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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, will you pardon me for a moment while I address the liberals in the audience. I mean, you can listen. I want you to listen, but I don’t want you to be offended here that I am specifically addressing the liberals, because I know you liberals are out there, and I know you’ve been listening to this first hour of the program today, and I know you listen to it every day. And if I know you liberals like I do –and I do — I know you like every square inch of my glorious naked body, not just the back of my hand. I know you’re out there rubbing your hands in glee. You think the conservative movement is falling apart. You think it’s fractured. You think that all the factions are warring with each other and that a party and a movement divided like this cannot go anywhere. Well, I have a message for you liberal friends of ours out there. I know you think this is lots of fun. You think the conservative movement is split. You think there’s an implosion going on, but let me warn you people about something. This is the kind of thing that you liberals should fear the most. You liberals, if you had any sense of history, if you’re able to place what’s happening today regarding the conservative reaction to the Harriet Miers nomination, if you have any context, historical context; you should be cowering in fear in the corners. The last time conservatives flexed their muscles like this was 1980. The last time conservatives said enough is enough. The last time conservatives rallied together and started demanding that conservatism triumph when Republicans are elected, Ronald Reagan won two landslides (1980 | 1984).
That’s what happens when the Republican Party embraces conservatism, and that’s what happens when the conservative base is motivated to act. Once this matter of the Miers nomination has been resolved one way or the other, the conservative movement and the GOP are going to be stronger and they’re going to be better focused because that’s what the purpose of debate is, that’s what the purpose of arguments is, and that will be the outcome here. The conservative movement and the GOP will be stronger, they will be better focused, they will be more energized than we have been in years. There will be a battle in the Republican primary for president between moderates like John McCain and conservatives, and after that battle is over the target will be the Democratic Party and liberalism. You will be exposed and you will be trounced just as you were in 1980. You have been warned. If you’re sitting out there rubbing your hands in glee, feel free to continue, but you have nothing to offer. You don’t have an agenda you can be honest and get behind about. You don’t have anything positive, uplifting, or inspiring to say to the people of this country, even about this country. We conservatives know what we stand for, and we know our principles, and they are shared by most of America.
We are proud to publicly embrace our principles, and we are proud to campaign on them. You liberals on the other hand, you’re always acting undercover, fearful that if your true views and motives are exposed that you can’t win, and you can’t. You can’t win if you expose yourselves and you can’t win if you mask yourselves and camouflage yourselves and hide. So go ahead and get cocky, that’s the best thing I could ever say that would happen to us is for you to get cocky and to think you’ve won it and that it’s all over. Go ahead and get cocky and get giddy and start celebrating now. But what you’re watching and what you’re witnessing is not a “crumbling,” not a “fracture.” It is not a “split.” What you’re watching is a very healthy and growing conservative movement and a very healthy party preparing to battle you. You are making the mistake of assuming that George W. Bush is going to be on the ballot again. You are running against ghosts. You are speaking out against ghosts. You don’t speak up for yourselves very well, either, at the same time. So you go ahead and get all giddy and you go ahead and get all excited. You just remember 1980. The last time something like this happened, and 1980 was precipitated by 1976, not Jimmy Carter, by the way; 1980 was precipitated by the Republican convention, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.
It was the country club blue-blood Republicans versus the conservatives, and got close in ’76, 1980 went over the top. And when you get a full-blown conservative candidate, in a full-blown conservative campaign, look out, left, and if you don’t understand this, you never will, and I don’t expect you to, because you don’t have the ability to do two things. You don’t have the ability to be honest about your opponents and who they are and what they are and where they are and you don’t have the ability to be honest about yourselves, either, in either context. So I’m just warning you, make note of the date, October the 11th, 2005, liberals having great fun, all giddy, rubbing their hands together in glee thinking the ’06 and ’08 elections are over, standing on the sidelines, watching the conservative movement eat itself alive. You’re watching just the opposite. You’re watching growth; you’re watching the establishment of firm conservative principles for the American people to see and to understand. You literally ought to be scared and cowering with fear in the corners, but you haven’t the sense to do that, but I’m just warning you because you know why? Because you are people, and I like people. I like Americans. I’m trying to be nice. I’m trying to be inclusive. I’m trying to help. It’s up to you to accept it or not.

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