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RUSH: Now, I have this picture of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, TIME Magazine, “People Who Mattered, 2005.” These are the people I guess who are under consideration for people, Person of the Year or what have you, but this picture is incredible. Set this up. Ostensibly what do we have here? We have this guy, Joe Wilson, a great patriot, great ambassador, does nothing but great things for America. He’s over there trying to figure out — this is ostensibly now — over there trying to figure out whether or not we’ve got anything to be worried out in Iraq. We all know this is a setup job. He was sent over there to basically come back and lie about it and try to undercut the war in Iraq. He’s just part of the problem in the state department, the CIA and wherever. His wife is another part of it. But ostensibly he’s a good guy, he’s just a hero, just a great warrior, out there trying to save America, blah, blah, blah, blah. And in the process of doing this wonderful patriotic job, some slime ball in the Bush administration happened to leak the name and identity of his lovely and gracious wife, the former Valerie Plame, and this of course has shocked and rocked their world, it’s turned them upside down, why, here we have these two brave, courageous American heroes, and now they are totally exposed and their lives are over as they knew it, and they had to go back and put it all back together like Humpty-Dumpty.
Okay, that’s the image that has been cast and portrayed for these people. So in this TIME Magazine piece, “People Who Mattered in 2005,” we have pictures of all the people who matter, and there’s a picture of Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame. And this picture, this picture is sick! Given the juxtaposition against the image these people have hoped they have achieved in terms of crafting for themselves. It’s a black and white picture, looks like film noir, looks like one of these black and white Sam Spade movies from the thirties and forties, the Maltese Falcon, and there’s Wilson sitting on the family sofa in what looks to be a sunken living room — or maybe it’s not a sunken living room, there’s a staircase there, and he’s got a coat and tie, and he looks just serious and violated at the same time. And at the bottom of the stairs, in the only — well, there’s two blasts of sunlight in this room, Wilson is in shadows, half his face lit by a reflection of light — at the bottom of the stairs, it looks to be at the bottom of the front entrance, stands his wife, Valerie Plame, looking disoriented, disheveled, and out of sorts. She is in her pajamas. And the light shines on the left side of her, and her left hand is up to her forehead as though she’s out of sorts and confused and walking around in a daze. This is a posed picture. These are people ostensibly concerned with their privacy. They’re concerned with the fact that their lives have been destroyed because now it’s all known, it’s all out in the open. You’d think they’d slink away back into the mouse hole in which they live and try to put things back together — but, no, they’re out there exploiting all this. And here’s TIME Magazine right there — I don’t think I can zoom in tight enough on this, but let me try. I’m showing this on the Dittocam for the people watching. But you get an idea about this, folks. This whole thing is just part of an act, the whole thing is literally part of an act. And it’s laughable. These people, when you stack them up against the president and his press conference today and the other things going on, they are beginning to look like a joke, everywhere outside the Beltway. Inside the Beltway, of course, they’re still a couple of heroes.

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