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RUSH: I want to go to the audio sound bites, ladies and gentlemen, to continue here with our discussion on the circumstances in Lebanon and in Israel. Last night, on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, a portion of a report by correspondent Nic Robertson…
ROBERTSON: Israelis said that they had bombed a site in the southern suburbs of Beirut last night with 23 tons of bunker-busting explosives targeting the leadership of Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah included the tour that the journalists were taken on today showed them a mosque with a sign outside showing that it was under construction. What it was for, the mosque did have a basement, a bunker system underneath it, but it was very much under construction. That was the conclusion of all the reporters there. Um, that was the only conclusion they could draw from what they were shown.
RUSH: Right. Now, what do we have here? This is a Drive-By Media regurgitating propaganda of a terrorist organization. It reminds me — and I’m sure you’ll remember this — in the first Gulf War, remember when the Iraqis took a contingent of American Drive-By Medias to a blown-up building and there was a little white sign painted in red letters in English. It said “Baby Milk Plant,” and of course the Drive-By Media fell for this.
“Why, how can the US do this? They blow up a baby milk formula factory! How could this possibly be!”
The sign was obviously hand-painted. Wasn’t even a good graffiti artist that did it, and it was not even in the Iraqi language. It was just pathetic. So now, of course, a bunker system was underneath the mosque. But what mosques doesn’t have a bunker system underneath it? (laughing) I tell you, this is a CNN report, and there’s one thing: people’s memories are short, but I ask you: What are we to do when their former executive Eason Jordan wrote that famous piece in the New York Times saying — and he thought he was going to get a Pulitzer Prize for this! He had no idea of the outcry that was going to result from this.
He wrote a piece saying (summarized), “Well, yeah, we didn’t report a bunch of atrocities that we knew were going on in Iraq committed by Saddam because we needed our bureau here, and if we had been honest on what we had seen, reported what we had seen, we might have lost our position. We might have lost our ability to report from Iraq,” to which, everybody said, “What good are your reports if you’re covering up atrocities committed by this regime in order to just to stay there? What’s more important, get the truth of what’s going on in Iraq out, or to have a bureau there that essentially reports gobbledy-gook?”

I think that was the beginning of the downfall for Mr. Jordan. He then went over to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, not long after and claimed he had evidence that US troops had orders to kill journalists, and Barney Frank (D-MA), My Boy Lollipop (slurping) was even in the audience, had trouble with that one, and it was not long after that Eason Jordan was forced to resign. So here we have the same network, CNN. I know it’s under new management, and Eason Jordan is not there. But we’re we get this report. “Oh, we were shown and Israelis lied to us. They hit a mosque! They didn’t hit a bunker! They didn’t hit the headquarters of Hezbollah,” and then on the Today Show today, anchor Ann Curry is in Beirut, and here’s a portion of her report.
CURRY: This morning Hezbollah showed NBC News and other journalists the impact of Israel’s raids overnight on a residential area in Beirut’s southern suburbs, saying bombs struck here from midnight to four a.m. It would have been a massacre, but Hezbollah told us they knew to evacuate residents.
CURRY: This Hezbollah spokesman said the US and Israel have miscalculated Hezbollah’s capabilities.
RUSH: Well, what a bunch of great guys! What a bunch of great guys! Why, this could have been a bloodbath except Hezbollah knew to evacuate their people. Bush didn’t evacuate Americans!
See, these guys watch CNN and they know exactly how to play ’em.
“Yeah, CNN, they’ll fall for this,” I’m sure this Nasrallah guy is saying. So just a couple of examples here. The media, the Drive-By Media, remain behind the curve as to what a general consensus opinion that’s forming is.


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