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RUSH: Folks, it’s like I told you when Cindy Sheehan came up and she was 24/7. This is more than just the hurricane. I mean, the ongoing arguments that we are having in this country are all embodied in the aftermath of this hurricane and this story, and so that’s why we’re spending time on it. There are lessons galore here to be learned. You know, we’re not interviewing people that are on television telling you how their progress is. We’re not doing that here. You know, life lessons every day here on the EIB Network. Now, the big news, and it’s fascinating to watch this. I ran it by Mr. Snerdley today when Snerdley brought me his Stack of Stuff he thought was interesting. I said, ‘Have you heard about X?’ When I told him, his jaw dropped. ‘No!’ I said, ‘It proves my point.’ What has this argument always been about? What has this argument been in terms of the hurricane? What are the media and the left trying to make it about? ‘Bush didn’t care! Bush a racist! Bush blew up the levees! The war in Iraq…’ This is a new one: ‘The war in Iraq is going so bad that he and Halliburton haven’t got their hands on the oil down there yet and so they had to destroy New Orleans and upset the whole oil pipeline in this country so as to get the price up for the oil buddies to fulfill a promise that was made before going into Iraq.’ The tin hat crowd out there on the left is getting hilarious. Oh, no, they didn’t plan the hurricane but they saw it coming! They prepared to take advantage of it, sent that barge in there to blow up the levees, absolutely. (Laughing.) All right, now, some of them think he created the hurricane with global warming and some of them think he steered the damn thing. They do. (Laughing.)

In fact, some wacko on the Democrat Underground went down somewhere to Houston — by the way, do you think this doesn’t upset the left? Texas — and who’s from Texas? Bush and Rove. [whispers] Rove! Texas is just shining here. Texas is doing everything right down there. They had to have a lockdown on the Astrodome today. Did you hear about this? They had to lock down the Astrodome because some of the people in there were not from the hurricane. They just wanted to get in on the goodies being passed out inside, which includes cash. So some of these people for the first time in a week had cash in their pockets and others started preying on them, so they had to lock down the Astrodome today. Anyway, this Democrat Underground person is driving around somewhere, New Orleans or Texas somewhere, trying to help the evacuees and comes across an old lady, black, African-American, old lady and her family, and is prepared to offer help but sees a Bush bumper sticker on the car and says, ‘Screw you,’ and drove off, and then wrote about it, ‘Gee, I felt so guilty for a while but then I said, ‘No, let her hero help her.” All prepared to hand out aid ’til they saw the Bush bumper sticker! (interruption) No, it’s on the Democrat Underground, Dawn. I kid you not. It’s there. But anyway, the story is about how Bush doesn’t care and Bush botched it and FEMA botched it and Mike Brown ought to be fired, everybody ought to be fired. Bill Richardson, by the way, the governor of New Mexico, has come out and said, (paraphrasing) ‘You can’t blame Bush. This is purely an easily spottable problem. This is nothing more than bureaucratic red tape.’

It’s what I said the first day I started talk about this: bureaucracy piled upon bureaucracy. No wonder we’re having these problems here, or had them, but who created the bureaucracy? I’m going to continue here to expand upon a point made brilliant yesterday, and that is, who created the bureaucracy? Congress creates the bureaucracy. The president can’t order anything. The president can’t say, ‘I want a homeland security.’ Well, he can say he wants it, but that doesn’t make it happen. Congress has to make it happen, all these bureaucracies and all these levels of bureaucracies that lead to red tape. Hello Congress, all of them. If anybody starts demanding apologies, we ought to demand apologies from Congress and not let them get away with this business that they get to sit around as bystanders and investigate everybody else because you know what these investigations are. These investigations are where they pass the buck and try to destroy innocent people while pretending they had nothing to do with the problem, when they’re the ones that actually sit around and create all these problems. It’s like this senator from Oregon, Gordon Smith. All of a sudden he started to beat up on the oil companies for price gouging. Hell’s bells, who do you think runs the oil companies now? The government runs the oil companies.

You can’t drill without the government saying so, can’t transport it without the government saying so, can’t refine it in certain ways without the government saying so. The government runs the oil companies for all intents and purposes. This is another one of those dirty little secrets that nobody stops to think about. It’s one of the most regulated businesses around. How would you like to have a business where the government tells you, ‘You can do business here, but you can’t do it there,’ and the places you can’t do it greatly outnumber the places you can. Then all of a sudden when that supply line is upset, bammo! and the prices go up, you get accused of gouging when the government is running your business in the first place. This is just a small example of the many life lessons that you learn daily here on the EIB Network, but the big news from yesterday, the big news, it happened on Special Report with Brit Hume, and I’ve been watching the news all day to see if it made it outside of Fox News, if it made it beyond the boundaries of Fox News, did anybody else find this? Did anybody else find this information? Has it been on any other cable networks, been any other newspapers? Nope. Two sound bites for you that will just spell it all out for you, talking with Brit Hume. It’s about 6:20 last night Eastern Time, and a Q&A going about why was there no food and why was there no water delivered for all those days to the Superdome? I mean, we saw people for three or four days standing outside clamoring, where was the water? Here’s the first thing Major Garrett said.

