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RUSH: Bernie in Virginia Beach. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hey, Rush.
RUSH: Hey.
CALLER: Hey, vacation dittos from Club G’itmo.
RUSH: (Laughing.)
CALLER: (Laughing.) The greatest place to live on earth.
RUSH: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
CALLER: Hey, I was just wondering, Rush, what in the world is the media talking about Karl Rove for and their little inconsequential incidents when there was a bombing in Europe and terrorists are going crazy, what is the deal? Do you think there’s an underlying —
RUSH: I’ll tell you. I’ll give you two answers to that. Number one is, if it comes down to terrorism blowing up innocent citizens or the opportunity to get Karl Rove or Bush, what do you think the press is going to do? What’s more important to them? Innocent people dying, or the chance to get Rove and Bush? Number two. There’s another reason why they may be ignoring the terrorist bombings, because the night of the bombings, I remember a number of people on TV shows, one of them was Hardboiled with Chris Matthews, suggesting that these were suicide bombers, and Matthews, oh, no, no, no, these weren’t suicide bombers, that only happens in the Middle East, these weren’t suicide bombers. Why don’t we know who these guys are? Why haven’t we captured them, this happened eight hours ago, where is the intelligence on these guys? Matthews was demanding pictures and faces, he wanted to know where these guys live, how come we haven’t caught them yet. Well, it turns out the reason we didn’t catch them is because they blew themselves up. Turns up out now that the four bomb suspects are actually suicide bombers and we know more now.

“Police said yesterday they had identified four British-born men all thought to be of Pakistani origin as the perpetrators of last week’s terrorist outrage in London. All four are thought to have died in the attacks, an official said while declining to describe them as suicide bombers.” Okay, fine, split hairs, Brits. Go ahead. Fine with me. “Another man was in custody after a search of the bombing suspect’s homes in the northern city of Leeds. If confirmed as suicide bombings the attacks would be the first of their kind in Western Europe. Other officials said on the condition of anonymity that police are still searching airline records based on the suspicion that the mastermind fled Britain before the bombings which killed 52 people.” These four suspects were born in Britain, folks. They were Pakistanis, they were born in Britain, therefore they are British citizens but they were gotten hold of by some mastermind apparently who poisoned their minds and led them into this and then as the cowards that these terrorists are, they flee the scene so that they’re nowhere around to be caught after the dirty deed is done. So here is this great group of Islamofascists claiming to have love and devotion for the people of the world from their religion acting literally as a bunch of cowards. One of the fathers of the four said he was stunned, his son was mild-mannered — when I heard this man describing his son, I remembered John Hinckley’s dad describing him. He never got into trouble, he was mild-mannered. I mean, you never hardly knew he was around. It’s because he wasn’t around. He was being poisoned by this mastermind. His father did though admit he went to Pakistan for two months, recently. So they don’t want to talk about this because all it does is make Bush look even better on the war on terror. Rove is a bigger target than bin Laden.

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