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RUSH: My friends, I can’t let the day end without talking about this story. As a matter of fact, grab audio sound bite number one Mr. Broadcast Engineer, because I’ve been predicting this for I don’t know how long. Now, the audio we have here is from cassette, but it is a cassette of this program. We used to, before the high-tech days, roll off the daily copy of this program on an audio cassette and that’s where we have to go to get this. It’s from June 5th, 1995, and this is eight years ago.

RUSH ARCHIVE: If we can save the lives of our children by raising the cost of cigarettes to five or six bucks a pack, why not save the lives of our children even more with, say, Big Macs and Whoppers that are five and six bucks. Oh, no, not tomorrow, not next week, but it’s coming, to a McDonald’s near you, or a Wendy’s or a Burger King or a KFC, whatever.

So there you have it, 2% tax on fast food. It does target the poor. I mean, there’s no question, targets the poor and minorities; and there’s old Kwame Kilpatrick spending the state’s money out of style on his own lifestyle and wants the poor who frequent fast food restaurants, and everybody else that frequents them, to pay an additional 2% tax on top of the already 6% restaurant tax that exists.

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