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RUSH: Now, let’s go play connect the dots, shall we? Jordan. The country Jordan. We have three suicide bombers at three different hotels. We have 57 people dead so far, over 300 wounded so far. We know that terrorists claiming to be al-Qaeda have claimed credit. We know that terrorists have a culture of death. We know that terrorists are bent on the end of Western-type civilization. Now, that’s easy. I can connect those dots, and I can conclude something. What would you conclude, Mr. Snerdley, after connecting those dots? Let me run through them very quickly. Jordan: three suicide bombers, 67 dead so far, over 300 wounded so far; terrorists admitted claiming credit, culture of death, end of civilization — and we also know, by the way, that the Australians foiled an attack. Seventeen people were arrested in Australia by that government and they’ve just found enough ammo for 15 of the type of bombs that went off in the London subway. So you’ve got Australia. You’ve got Great Britain. You’ve had Madrid; you’ve now got Amman, Jordan. You connect all these dots and what do you conclude? What do you conclude?
No, no, no. This is not automatic. I mean, it may seem easy to you and me to connect the dots here and come up with a sensible conclusion. The sensible conclusion, to me, is that there is a serious worldwide war on terror going on and it’s almost a “we better win it or else” type situation. Yeah, I connect these dots and I conclude that the war on terror is a genuine war. It is a real live war, with real live weapons, and real live ammo, and real live people being killed. Now, others see these dots and when they connect them, they get a campaign issue. Those people are liberal Democrats. They see all this and they practically salivate over the possibilities presented to them as a political issue. Well, I connect these dots and I conclude that the war on terrorism is not a campaign issue for the left or a circulation grabber for the media. It’s really a war, and we better win it. On that basis, let’s go to the audiotape, the floor of the Senate. Well, first off, we’re going to get to the floor of the Senate later. This is Jay Rockefeller on the Situation Room last night. Wolf Blitzer says, “What are you hearing about this attack, senator?”
ROCKEFELLER: I mean, this is 70% Palestinian nation, a nation of friends, a king who is our — by far our best friend, and now it’s moved into three American hotels in Jordan, and then I think back to the days of “shock and awe,” when it was almost like, “Well, we’re really going to show them, aren’t we?” And then, here we are two years later, and I sort of increasingly ask myself, “Okay, so what progress have we made? What do we have to show for this?” Osama is still loose; Zarqawi is still loose. Zarqawi was up in northeast Iraq, he got out of there. We can’t run him down. He’s not up at 15,000 feet in the Afghan mountains, or Pakistani areas like Osama.
RUSH: Okay. So here’s Jay Rockefeller. To me, this is a little sick. Rockefeller is basically saying the enemy is winning, that we’ve made no progress since 9/11, we can’t get bin Laden, we can’t get Zarqawi. Blitzer then says, “Well, why is it so hard to find these guys? Osama bin Laden, Iman al Zawahiri, his number two, Zarqawi? What’s the problem, senator?”
ROCKEFELLER: The problem is that we don’t seem to be able to put together either the technology or the manpower or the combination thereof in order to get the job done, and just as an American citizen, it is frustrating to me that we wait and we — this moves closer and closer to America and there are no answers as to how to get them, but we have something called a UN — US military, and our intelligence services are meant to be helping but it’s not working, is it? We’ve got to get on the schedule here. Why can’t we find Zarqawi? Why can’t they find Zarqawi? I’m very troubled by it — and very unhappy about that.

RUSH: You know, I’m sitting here in a state of stunned shock. Was that a misspeak, by the way? We have something called a “UN-US military”? Did he mean to include UN/US military intelligence or did he misspeak when he said UN? But aside from that, did you hear him say, “It’s frustrating to me that we wait and we wait and this moves closer and closer to America?” Moves closer and closer to America? This was 11/9. This attack occurred on the 9th of November. In that part of the world, they put the day first. That was 9/11 there. There was a 9/11 here, senator. I know what all of you were thinking, and I’m trying to keep my composure here. I don’t want to raise my voice, but here is a man who leads the Senate Intelligence Committee for the Democrats. He’s the ranking Democrat of the Senate Intelligence Committee and what is he engaged in at the moment? He is engaged in suggesting that President Bush lied about war intelligence, lied about Iraq, lied about this. I tell you, there was a great piece I read yesterday by Norman Podhoretz. It’s coming out in his magazine called Commentary, the December issue, and it’s things that we’ve all talked about, but Podhoretz is a brilliant writer and he has assembled the evidence to show that George Bush couldn’t have lied, didn’t lie. Nobody lied. Maybe some mistakes were made, and yet the Democrats stay on it.