MAJOR GARRETT: The Red Cross was ready, just got off the phone with one of their officials. They had a vanguard, Brit, of trucks with water, food, hygiene equipment, all sorts of things ready to go, where? To the Superdome and the convention center. Why weren’t they there? The Louisiana Department of Homeland Security told them they could not go.

RUSH: A-ha. There has to be an answer to this and there it is. There was plenty of water, there was plenty of food and it was on the pallets and it was ready to be delivered, and the Red Cross was told no, you can’t go there by the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. So Brit Hume’s next question, ‘Now, this isn’t the Louisiana branch of the federal homeland security, this is the state?’

MAJOR GARRETT: The state’s own agency devoted to the state’s homeland security. They told them, you cannot go there. Why? The Red Cross tells me, that state agency in Louisiana said, look, we do not want to create a magnet for more people to come to the Superdome or the convention center. We want to get them out. So at the same time local officials were screaming, where’s the food, where’s the water, the Red Cross was standing by ready, the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security said you can’t go.

RUSH: And it was later said by Major Garrett that the actual order that prevented the Red Cross from getting in there came from the Louisiana governor’s office. The governor’s office runs the state Department of Homeland Security, and they didn’t want any more people showing up at the Superdome that were already there. So if the word spread that there’s plenty of water and food, they knew it would be a magnet, so they chose instead to starve and dehydrate a bunch of people. I’m sure they didn’t think it would go as many days as it did, but they chose that, they kept the food out. Now, all this time everybody thought it was incompetence on the part of the Bush administration for not acting fast enough, and then, everybody thought that it was neighbor purposeful, Bush wanted to kill those people, don’t you know. But now we find out, once again, like I said on Tuesday of this week, if you want to find the answers to all your questions, you go to the mayor’s office in New Orleans and the governor’s office in Louisiana, because that’s where you will find the answers to all these questions. (interruption) What? They did what? That’s the point. I’ve looked for this everywhere in the media now.

I did a study today, while doing show prep I looked to see if I found this anywhere else. It’s on some blogs but it has not made its way to the mainstream media, it just hasn’t made it there, and it won’t make CNN because CNN says Fox isn’t news, Fox is just, you know, the Bush administration’s propaganda arm. MSNBC won’t do it because they hate Bush and they hate Fox, they all hate Fox and whatever Fox does isn’t news to them. You people have to understand this, you people who watch Fox. From the New York Times, I don’t care who they are, Fox is not news. Fox is propaganda for the Bush administration, that’s how they look at them, and so they’re not using anything that Major Garrett found out. But here’s the point. Major Garrett made a phone call. He was a, what? He was a reporter. He called the Red Cross. He said, ‘I’ve been wondering why there was no food there.’ ‘Oh, there was, Mr. Garrett.’ And, by the way, this is all on the Red Cross website as well. It’s on the Red Cross website, ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, we had all these reporters-turned-activists down there waiting around in the muck and the water of New Orleans crying wolf and demanding to know, ‘Where is the help? Where is the water? Where is the food?’ Well, somebody finally made a phone call and found out.


RUSH: You know, if things were just, you’d have Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman investigating themselves, and then being forced to resign, because they run the committee in the Senate that overseas homeland security, bammo! FEMA into homeland security. Hillary votes for it, all this red tape gets created, now get who gets to head the hearings to find out what went wrong? The people that created the problem get to have the hearings! They pass the buck, they target innocent people, ruin them, blame them, all the while accepting accolades for doing such a masterful job of getting to the bottom of things. This is going to be a recurring theme on this program because I, as you know if you’ve been listening regularly, not outraged, I’m just more than amused. But the way Congress in circumstances like this gets to act like bystanders, gets to act like they had no role in it, they get to stand up and raise questions and ask questions, ‘How did that happen? Why didn’t that happen? Who did that? Where’s the food? Where’s the water?’ Hey, go look in the mirror! And yet these are the people down there investigating. They are the ones calling for committees and hearings, and when it comes to real hard decisions, they won’t even make them. Time to closes bases? A blue ribbon commission made up of former congresspeople. You know, other tough decisions, because they won’t want to have their constituents be able to blame them personally. I mean, they’re the slickest pass-the-buck artists. Stop and think of it, folks. I mean, I wish I could come up with a good analogy for you. These are the people that write the laws. These are the people that authorize the spending of money. These are the people that therefore create the red tape. Now they’re out there complaining about the red tape that they created. It’s funny, when you just stop and think about it. Frustrating when you see what they get away with. So we’ll try to hold their feet to the fire on this.

