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RUSH: What were we all doing one week ago today? What were we all doing? Seven days ago we are all commenting on the terrorist bombing in London. Now it is seven days later, and as we mark the week after the terrorist bombing in London, as much of the world joins all of England in noting the day, in Baghdad how many children were blown to bits by a car bomber while being fed candy by American soldiers? Nineteen kids blown to bits while being fed candy by American soldiers. In Israel, how many children have been blown to bits in just this past week? Elsewhere around the world, how many volunteers have been blown to bits just in this past week? And yet in Washington, the party out of power and the media that wants them back in power focused on their issue one, which is the non-story of Karl Rove. “We don’t care whether he’s innocent or not, we don’t care if he’s charged or not, we want his head.” That’s what they’re saying. They don’t care if he’s innocent, they don’t care if he’s guilty, they don’t care if he’s charged or not.
It strikes me as odd, ladies and gentlemen, how the world “extremism” has hit on two arenas. In the real world extremists are those who blow up children, but in Washington, at least in the left wing of the Beltway, extremists are anybody to the right of Ted Kennedy. And so we have truth really, really stranger than fiction. And so while we’re just one week removed from the bombings in the London, this news comes across the wires. Chuck Schumer and what’s-his-face Joe Wilson are holding a joint press conference this afternoon at three o’clock Eastern time, ladies and gentlemen. Is that not interesting timing, ladies and gentlemen? Three o’clock this afternoon, the ambassador, quote, unquote, Joe Wilson will have a joint press conference with Chuck Schumer where they will ask for the suspension of Karl Rove’s security clearance. The White House should suspend Rove while this investigation is pending until the Plame leak is resolved. That will be the point. “In Light Of Time Reporter Matt Cooper’s Confirmation That Rove Was a Source In the Leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame’s Identity, Schumer and Wilson Call For Suspension of Rove’s Security Clearance. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer and Ambassador Joseph Wilson will hold a press conference at 3:00pm TODAY, July 14, 2005 in the Mansfield Room of the U.S. Capitol to call for the suspension of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove’ security clearance until the investigation of the leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame’s identity is resolved.” All right, now, why Schumer? What’s Schumer got to do with it? Joe Wilson says he’s nonpartisan. He’s not. Joe Wilson is a Democrat hack and always has been. And I’m going to tell you what I think about all this. What I think is that Schumer and Wilson and whoever else, I think the Democratic Party hatched this whole thing, I think they arranged for Wilson to be sent to Niger or go there, I think they set this all up as a means of undermining the war in Iraq and ultimately the war on terror.
I think Wilson’s deeply in bed with the Democrats in weaseling his way to Niger, with the help of his wife at the CIA. I think this plot was hatched by him. He is a liar, he is a cheapskate, he is a Democrat hack, and I think he and his Democrat buddies have been in on this from day one. Now, why Chuck Schumer? How long have these guys known each other? How far back do Joe Wilson and Chuck Schumer go? Why in the world does Wilson need to go up there with Chuck Schumer at all? He’s already been on the Today Show today, he’s giving interviews to blogs, ladies and gentlemen. He was giving interviews to wacko liberal blogs last night, and now he’s gonna have this press conference. Why does he have to go out there with Schumer? Why can’t he just go out there on his own? Why can’t Joe Wilson stand up by himself? Why doesn’t he go out there with his wife, even? Why don’t he and Valerie Plame go out there and do this as a joint man-and-wife team, you know, do the double dose, do a combo here. But why Chuck Schumer? How far back do these two guys go? I mean, if he’s going to show up with Schumer, folks, I would love to know just how deep their relationship is. I would love to know just how far back these two guys go. I want to know how closely they’ve worked together. It will never happen, but I would love to see e-mails, cell phone records, hard line phone records, whatever we can get so that we can see the extent to which these two leftists have been strategizing and conspiring over the years, because I don’t think it’s an accident that Joe Wilson is going to show up with Chuck Schumer at three o’clock at a press conference this afternoon to not call for Rove to be fired now, but to call for his security clearance to be revoked pending the outcome and the completion of this investigation.

Now, this is being made to look like, “Oh, you know what? This is just snap, crackle, pop came together today. This just came together, and these two guys, they are both alarmed Americans, very, very troubled over the leaks coming out of the White House, and, why, we’ve got to get together and save America and so forth.” Remember this is all just one week after the London bombing and I ask you again to remember just who the left in this country is focused on as their number one extremist and terrorist, and that is George W. Bush and anybody in his orb. But I’m telling you, folks, something really smells to here as far as Wilson heading up there with Schumer. I have believed for a long time that Wilson’s a Democrat hack. I have never bought this business that he’s nonpartisan. I know he’s contributed to the Kerry campaign. I know that he was an advisor to the Kerry campaign. I know he has said over his dead body would he ever vote for a Republican. He tries to present himself as some disinterested nonpartisan who’s here just concerned about the future of his country and upholding American ideals and so forth, when the fact is he’s a Democrat hack. There are a lot of Democrats he could have chosen to have this press conference with today, but when he goes after Chuck Schumer, who’s also busily preparing for the war on judges as he shelves the war on terror aside, Schumer’s got time to take time-out from the war on judges to now meet with a so-called nonpartisan, great man, great ambassador, a man whose wife has been outed and her career destroyed and her life threatened, blah, blah, blah, let’s play the violins, this is all so much BS, it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors, and it is a diversion.
The simple fact of the matter is Wilson doesn’t have the guts to go out there by himself, he needs some Democrat standing next to him. In fact, I don’t know who’s responsible for the idea. I don’t know if it’s Schumer’s idea, I don’t know if it’s Wilson’s idea, but I will guarantee you the Democratic Party is deeply involved with this Wilson guy. He’s deeply involved with them. These kinds of press conferences just don’t come together on a phone call last night, “Hey, Joe, I got a great idea, let’s go out and doing this because of what’s happening here.” This is all part of some plan and strategy, folks, and there’s more to this than meets the eye, much more to this than meets the eye. I don’t doubt that Wilson has been working with Democrats and weaseling his way over to Niger with the help of his wife and the CIA, and I do think this was a plot hatched by him and his Democrat buddies from day one and maybe even some rogue members of the CIA who were hell-bent on destroying George W. Bush. We know that he is a liar. The Senate select committee has found that Joe Wilson is a liar. Senator Pat Roberts found him lying on numerous occasions. It’s part of an appendix to the Senate intelligence committee report. He lied about documents, he lied about what he found in Niger, he’s lied about who sent him on the trip, and now he’s appearing with Chuck Schumer demanding the revocation of Rove’s security clearance until the investigation is over.

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