Podhoretz is — as we all are — terribly concerned that one of the greatest injustices carried out against the truth in this country by Americans for political purposes. In addition to Senator Rockefeller opposing the president and doing everything he can to stand in the president’s way, what else is Senator Rockefeller and his party doing? They’ve been trying everything they can to let captured terrorists go. They don’t like Club G’itmo. They don’t like Abu Ghraib. Now, they don’t like these black prison sites around the world. We have perhaps a leak from the United States Senate itself that has revealed the secret of these prisons, where we are capturing people that do these things like what happened in Jordan. We’re trying to get information from them and by God, folks, it’s the Democratic Party in this country and the American left that’s done everything it can to close these prisons down, to impugn the Americans who run these prisons, the American military as incompetent, the American military as the equivalent of Stalin’s thugs, Pol Pot and Nazi gulags, Soviet gulags. It is unconscionable to me that Senator Rockefeller, all of a sudden, now wants to put on his pro-war hat and start raising questions about the incompetence of his own country, when he has been a part of a party that has been the major roadblock to actually finding out who these people are that are blowing up innocent people all over the world and bringing them to justice.
RUSH: We have one more Rockefeller bite and two from our old pal Senator Kennedy. I tell you it’s repugnant to me to have to listen to these things. The Democratic Party, the American left, have used the war as a campaign issue from the beginning. That is all it has ever been to them. I sit here and I ask, “Is Rockefeller crazy?” Does he have any understanding at all of how war happens, how it’s fought, how it’s won? Does he have any knowledge, understanding, of the history of war? What would people like Rockefeller have said during World War II or the Korean War when we had serious setbacks consistently before we finally won? “What’s not working?” he says. “Intel is not working.” Well, who shut that down? Who’s doing their damnedest to shut down intel in this country? Who is trying to say that it’s corrupt? Who is trying to say that the leader of this country is corrupt and lying to the American people? Who is it that might be fueling the motivation of our enemies? I submit to you it’s the American left and the Democratic Party. What we have here, folks, in these sound bites, these two that you’ve heard and the one more coming and the two of Senator Kennedy, we have Rockefeller and Kennedy spinning for the enemy. They are spinning for the enemy.
They are taking the occasion of this attack in Jordan and seeking subtly to blame it on George W. Bush and his foreign policy, which is what the media was doing all over television last night. Why, if we hadn’t gone to Iraq, why, if we hadn’t gone to Afghanistan, if we hadn’t done the war on terror, none of this would have been happening! We’ve been cited in all this. Remember, they are the people who are out there claiming and have been forever, that George W. Bush is responsible for terrorism itself. That George W. Bush is creating all of these terrorists. Well, you and I know what’s happening. You look at France, you look at Great Britain. We know that immigrants, Muslim immigrants, emigrated to these countries long ago, second and third generation offspring of these immigrants are now being poisoned and polluted by the minds of Imans and sheiks inside the mosques of these countries. We know what their plan is and they’ve had their plan of world domination long before 9/11 happened; 9/11 was just at that time the latest attack. But of course for the American left, history begins the day George Bush was inaugurated. Nothing prior to that is relevant. Only things that have happened since are relevant, and they look at everything through the prism of a campaign issue.

These are the people, Jay Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy, who now rip our military, rip our president, rip their own country. These are the same people who want terrorist prisoners at Club G’itmo, at Abu Ghraib, and now these black sites that were revealed in a leaked story last week. They want these prisoners released! They want these prisoners at least to be given access to the US court system. They want them to have US constitutional rights. It is the American left and their buddies at the ACLU who are doing everything they can to wrest control of the powers of commander-in-chief from George W. Bush and turn those powers over to the US federal court system. We have criminals in our own country we can’t find for years. We can’t stop murder in our own country. It doesn’t mean that we don’t make progress. It doesn’t mean that we’re not making progress. But to listen to Rockefeller and to Senator Kennedy coming up, why, you would think we’ve not done one thing. We haven’t done one thing. We haven’t made one achievement. We haven’t accomplished anything. We’ve stood still. Well, what is it they have wanted?
