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The woman does have one good idea though. I like her idea of not paying taxes. I am all for that, folks, I might want to join her crusade in that regard. I’m fed up with paying taxes. But the rest of this — now, I must be honest with you, folks. I run a risk here, too. I must admit that I thought about this over the weekend. What I’m going to say to you, I run a risk. I checked my e-mail all weekend long, and I know how upset everybody is. And, by the way, we’ve got some new Club G’itmo photos and somebody showed up down there in their Club G’itmo shirts. Some of our buddies at the Freepers showed up down at the — wherever — I guess she’s staying at some house. The story is she’s camped out in a ditch, but apparently she has shelter down there. And have you heard about the guy that’s a neighbor down there firing off a shotgun in the air? He says, “Yeah, well, dove season is coming up.” But stop and think about this, what’s the peace symbol? The dove. So I think this guy is pretty clever. I love this guy. I think this guy is clever as he can be. Dove season is coming up, and you got a whole bunch of doves down there with Cindy Sheehan.
Anyway, we’ve posted the photos on the latest page at the Club G’itmo photo gallery at RushLimbaugh.com. Folks, can I share something with you here? I’m getting e-mails just out the wazoo about Cindy Sheehan, “Rush, you gotta tackle this. You gotta take this on. I mean, what’s happening in the mainstream media and so forth.” And folks, I have to tell you something, this does not concern me. How can I phrase this to you? This is where I run the risk, because I don’t want you all thinking that I have lost my passion because I haven’t, but I look at these actions by the left, this woman is clearly, grief or whatever, she’s not right, and I don’t even like saying that. Now she wants the Israelis out of Palestine — this woman is being exploited by the media. She probably is a genuine peacenik herself and she’s been such even before her son was killed in Iraq, but isn’t it painfully obvious to all of you the media is grasping onto her with nothing but a wing and a prayer?
Isn’t it obvious that Cindy Sheehan is no different than the NARAL ad? Isn’t it obvious that this hysteria and unhinged behavior by the people on the left, including the media, is really no more than a sign that they realize they’re in deep doo-doo? Doesn’t it show you that — I mean, to me, this is positive news. You know, here we got great economic news. Oops, can’t do that, gotta cut to Cindy Sheehan, give her own reality show, she may as well have one now as it’s going. I look at this as an implosion. You know, the head of NARAL has resigned (interruption) well, the communications director of NARAL, resigned because he doesn’t like the ad being pulled. (interruption) What, he was fired? Well, I’ll just go with the news. Snerdley thinks he might have been fired. Quit, resigned, whatever, he’s not there. In the meantime, there still hasn’t been a Democrat denounce the ad, not one elected Democrat has denounced the ad. You know the mistake they made with that ad? In their minds, the lesson that they are telling themselves they’ve got to learn, not that the ad was full of lies — and they only pulled this ad for expediency, folks, they didn’t pull it because it was full of lies. They didn’t pull it for any reason other than it wasn’t gonna work. Just like they got Torricelli out of the race in New Jersey, they got him out of there because he was going to lose.
They pulled this ad because it wasn’t working. They didn’t pull this ad because of a bite of conscience or, ooh, this is wrong. And their mistake was they’re telling themselves they came out of the barn too soon with it. If they’d have come out of this say a week before September 6th. Well, stop and think about it. If they would have run this ad, if this would have started a week before September 6th, CNN carrying it, and none of the Democrats denouncing it, and without a whole lot of time to gin up, it would have probably had more effect. So I think they’re going to learn from this that they didn’t keep their powder dry, they just were too eager. But the fact that they are too eager — I mean, Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents, there’s nothing about it that’s real, including the mainstream media’s glomming onto it, it’s not real. It’s nothing more than an attempt, it’s the latest effort made by the coordinated left. And all of these efforts are bombing; they’re all failing miserably, in and of themselves.

Now, this is not to say that all is rosy. I don’t want you to misunderstand. But I don’t get that worked up about it. I have an attitude about it. I’ve been sharing this with you for the longest time. So I think we’re in a new era. The left doesn’t get away with this stuff anymore. They’re not getting away with it now. I know it’s irritating, I know it’s frustrating, I know it makes you mad, does me, too, but it’s not helpful to the people who are doing this, it is not assisting them. They are going to try to claim that Cindy Sheehan is responsible for the Bush poll numbers on Iraq being down, but those numbers were falling before Cindy Sheehan did this. I’m not saying the mainstream press isn’t effective in certain areas anymore, I’m not saying the mainstream press doesn’t have the ability to shape opinion. Just saying on this, this is not the thing everybody should be worried about. I don’t have one in my mind that is, something everybody ought to be worried about, but if you’re going to be angry at this, and I understand the anger, and I share some of it, too, the anger here, to me, is how the left and the media are trying to make this bigger than it is. But that still takes me back to the fact that they know they’re losing, they know they’re losing big time. These people are throwing it up against the wall. It’s the fourth quarter and all they’re doing is throwing long bombs and their quarterback’s gotten too tired to finish the game and their wide receiver is out there making all kinds of disparaging comments about the quarterback and getting kicked out of camp. The situation with the Philadelphia Eagles pretty much dovetails what’s going on with the Democratic Party right now if you ask me. It does. I don’t think that we’re looking at people who have a posture of confidence. This is not the kind of thing that winners do. It’s all done in total desperation, as is the mainstream press’s ability to prop it up. What’s she got? A hundred stragglers have showed up down there, a hundred peaceniks, a hundred long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking FM types, essentially, are down there joining her. And if this were genuine, if this were like it was back in Vietnam — remember, that’s they’re trying to turn this into. They’re just reliving the old halcyon days of the anti-war movement in the sixties. They would have had hundreds of thousands people down there. They would have had mass marches. There would have been the need for riot cops outside Bush’s ranch down there. This is so obviously a desperation move.
Now, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the woman. I think she’s taken the grieving process here to lengths that most people don’t, and she’s being fueled by all of this attention. But this is just a long way of saying I’m not — you can call about it and you can talk about it but I just am not that worked up about it because, to me, it’s sort of like — I got an e-mail today from guy said, “Rush, why aren’t you talking about that radio scandal going on?” Why should I talk about it? Why should I talk about that, folks? There’s a cardinal rule, when your enemy is destroying themselves, you shut up and you get out of the way and let them do it. And it’s happening in countless areas and times on the left. Certain things you do need to give a little nudge, other things you just get out of the way. But the longer the Sheehan thing goes on and the longer she’s treated as some sort of super-celebrity by the press and the more outrageous things she says, trust me on this, the more people are going to get fed up with it. She’s going to become the next Natalee Holloway before it’s all said and done.

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