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RUSH: Now, John Roberts. The Washington Post, another classic example — in the old days, it would have been up to who knows who to refute this, and that’s what amazes me, by the way. I must tell you: The so-called mainstream media still doesn’t get it. They’re still beating their heads against the wall. They still think they can get away with this kind of outrageous reporting and analysis.

This story happens to be by Jo Becker, a female, and the headline: “In Article, Roberts’ Pen Appeared to Dip South — When John G. Roberts Jr. prepared to ghostwrite an article for President Ronald Reagan a little over two decades ago, his pen took a Civil War reenactment detour. A fastidious editor of other people’s copy as well as his own, Roberts began with the words ‘Until about the time of the Civil War.’ Then, the Indiana native scratched out the words ‘Civil War’ and replaced them with ‘War Between the States.’

“The handwritten document is one of tens of thousands of pages of Roberts files released over the past several weeks from his 1982-1986 tenure as an associate counsel to the president While it is true that the Civil War is also known as the War Between the States, the Encyclopedia Americana notes that the term is used mainly by southerners. Sam McSeveney, a history professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University who specialized in the Civil War, said that Roberts’s choice of words was significant. ‘Many people who are sympathetic to the Confederate position are more comfortable with the idea of a ‘War Between the States,’ McSeveney explained. ‘People opposed to the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s would undoubtedly be more comfortable with the words [Roberts] chose.'”

This is just hilarious. I mean (Laughing). So now the guy’s a racist; the guy is a slavery guy, he supports slavery. He went in there and, “Oops, I can’t say Civil War because I am a confederate. Yes, Jefferson Davis! Yes, Robert E. Lee! Yes to Tara! Bring back Big Sam! I want to own Big Sam and bring back Haddie McDaniel!” Yes, my friends, John Roberts right out of Gone with the Wind, loves slavery, loves the Old South, the War Between the States. He would probably oppose Abraham Lincoln to this day. That’s what this story tries to say. They don’t say it in so many words, but how can you avoid that conclusion that this is their attempt? They actually think this is going to work!

Bring it on! We want more of this.

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