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“I think it’s a sad situation all the way around what’s happened to Cindy Sheehan, and the influences that have been exerted on her and the way she is being used.”
“Send a memo to the cleaning crew. Now the console here is like a table at the IHOP. You have to put a matchbook under one of the legs to keep it from flip-flopping on you when you put your elbows on it.”
“If I responded to these little ankle biters, these yipping little Chihuahuas out there, it would be all I would do — and all I would do would be elevate them in importance.”
“When the Republicans tried to defend the life of Terri Schiavo, the media didn’t join them and the media didn’t promote them and the media didn’t give them moral authority. The media was with the Democrats and the rest of you liberals opposing any opportunity to find out if Terri Schiavo had a life that was worth living. You couldn’t care less.”
“The BTK killer looks to have aged about 20 years since I first saw him. He appears to have lost about 80 pounds, and he is expressing remorse today. Many Americans will feel better about all this since he’s expressed remorse.”
“If you want to talk about the difference here, look at the people and the causes that the left champions. They’re basically just championing an anti-Bush cause in the case of Cindy Sheehan.”
“Hey, Richard Dreyfuss, what do you think’s going on out there, the draft? You think people are sneaking into your backyard under cover of darkness and knocking on your door when nobody is home and going in and stealing your son? What a blithering idiot.”
“There was a story earlier this week that Roberts doesn’t have what it takes to be a Supreme Court justice because his life was too easy, he hasn’t had it hard enough, and now he lived in an all-white neighborhood.”
“Teddy Kennedy grew up in an all white neighborhood. Hillary Clinton grew up in an all white neighborhood. John Kerry grew up in an all white neighborhood. How many other prominent Democrats grew up in far better circumstances than Long Beach, California, in all-white neighborhoods?”
“The thing about Israel, you look in one direction and there is an enemy: Syria. You look in another direction and there’s another enemy: Iraq. You look in another direction, there’s another enemy: Jordan. It’s like being in New York and being able to see New Jersey and knowing that they’ve got all kinds of weapons and guns aimed at your house and they hate the fact that you’re alive. It’s a whole new experience.”

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