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In fact, to show you how absurd it’s gotten, William Raspberry, a man I like, a man I admire, we’ve had our run-ins with Mr. Raspberry early on in this program’s life back in the early nineties, late eighties, I forget when it was, but Mr. Raspberry wrote a piece ripping me and ripping this program, and after that piece he got several letters from readers saying, “Mr. Raspberry, I love your column, and I love Mr. Limbaugh’s show. I read you and listen to him.” So Raspberry tuned in, and he did an apology essentially, saying that he had misjudged. I forget precisely what he said, but we call it the Raspberry Effect. The Raspberry Effect is when a journalist critical of the program who has never listened, or any liberal critical to the program, actually listens and changes their mind. And ever since we’ve had a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Raspberry, but he illustrates today just how frustrated the left is because his piece, his column is that Roberts is not qualified because he’s had it too easy in life. His road was paved for him, he was the son of some wealthy industrialist, and he’s never known tough times, and we don’t need people on the court who haven’t known tough times. We need people on the court who have had to struggle, which of course is another way of saying the court is supposed to relate to social concerns and the disadvantaged and give them a voice, which is as far from the intention of the Supreme Court, the Founding Fathers had, as you can get.
The purpose of the Supreme Court is to decide the law, to decide legal cases. They decided for themselves in the late 1800s that they were going to be the sole arbiter of what’s constitutional or what isn’t. It’s called judicial review, Marbury vs. Madison. But the left clearly sees the Supreme Court as the balancing mechanism to level the playing field between society’s haves and have-nots, society’s fortunates and society’s unfortunate, society’s successful and society’s bums. And since Roberts has never been a bum, since Roberts has never had it tough in life, that’s a problem. I mean, this is just throwing it up against the wall. The resignation — and I’m not saying there won’t be fireworks, don’t misunderstand, they’re going to — that’s all they know how to do. They’ll try to stop the confirmation during the hearings, but you can just see the resignation. We gotta go back, though, what is all this about? The NARAL ad. Here it is.

This is the ad that’s been pulled. NARAL said, well, “We think people are not understanding it or misconstruing it.” In other words, you’re too stupid to understand what they were trying to say. In an effort to further the understanding between you and the NARAL pro-abortion people, here is their ad once again run free of charge by me, as a public service to you, the EIB Network.
(Playing of NARAL ad.)
(Playing of John Roberts spoof ad.)
Mark my words. They’re meeting behind closed doors, and what they think they messed up was the timing. They’re not embarrassed about this ad. They pulled it for expediency. They pulled it because it wasn’t working. They didn’t pull it because it’s a bunch of lies. They didn’t pull it for any reason of substance. And they’re going to go back to the drawing board, and they’ll figure out that the problem was they came out with it too soon. Came out with it in August, the recess, vacation time. Come out with this thing a week or ten days before the hearings, you’ve got a whole different story. They’ll probably have a new one. NARAL is probably putting together a new ad now to come out, you know, 1st of September, latter part of August. Let’s go to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today, a caller from Silver Springs, Maryland, talking about the nomination of Judge Roberts.
CALLER: Good morning. I wanted to talk about the ad that the pro-abortion group put out. The reason why it got pulled was, in my opinion, is, Rush Limbaugh, the parody of that ad, and in this parody he accused John Roberts of driving the bomber to the abortion clinic and then using the cell phone setting off the bomb. It sounds like an honest-to-goodness ad. I’ve had two or three people come up to me and ask me if it was really true that John Roberts drove the bomber to the abortion clinic. I said, “No, you’re hearing Rush Limbaugh at his best when he’s being funny. And there is truth to comedy.”
RUSH: It’s comforting to know that there are those who get it.

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