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I keep getting questions, “Why no music?” Let me go through this once again. Maybe we ought to prepare a little statement for the website on this. We simply don’t have the license to give away somebody else’s product, which is what we’d be doing if we downloaded music. If we included bumpers or the parodies, or even the opening theme song, the entertainment industry, music and video, very, very, very concerned about piracy, and there are stringent laws. We have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and for every one of you that would download the program every day with music in it, we would be illegal. We would be violating the law. We would be distributing music free, even if it’s not a complete song, not enough of it fits under the banner of fair usage, and we’re not going to break the law here. So it’s just the program for now.
We’re always trying to change these things and get permissions from various entities to include their work, but we’re running up against a brick wall because so much piracy is going on out there, and once you steal something, it’s easy to spread it around to your friends and they’re just trying to get a handle on this. So that’s why. If we wanted to write and produce, create our own bumper music and do that, we could, if we wanted to give that away, but somebody else’s we just can’t. So for now it’s audio only.
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