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RUSH: From our good friends at the Associated Press. “Like many towns across America, the exclusive lakefront community where Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. grew up during the racially turbulent 1960s and ’70s once banned the sale of homes to nonwhites and Jews.” (whispering) Jews. “Just three miles from the nearly all-white community of Long Beach, two days of looting and vandalism erupted when Roberts was 15, barely intruding on the Mayberry-like community that was largely insulated from the racial strife of that era.” (whispering) And Jews. Oh, I get it, there was another attempt to say that Roberts — there was a story earlier this week that Roberts doesn’t have what it takes to be a Supreme Court justice because his life was too easy, he hasn’t had it hard enough, and now he lived in an all-white neighborhood. No blacks, no Jews.

Well, let’s see. Teddy Kennedy grew up in an all white neighborhood, didn’t he? Hillary Clinton grew up in an all white neighborhood. John Kerry grew up in an all white neighborhood. How many other prominent Democrats grew up in far better circumstances than Long Beach, California, in all-white neighborhoods? By the way, Clarence Thomas grew up in an all-black neighborhood and I don’t remember him getting any credit for that from the same people who said that John Roberts grew up in a neighborhood with no blacks and Jews. (whispering) Jews. Once again, they can’t deal with the substance of John Roberts, folks, so they have to employ the same type of smear that they use and try against every conservative. Well, we don’t hear about all of the lily-white neighbors of Ted Kennedy, or John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton, or Patrick Leahy. How about Howard Dean? He was the governor of the whitest state in the country. He had black servants when he grew up so he was able to relate.

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