It is my contention that they are claiming we haven’t done anything because that’s what they want the perception to be, because they look at the attack in Amman yesterday; they connect the dots, and they salivate over the opportunities presented to them by what they think is a campaign issue. If you ask me, it’s time to turn over the members of the Senate. They’re not only out of touch. They’re undermining our security. These people are direct threats to US security, whether they know it or not, with their ongoing political campaign that is chock-full of lies about how Bush lied, about prewar intelligence, to get us into war, into Iraq for oil. It is absolutely unconscionable that this set of lies that the left in this country is telling has stuck, and it has taken root and it has taken hold. It is an embarrassment to me as an American. It is an embarrassment to me as an American that these people know full well what they’re doing. They are willing to undermine their own country’s effort to defeat these people, such as al-Qaeda, if it will mean returning themselves to power. Here is the next Rockefeller bite. The question from Wolf blitzed, “As the vice chairman of the intelligence committee, are you suggesting that the US intelligence community simply does not have the adequate human intelligence resources right now to get the job done?”
ROCKEFELLER: I’m saying at least that. We know that was true during — after the UN pulled out in 1998 and then we really didn’t have a chance to penetrate what Saddam had as a very, very full iron curtain towards human intelligence but —
RUSH: Stop this. Stop this. Stop this. Wait a minute. How can he dare go back and talk about what Saddam had in 1998 and then leave that studio and resume the rip that Bush lied about what was going on in Iraq? Would somebody on the Democratic left explain to me the inconsistencies and the spinning that your leaders are doing? What is this? Yeah, we don’t have human intelligence resources. We know that was true after the UN pulled out in 1998 and then we really didn’t have a chance to penetrate. Saddam had a very, very full iron — who gave us that policy? Who was all in favor of getting those UN inspectors out of there? I thought Bush made all this up. I thought there never were weapons of mass destruction. I thought there never were any attempts to get nuclear weapons. What’s he doing talking about 1998 here — and the UN pulling out? And because of that, we don’t have human intelligence? The UN is no intelligence outfit. But the reason we don’t have human intelligence could be traced back to a Democrat named Frank Church and his committee which sought to basically neuter the CIA by requiring all kinds of new prescriptions on them. Couldn’t hire riffraff, couldn’t hire certain scalawags because, “Oh, no that didn’t speak well for America. No, no, no!”
Well, how are you going to find people to become human intelligence agents and infiltrate these groups if you don’t go out and find the kind of human debris they’re going to accept as being one of them? These people are human debris. We want to accord them the same rights under the US constitution that all of us have. Who wants to do that? Jay Rockefeller. Ted Kennedy. The American left. They want to humiliate and impugn the people that run our prisons. They want to close the prisons down. They leak — somebody leaked — in the United States Senate last week the existence of these prisons in Eastern Europe, where we are holding al-Qaeda suspects, where we are attempting to get more information on who these people are and what they’re planning — and who is it that leaked it? We don’t know but it’s been alluded to that it’s a senator or a staffer, and now the Senate has gone very soft on investigating this. They’re pulling back. Yeah, bring the oil companies in. We will kick ass and investigate those. Bring baseball players in on steroids. Oh, yeah, we’ll stop the presses to investigate those people! But when we’re going to investigate ourselves, we might find something. No, we’ve got to put a stop on this. We’ve got to put a little delay on that. More on that coming up in due course, plus the senator Kennedy sound bites and the rest of this Rockefeller bite. I only got half of it here. I couldn’t bear what I had heard already — 1998! — and Wolf Blitzer doesn’t even have the information at hand to say, “Wait a minute, ’98? What about ’98? I thought all this happened after Bush became president.”

RUSH: Let’s go back. Let’s listen to this Rockefeller bite in toto now. Wolf Blitzer last night, the Situation Room at CNN, asks the following: “As the vice chairman of the intelligence committee, are you suggesting that the US intelligence community simply doesn’t have the adequate human intel resources right now to get this job done?”
ROCKEFELLER: I’m saying at least that. We know that was true during — after the UN pulled out in 1998 and then we really didn’t have a chance to penetrate what Saddam had as a very, very full iron curtain towards human intelligence. But that time has passed. I mean, he came out of his little hole some time ago and he’s been in prison. He’s on trial. And we now have presumably adequate resources there. But it’s not turning anything up, and I’m just — I’m just getting a little angrier each day about hearing about what Zarqawi has done and Osama and Zawahiri and all the rest of it and it’s very clear, you know, that they are very much in charge of what’s going on, that they do motivate others and we, for some reason, are not up evidently to doing our part of this.
