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RUSH: I don’t believe what I just saw. Where was Bush? He was somewhere. He’s going to Texas. President Bush is going to Texas to investigate preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Rita, and so the press is asking questions. It’s I guess a little press event because he made a statement, and there’s some stuck-on-stupid reporters, and these reporters stuck on stupid. (sniveling liberal reporter impression)

“Mr. President! Mr. President! Don’t you think you are and your entourage will get in the way if you go to Texas now?”

You’re stuck on stupid, you dingbats! You’re the same people that got on his case for not showing up in advance down in New Orleans! Now he’s going in advance and you accuse him of getting in the way. Bush looked at them and laughed. “I guarantee you I’m not going to be in the way,” and I’ll tell you why he’s not going to be in the way because he’s going to be at the Northern Command monitoring events because the military is running a lot of this show that’s being coordinated from the Northern Command inside that mountain in Colorado. But he’s going to go to Texas to check it out, make sure the preparations are there, because everybody complained he “didn’t care enough to go” before Hurricane Katrina. Now these same nincompoop, narcissistic, self-absorbed, immature little kids called the press corps say, “Mr. President! Mr. President! Don’t you think you’ll get in the way, you and your entourage?” I tell you, I am thisclose to obscenities. It’s a good thing this hour is over. You people are stuck on stupid, and everybody knows it.


RUSH: We have that sound bite, I was laughing about, a half-hour ago. I was watching television, Bush doing a little presser, and I didn’t know who the reporter was because I’m reading the closed-captioning. The reporter is giving Bush grief for going into Texas now before the hurricane. “Aren’t you going to get away, you and your entourage?” I’m saying, “This is stuck on stupid.” These are the same people that got on his case for not going to New Orleans before the hurricane hit there. Here is how it sounded. It’s David Gregory of NBC.

GREGORY: What can you do going down to the hurricane zone? Might you get in the way, Mr. President?

BUSH: One thing I won’t do is get in the way.

GREGORY: I mean, how — What could you actually do? Isn’t there a risk of you and your entourage getting in the way?

BUSH: No. There will be no risk of me getting in the way, I promise you. We’re going to get in the way of operations. What I am going to do is observe the relationship between the state and local government, particularly out in Colorado Springs. That’s what I want to see. See, NorthCom is the main entity that interfaces that, uses federal assets, federal troops to interface with federal and state government. I want to watch that relationship. It’s an important relationship and I need to understand how it works better.

GREGORY: This critics might say this overcompensation for the response to FEMA.

BUSH: We will make sure that my entourage is not getting in the way of people doing their job, which will be search-and-rescue immediately — and rest assured, I understand that we must not and will not interfere with the important work that will be going forward.

RUSH: You have to really see this, because the president is almost laughing through this answer. He just can’t believe that he’s just having a lot of fun with these guys, it’s hard to hear that, but Gregory just comes off as just a child, just a spoiled, rotten little child. He’s going to keep asking this question ’til he trips Bush up. Actually he’s not even asking the question to get an answer. He’s asking the question to establish the point. He?s editorializing with the question. “Don’t you think you’ll get in the way? Don’t you think you’ll get any way? Don’t you think you’ll get in the way? What are you going down there for?” What was it, three weeks ago. “Where were you! Why were you strumming the guitar out in San Diego? Where were you? Why were you on vacation? Where were you! How come you were in Washington? Why didn’t you go to the hurricane!” Folks, I’m telling you, everybody sees through this now. Don’t sweat this stuff. I know it gets your blood boiling; it got my blood boiling. You’ve got to grab hold of yourself, got to embrace yourselves, love yourself and say, “This is good.” This is good, because it’s so obviously over the top.



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