Nancy Pelosi is becoming an embarrassment. I think the Democrats have descended now into a comedy routine. I predicted this yesterday. When that USA Today poll came out, only 13% of the country blames Bush, I knew that they’d have a conniption, and I knew what they would do. They do what they always do. ‘Okay, the Wellstone memorial didn’t work, well, let’s double our efforts. We didn’t get our message out.’ Yes, you did. ‘Let’s really get our message out.’ So they come up with all these wackos that they rally around, and now Pelosi is out there just making an absolute fool of herself, she’s an embarrassment to her party, but they don’t know this. Harry Reid had a press conference. Folks, I just love this. Harry Reid went out because Bush is giving away the store. One of the things you have to understand, Bush is beleaguered, the way Bush gets out of it is to give money away. This is classic politics 101. It doesn’t matter who the president is. You are beleaguered? You are embattled? You get yourself out of the jam by throwing money at the problem, already up to $60 billion. We’re already up to $200,000 per evacuee if you want to amortize the funds that way. Two hundred grand per evacuee, with no end in sight. This is, ‘Okay,’ Bush is saying. ‘You going to tell me I don’t care? You watch how I care! Where’s the checkbook?’ and of course Congress, they can’t say, ‘What do you mean? We’ve got to hold tight to the budget!’ Oh, yeah, you want them to die. Oops, they can’t do that. ‘So here’s the checkbook, Mr. President. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.’ So Dingy Harry sees all this. ‘Oh, gotta get in on this action! I gotta look like I care! We’re the compassionate party.’

So Dingy Harry goes out there, and I watched this and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. You know what Dingy Harry says they need? They need health care and education. The evacuees need health care and education. I said, ‘Wait a second, I’ve been hearing that for 35 years, that’s part of their playbook.’ Health care and education? What does he think they’re getting? The Texas governor is already making plans to send the kids in the Astrodome to school, which may be the first time for some of them. They’re getting health care, they’re getting medicine, they’re getting (interruption) well, their education apparently wasn’t a big priority in Louisiana, Mr. Snerdley. Of course, all this is happening in evil Texas. Who’s from Texas? Bush and Rove. (whispering) Rove. So this is doubly insulting. Texas is doing things big, doing them right. So Dingy Harry has got to get in on this. Health care. Oh, oh, and he wants to streamline Medicare enrollment and funding. Now, I’m thinking, this is pathetic. Here you’ve got this great opportunity to call for Marxist socialism, here. I mean, we’re already on the path here to doing things the way the Soviet Union would do it, from the White House to Congress to Republicans and Democrats. I mean, we may as well, Dingy Harry go all the way, but health care and education in a disaster (Laughing.) Ho-ho. Oh, and get this. I don’t know how this passed the editors of the Washington Post today. I’ll give you the full details when we get back from the break. Did you hear that Bush has spent more on levees in his five years than eight years of Clinton? Has somebody told Hillary this? Has somebody told Mary Landrieu this?

In fact, you know what I’d like to see, Landrieu is out there ripping Bush. I want Mary Landrieu to produce the legislation that she proposed to build up those levees when Tom Daschle was a Senate majority leader, because I will bet you that if she had proposed it, Daschle would have taken it up and Bush would have signed it because Bush wasn’t doing anything but trying to curry favor with these guys. Mary Landrieu can sit out there and she can act like Bush is to blame for all this, and I’m sure that the Democrats got a meeting and said, ‘Mary, you’re the one with credibility here, it’s your state that’s in tatters. Your father was once mayor of New Orleans, so get out there and rip Bush.’ Okay, great, well let’s see the legislation she proposed to fix the levees. There may be, I don’t know, but I’d like to see it and if it didn’t go anywhere, why not? Why didn’t the Democrats listen to her? Folks, this stuff is just amazing. It’s amazing to watch this, and the answer to all this, as I said this past Tuesday, is simple. State, local. State, local. Major Garrett. There was food all over the place. Water all over the place. The Red Cross, ready to roll. Big wheels heading on down the tracks right to the Superdome and the convention center, but nope. Louisiana state governor’s office, ‘Uh, uh, uh, no water, no food to the Superdome, we don’t want to cause a magnet down there.’ They know what freebies do. If they’d had said, ‘All the food and water you need at the Superdome,’ nobody would have left town. Would have been the first time they’d eaten in days. So rather than that they kept the food and water out of there — and, meanwhile, Bush blew up the levees, sent a barge in there, flooded the whole town to kill black people and then screw up the oil business in this country to rise profits because the oil in Iraq just isn’t working out the way he and Halliburton had planned.


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