RUSH: Folks, you know, these people get away with speaking each day as though they’ve never spoken before. Nobody but me seems to remember what they’ve said on prior days. These people now come and act like they’re part of the big support team to root out bin Laden and Zarqawi? These people have been doing everything they can to undermine the war effort in Iraq. They’ve been doing everything they can to undermine the war on terror because all they care about is undermining George W. Bush. Bush lied; Bush didn’t tell the truth. When you’re out there besmirching your commander-in-chief in wartime, what do you think you’re doing? When you’re telling the world that your commander-in-chief cannot tell the truth, that everything was done under the presumption of lies, then you are invalidating every US soldier’s actions. You are making every US soldier around the world a target. You’re making him complicit in lies, him and her complicit in lies. They’re carrying out the mission of a liar. They’re carrying out the mission of a reprobate. This has been the message of the Democratic Party for the last three years — and now, all of a sudden, Jordan gets hit and guess what? It’s Bush’s fault! Somehow, some way, they’re going to connect the dots and make it Bush’s fault. Because not only did Bush lie, now Bush isn’t doing the right thing about fighting the war — and he doesn’t get any help from the Democrats in this country or the American left because they’ve done everything they can to undermine this war effort psychologically and physically and strategically that they can come up with. It is they who don’t believe that we are facing a threat.
If you go back and remember the 2004 presidential campaign of John Kerry. Why, you would be hard pressed to find any reference to the fact that 9/11 existed. All that campaign was about was, you know, we need to go back to pre-9/11. That was just an aberration. Bush has got us all worked up in this war on terror and it’s no big deal. They’re not hitting us and we’re just creating more terrorists. Now, all of a sudden, Jordan gets hit and these guys in the midst of what they think is the eve of their campaign to retake their power in Washington, all of a sudden, now connect these dots and see a campaign issue, because according to Rockefeller and Kennedy, terrorist attacks are Bush’s fault, they’re not the enemy’s fault. It’s sort of like blaming the Johnson administration for organized crime back in the ’60s. The Kennedy administration too. I mean, we were told Kennedy had girlfriends that were girlfriends and wives of the mob.
So I guess the Kennedy administration was responsible for all the Mafia activity because they didn’t do anything to stop it, they couldn’t do anything to stop it and when they tried to stop it, the mob just got angrier and bigger. What kind of nonsense is this? It’s not the enemy’s fault. It’s not the fault of Islamic radicals. Do you know something? Duke University has just announced — did you see this, Mr. Snerdley? Duke University has just announced a new Muslim studies course so that students at Duke University will be more familiar with the great Muslim cultures around the world. We had these kinds of things happening after 9/11 happened. The State Department convened a little seminar: Why do they hate us so much? What did we do to cause this? So it’s never the fault of the perpetrators. It’s never the fault of the people who actually set the bombs off. In the liberal mind, they wouldn’t have done it because they’re nice people unless they were provoked, and who’s provoking them? George W. Bush, according to these people. How sick is this? What would Rockefeller and Kennedy do? Well, if you listen to them, they would cut the military, they would cut intelligence; they would cut and run. That has been their game plan. Get us out of Iraq.

We want to know the timetable. We shouldn’t be there. The war on terror is too big a drain. They want budget cuts of the military. They want intelligence cuts. It’s Democrats that built the wall back in the Clinton administration that prevented intelligence agencies from sharing information, my friends. We don’t forget these things on this program — and certainly when senators Rockefeller and Kennedy step forward and tri-to rewrite history and forget their own past, they’re not going to get away with it here. What does CIA intelligence have to do with a plot that was hatched and executed in Jordan against Jordanians? No, Rush it was against American hotels. American managed maybe, but it’s an attack in Jordan, folks — against Jordan — and here’s Jay Rockefeller himself in the first bite saying the country is 70% Palestinian. I’m sure he’s scratching his head, “Why are Arabs blowing up Arabs?” Hey, senator, do you understand who al-Qaeda is? It’s not racial. It’s ideological. Any Muslim who is not a radical Islamist is just as subject to being blown up as you are, senator. Any Arab who doesn’t sign on to radical Islam, according to the way these guys have set it up, is just as big a target as any westerner is. That’s the lesson to learn here, but no, he can’t understand it.
Why, attacking 70% Palestinians — because he thinks the whole Arab world is in solidarity with the Palestinians. The people primarily responsible for attacking intel in Jordan are the Jordanians. How the hell do you blame us for this? On the one hand, these Democrats are all upset that we are the world’s superpower. They get all upset because that’s an imbalance of power, and then, all of a sudden, Jordan blows up and they say, “Why didn’t our intel know about that?” Well, wait a minute. Are we going to be a superpower or not? Are we going to be a worldwide intelligence gathering agency or not? Make up your minds, liberals. You’re the ones that seem to be conflicted over our superpower status and you’re the ones that seem to be suggesting we need a competing superpower to keep the old US honest. You seem to be the ones doing everything you can to pare down our superpower status except when something like this happens and you feel it gives you an inroad to George W. Bush and so you can see it as a campaign issue. Here is Jay Rockefeller. He’s been living off his big oil trust fund his whole life, completely out of touch as evidenced by these three comments. Ted Kennedy’s sound bite is coming up next and who is he?
