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RUSH: This guy from Livermore really had a good point, and I had to go through this pretty quickly, because we’re running out of time in the previous hour. His point was this — and this is all about the arrogance and the superiorist attitude of the people on the left, including many people in the media. His point was: “You know, 90% of the Washington press corps admits to being liberal but they then say that has no effect on how they do their jobs. ‘Why, we are objective journalists. It has no impact on the way we do our jobs.’ Of course we know that’s bogus, but that’s what they say. Yet here comes Judge Roberts, who is a conservative. We know more about John Roberts than we know about every journalist in this country combined.

We know more about John Roberts and his personal life; we know more about his professional life than we will ever know about any journalist — and yet the same journalists, who claim to be objective, then stand up and question Roberts’ ability to be lawful and abide by the law.” Now, I’m going to tell you something else to be on the lookout for. Mr. Snerdley is right to have pointed this out. I myself have noticed this. You may have, too. Have you noticed all of the recent reporting on Roberts has references to Justice Scalia, that he is in the Scalia mold, that he is a blood brother to Scalia, that he and Scalia cut from the same cloth? You’ve heard these references. You say, “Why are they doing this? Scalia is already on the court.” There are two reasons why they’re doing this. Number one, if Roberts makes it through, they are setting down a marker:

“Okay, this guy, but nobody more conservative or more out of the mainstream than this guy. No more Scalias. We’re not going to put up any more Scalias. We’re not going to put up with common sense and intelligence on this court. We want liberalism on this court, and we’re not going to tolerate any Scalias,” and another reason they’re doing it, reason they’re setting up this marker, setting it out, is to lay the groundwork for opposing Scalia should Bush name him to be chief justice down the road. Make no mistake about this, folks. These people, they may appear disorganized when they get out these anti-war movements, they may appear disorganized and other things, but on this, this is where they circle the wagons and do the best that they can — and that’s because this matters as much to them as the White House does.

I had all these groups. I mentioned to you all of these groups. Let me go through this groups much the there’s a massive PR Newswire dump today. All of these liberal groups have come out of the woodwork en masse on the same day announcing their opposition. The Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Center for Lesbian Rights — and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays — put out a united statement. Why do they have to unite? Because they don’t represent very many people!

They unite because they don’t represent very many people. The other group that came out today was the New Democrat Majority. “New Democrat Majority joins growing list of progressives opposing Roberts’ nomination.” It’s liberals. It’s not “progressives,” and then you’ve got People for the American Way and all this. The big dirty little secret is who do these groups represent as a practical matter? Nobody! They have no authority to speak for you and me. These groups individually or combined couldn’t come close to the membership, say, of the National Rifle Association.

They couldn’t touch it, or Concerned Women for America, or any of these other groups on the right. What gives them the illusion of representing mainstream America is the amplification they get from their cohorts and willing accomplices in the mainstream press, but who do they really represent and why are they having to combine forces? Because individually they are insignificant. They represent minorities of people. Which is okay, but they’re made to look like they are the mainstream! They are made to look like they are the mainstream and John Roberts and Antonin Scalia and Ronald Reagan and George Bush are the oddballs, when in fact it is just the opposite.

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