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Hey, greetings, folks, and welcome! Rush Limbaugh back in the saddle once again after a week away in Palm Springs, California, the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. I want to thank… I tell you, the people out there, I told the people when I left that one of the reasons I was excited to be going out there was that those are my people. That is a red enclave in a blue state. The people out there were just fabulous. Had one heck of a good time. The last two days on the golf course were a bit challenging because I didn’t play well, but galleries made up for all of that, they were just… In some holes I’m walking up and the gallery is applauding me like I’m leading the tournament. It’s just… you know, I really appreciate it. Everybody was just as nice as they could be. Met a lot of great people out there as well, and look forward to many more of those in the future. I was also in Denver yesterday for the Steelers. I stopped there on the way back on Saturday night. A little story here, it’s amazing to me, the media will always go out and find ? (interruption) What do you mean, how did I get tickets? How did I get tickets to a football game?

Snerdley, where have you been for 18 years? How did I get tickets? The owner of the Broncos invited me to watch the game from his box, and I should thank Pat Bowlen, too, he was gracious yesterday. You know, he’s got a lot of family from Canada. They were talking to me about the elections in Canada today, and they’re very excited about the fact that 12-party liberal rule may bite the dust up there. But, naw, they were so excited when the game started because, you know, they think they’re going to the Super Bowl like the Steelers people think they’re going to the Super Bowl. It just didn’t pan out. He was very gracious in allowing me — he knows I’m a Steelers fan, and allowed me in there. I sent him a gift earlier in the week as thanks for the invitation, but I went in with a friend of mine from Hawaii who also knows Pat from Hawaii, where Pat lives in the off season. Pat’s executive assistant is named Lisa. Nice, nice woman. So I told her the gift was coming from New York, it’s going to have this name on the label so that he’d know it’s from me. So when I got there I said, “I’m just going to shut up. I want to watch this game and I’m going to contain myself, I’m not going to…” but I lost it one time.
The Steelers had appeared to have executed a brilliant punt coverage nailing the Broncos on their two yard line and it was eventually overturned by replay, but when it happened I couldn’t help myself. I’m standing next to Terrell Davis and Rod Woodson who are in there, I go, “all right!” She looked at me with eyes wide like I have never seen eyes wide, and I thought I might get thrown out of there at that moment. I got so sheepish, I said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you didn’t know, Lisa?” You know, people take this stuff seriously. We all do. Especially because I’m a big Steelers fan, they invited me in to watch anyway. I had a great time there.

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