He’s been living off his old dad’s big booze trust fund for his entire life, and he’s a hypocrite. These guys are total hypocrites. Ted Kennedy, “No, we can’t get rid of the estate tax! We will not!” He’s spent his whole life sheltering his income and his family’s income from as much taxation as possible — and why? Well, because there are two different sets of rules in America for the liberals and the rest of us. The liberals, the elitists, no, they’re smart people. They can have their own set of rules. They’re smart enough to know that their actions are not going to be deleterious for the whole country, but you? No, you got to pay estate taxes. You got to pay all these different taxes, but not them because they’re too important. They can’t be bogged down by such minutia as taxes. So now, I guess if there are attacks on other countries, that demonstrates a failure of US intelligence and the US military. I didn’t know the US military was based in quantity in Jordan anyway, and how about the Australians? They just thwarted an attack there. Let’s move on to Senator Kennedy’s bite. This is on the floor of the US Senate today. He echoes the al-Qaeda statement: the war in Iraq is the cause of terror. The war in Iraq is the cause of terror. This on the day after a bombing by terrorists, Democrats condemn the United States and not the terrorists. Here’s Senator Kennedy.
KENNEDY: Mr. President, we were attacked by [sic] 9/11. We were attacked by Osama bin Laden. Where is Osama bin Laden today? Since 9/11, we haven’t captured him. The focus and the attention was in Afghanistan. And, nonetheless, this administration took us to war in Iraq. At that time, we had al-Qaeda effectively by the throat, and instead we lost that opportunity and now got ourselves bogged down in — in — in Iraq. That happens to be the fact. We are not — have not enhanced the war against terror by being in Iraq. I think we made Iraq a training ground for terrorists.
RUSH: And the Swimmer thus echoes the al-Qaeda statement. The al-Qaeda people are all saying this is all happening because of the war in Iraq because they know they can play the American media and the American Democrats like a Stradivarius. They can play them like a fiddle. We have not enhanced the war against terror by being in Iraq. We made Iraq a training ground for terrorists. It’s our fault. It’s Bush’s fault. We caused this attack. So anything al-Qaeda puts out as a statement, they know in advance it will already be what the US Democrats in the Senate are going to say, what the American media is going to say, and what the American left is going to say. They’re smart. They can figure them out just like you and I can. They know what the American left is doing in this country, and they know how they’re trying to discredit the whole war on terror by their attack, their never-ending attack on President Bush, and so they give the Democratic Party their talking points. Now, this next from Senator Kennedy. See what you think of this.
KENNEDY: The idea that the president brought the United States to war on the basis of the dangers that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon and that there’s a tie between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda is basically wrong. That isn’t the senator from Massachusetts saying it, that is the 9/11 commission saying that. I think that the war in Iraq was a grave mistake, that the American people were misled. There is the quagmire. Military solution to solve the problem in Vietnam (by JFK); military solution to try and solve the problem in Iraq. It isn’t going to work.
RUSH: Okay, and in there — if you go back to the first day of this week — there is Senator Kennedy articulating the Saddam Hussein defense. Senator Kennedy may as well be called as a witness by Saddam’s lawyers, and on the basis that none of this is legitimate and Saddam deserves his country back, because Saddam was not a problem and all Saddam did was lie about some things but we fell for it; Bush fell for it and Bush lied to everybody else. This is your Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. Saddam is no threat, had no ties to al-Qaeda. Give him his country back! The whole thing in Iraq is an absolute mistake, the 9/11 Commission says so. That’s your Democratic Party today in the midst of the war on terror. Looking at the latest attack as simply a political opportunity for them rather than what it is, a sign that this is a serious and global war on terror, and in all of this, they offer no solution. They tell us not what they would do to win this. They tell us not how they would go about coming up with a plan to win this, never once in the last three years have we heard such a plan from these people and how to emerge victorious from this, because I don’t think that they think it’s even something that needs to be won. They think they can make it go away. They think it’s not real. They think it only exists because Bush is hated as much as they hate him. (interruption) I know. Both of these guys — Kennedy and Rockefeller — have not only predicted the military is going to fail, they say the military is failing. They’re spinning for the enemy, Mr. Snerdley. That’s exactly what I’m saying. They’re spinning for the enemy. They continue. By saying the commander-in-chief is lying, they’re condemning the actions of every uniformed military personnel in the country, in the world. This is despicable. It’s repugnant what these people have become.

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