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RUSH We have a couple sound bites from George Allen talking about the qualifications of Justice Janice Rogers Brown (bio) from California.

ALLEN: Justice Brown’s opponents would like the American people to think that she’s a radical, that she’s an ideological extremist in our opposition to government but I would contend if she was so extreme why did 76% of California voters support her? Sadly, sadly, she’s continually attacked her for her opposition and such-and-such as supposedly she hates government. Well, if she hated government, why had seen she been a part of it? A thorough analysis of Justice Brown’s opinions clearly illustrate she is capable of dissecting her personally held views of her dislike of expansive government from her opinions which seek to apply the law as it exists and which consistently defer to the legislative judgments on how best to address social and economic problems.

RUSH: I’m going to tell you the real reason that they hate Janice Rogers Brown in a minute and I’ll do it by quoting from a speech that she gave five years ago, but here’s one more from George Allen, and then Barbara Boxer.

ALLEN: In summation, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown just as well as all of the president’s nominees deserve a fair up-or-down vote. As I said earlier, there’s no reason to filibuster these nominations. I have a responsibility to vote. They deserve fair consideration, fair scrutiny, but ultimately we have a responsibility to get off our haunches, show the backbone, show the spine, vote yes or vote no and be responsible to our constituents.

RUSH: Well, that’s all well and good but Barbara Boxer says that this Judge Janice Brown is way out of the mainstream. You might ask, “Senator Boxer, where do you think you are?”

BOXER: He said she was in the mainstream. This is a woman who has served on the California Supreme Court that is made up of six Republicans and one Democrat. She has dissented a third of the time because her Republican friends on that court just aren’t radical enough for her. Thirty-one times she stood alone on the side of a rapist, on the side of energy companies against the consumers, against women who were seeking to get contraception, and it goes on and on. Against workers. She said it was fine for Latinos to have racial slurs used against them in the workplace. This is a woman with an inspiring personal life story, but it is what she has done to other people’s lives that make her far out of the mainstream.

RUSH: Now, that’s just unbelievable. I agree with the caller who cited this little statement by Senator Boxer. Let’s see the evidence of this. Let’s see these 31 rapists that she defended. Let’s see these 31 rape victims that she found against. Let’s talk about all these women that she denied contraception — and what about this “it’s okay to slur Latinos in the workplace”? Where was the evidence of this? Is this just stuff that Ralph Neas and People for the American Way trump up and send off to these senators and they regurgitate it?


RUSH: All this talk about she defends rapists and she allows ethics slurs against Latinos in the workplace, that’s all pap. Let me tell you something, folks: If there’s a party that’s out there slowly and surely becoming racist and bigoted it’s the Democrats, and you can see it simply and very concisely in their treatment of this nominee, Justice Brown. All right, let’s go the Newsweek story. No. Before that, I’ve got a call on Justice Brown. It’s Pat in Arlington, Virginia. Welcome to the program. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Thank you. Very well.

CALLER: I’m a neighbor of Janice Rogers Brown, and I’m listening to all of these people who do not know her. I’ve known her for about 15 years and we live in a racially diverse community, and I know her personality. I know how she interacts with people. I know that she has worked with crime victims’ rights in California. I know her from the time that she worked on Governor Wilson’s staff. I know how she has fought to keep criminals locked in prison where they belong, how she has fought diligently for tougher sentences for those people who prey upon the innocent in our society, and it just appalls me to no end that I’m hearing all of these people who do not know her. She’s a very calming soul. She’s very gentle. She loves her fellow man.

She loves this country. She’s everything that people have fought so hard for the last 200 years to make something of themselves. She is from a family of sharecroppers. My grandfather was a sharecropper. We have worked our butts off in this country to make something of ourselves. I’m not at the same level that she is as far as academics is concerned; she has her JD. She has been on the California Supreme Court. She’s worked in the governor’s office as his right hand person when it comes to the law in California. I know this lady like a sister. We live about two blocks from one another, and it is wrong — absolutely wrong — for these people to be talking about her the way that she is simply because of her beliefs. Are you there, Rush?

RUSH: Yes, I’m here. I see no reason to stop you. It’s well stated.

CALLER: I’m just angry today. I am just angry, and livid.

RUSH: You should join the club. You know, I agree with you totally. It’s appalling, and it’s frustrating at the same time to listen to good people like this have their whole lives trashed and destroyed and lied about, the reputations under fire by a bunch of pompous, arrogant, monarch-like senators.

CALLER: And, you know, Rush, the reason why the Democrats are losing so many of us African-Americans to the Republican Party is simply because they’re a bunch of arrogant (exhale). Oh, I’m just furious right now. But they have told people in this country for many, many years that they are about the people who are the little person, the downtrodden, the minorities and all of those people. But once we get to a certain level in society, they squash us like a bug, and they do not want us to come up to a certain level, and those of us who try to break that bubble and make something of ourselves and who think as individuals and not in lockstep because somebody says, “This is the way you’re supposed to think,” then they fight tooth and nail to destroy us.

RUSH: You know why? Let me tell you why, because you’ve hit the nail on the head with everything you said but that last point you made is especially correct and poignant. The reason for it is: That’s why they feared Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas, justice of the Supreme Court, is arguably the most powerful black man in America. And he stands as living proof that you do not have to go through Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the NAACP to make something of yourself. You can do it on your own. You don’t have to go through the Democratic Party with their patronage. You don’t have to do it with affirmative action.

You don’t have to do it with all the government prescriptions. You don’t have to do it with government at all. You can do it on your own, and the prominence of people like Clarence Thomas and Justice Brown is proof positive of the fact that the Democrats do not deliver and cannot deliver what they’ve been promising for 50 years, that people can do it on their own — and as such she represents a huge, huge threat to their future. That’s why they seek to destroy her. Thanks so much for the call, Pat. I appreciate it.

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