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RUSH: In New Orleans and Louisiana, we’ve had liberal domination, liberal rule for 60 years, generation after generation. We’ve had “the first black president” in the nation’s history for eight years in the 90s. We had the smartest and brightest first lady in the history of the country at the same time we had the first black president. We had Democrat governors and Democrat mayors. We’ve had two Democrat senators. It’s been all Democrat, all liberal, all the time down there — and yet (sigh) it’s not what we’ve been told that liberalism provides. There was certainly no utopia. There was no utopia. Liberalism tells us there will be fairness and equality and no racism and no bigotry, no hatred, no homophobia, no nothing. Everybody will be happy, and you need no affirmative action. I mean, you need no racial set-asides because the population of New Orleans was 75, 80% African-American, and yet what do we see?
Now, if we are going to seriously examine failures, do we need to examine the failure of Democrat Party liberalism? Unchecked. Unchecked, no opposition; they could do whatever they wanted to do — and look what it led to. Look what it was before the hurricane. Look at the amount of abject poverty. We need a commission, an independent commission to examine and investigate the failures of liberalism, measured against liberalism’s promises, particularly in the city of New Orleans and throughout much of the state of Louisiana.

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