you.

CALLER: Oh, heck no. Heck no. I’m very comfortable with who I am, and I speak up. I’m not afraid to say, “You know what, not everybody is agreeing with you,” especially when some of the circles I run around in say, “I don’t agree with you.”

RUSH: Wait a second, gotta ask now, some of the circles you run around in, Vegas, you’re either in the gaming industry or you’re in entertainment, what are you in?

CALLER: I’m actually in entertainment, nothing adult related, but —

RUSH: Wow, so they are lining up against you when they find out who you are.

CALLER: Oh, believe me. How can you be gay, how can you be an actor and be Republican? You know.

RUSH: Hm-hm. You must be self-loathing.

CALLER: I’m self-loathing. I said, “You know, I may be gay but I still think.” (Laughing.)

RUSH: That’s what sets you apart, sir.

CALLER: And believe me, you have assisted me in being able to articulate issues all over the place. And a guy that I dated recently who would hear your show when I would, you know, in the car or whatever, he said, “Oh, I don’t like this guy,” and I said, “You know who it is?” “I think that’s Rush Limbaugh, I don’t like this guy, I just don’t like the sound of his voice.” Well, after awhile he started listening and he said, “You know what, I agree with this guy.” And I’m like, “You never listened to him before but you hated him, now you’re actually listening to what he says.” He goes, “I do agree with him. I actually agree.” I said, “Think about it.”

RUSH: Did it cause him an identity crisis?

CALLER: It did, honest to God, it actually made him just really just freak out and —

RUSH: Did he become self-loathing for a time?

CALLER: A little bit, in fact, but this was several months prior to the election and he admitted to me, and he wouldn’t admit it to anybody else, he goes “I voted for Bush.” So I’ve got one convert there. Or you’ve got another convert.

RUSH: Well, tell me this, is he generally a happy person today?

CALLER: Generally yes.

RUSH: Great, see? It works out.

CALLER: It does.

RUSH: It works out.

CALLER: There are more of us than they think.

RUSH: When you are who you are, it works out. Everything takes care of itself.

CALLER: Yes, it does.

RUSH: Appreciate the call out there Charles very much.



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