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RUSH: Somebody has said that this is a phenomenon known as “Rush Limbaugh babies,” these kids that are in college now grew up listening to this program because their parents had it on, and so they’re Rush babies. I am being, quote, unquote, blamed in certain quarters, credited in others, for this new effort to expose liberal professors. Now, folks, this is something. Maybe you heard the conversation I had with the frustrated Democrat from Fort Myers: Joe. Throughout the course of these 18 years of broadcast excellence (and history-making broadcast excellence, I might add) one of the things I’ve always… Well, I’m not a preacher, but one of the things I’ve always preached is patience. Serious, solidifying root planting takes awhile, and I can remember during the course of these past 18 years — it doesn’t happen as much anymore and it’s a good sign, but I also know why — but it used to happen all the time, I’d get calls, “I don’t believe this! Did you hear what the media said yesterday? It’s terrible. We’re losing! I can’t believe it.”
I said, “Just be patient. We’re not losing. There are all kinds…” I’ve told people constantly.

I used to get the question when I’d go out on a Rush to Excellence tour, “What can I do? What can I do to help spread conservatism?”

“Just live your life according to your values,” I said. “You will never know how many people you influence. Obviously you’ll influence your immediate family, but you will never know how many people you influence just by leading your life, or when you get into conversations with people, the things you say, if you’re informed and so forth.” This business of calling these young college students now who are conservative and trying to reorient their professors Rush babies. Look at this, 18 years, 15 years, apparently — and I didn’t say this. This is not my term. This showed up in a news story a couple or three weeks ago, and I didn’t bring it up here because I don’t brag, and I don’t like to talk about myself, as you know. But somebody just reminded me of it in an e-mail, said, “Well, it may be appropriate to mention this,” because if the trend keeps up, and it will… the roots have been planted now, the seeds are sprouting, if you will, and if the trend continues, in years to come, I will be known as the father of our campus, on many campi all across the country, and then there will probably be busts of me at the conservative union clubs and this sort of thing.

Now, these kids are not calling themselves Rush Limbaugh babies. That’s what people upset with what’s happening are calling them. The critics say, “Oh, no. I can’t believe it. Rush Limbaugh babies!” It’s meant to discredit them, but it doesn’t. It simply illustrates how minds are shaped, opinions are validated, and sometimes how long it can take. I have always felt confident that what’s being built here is going to last a long, long time. You might lose an election here and there, obviously, but these kinds of roots, they’re deep, and they’re going to get even deeper. It’s like I’ve always said: What has taken place just in the media in this country just the last 18 to 20 years is historic. It’s just not being treated as such because the people who are losing the battle right now happen to be the writers of immediate history and the broadcasters of immediate history. But you go out 50 years from now, maybe 35, 50 years or longer, and the people who are not even yet born, who will grow up, study what all went on in the past, start writing about this, will have the proper historical perspective attached to this whole thing called the new media, and it will happen, but it just takes time for these things to grow.

But we’re seeing the evidence of it all over the place if we just look, and I’ve been warning people, say, “Okay, we have succeeded here in destroying the monopoly of what some people now call ‘the antique media,’ and in the process of destroying the monopoly of the antique media, we have also destroyed the monopoly of the Democratic Party, and what’s left? One area that is still out there where we lag way behind is academe: the college campus, but even there, there is progress to report and progress being made. It’s just not as fast, but it will at some point take the same shape as this destruction of the old media monopoly has taken.” Not going to be easy. These people are not going to lay down without a fight. I think the people on college campus, the liberals there, are going to be far more aware of what’s happening to them than the liberal media will. Liberal media still doesn’t know what’s happened to them. They still think they’re running the show, still think they live under that whole monopolistic mindset that they have. They still haven’t come to grips with what they face in terms of competition, domination, and all of these things.


* EIB Note…
Oh, and, by the way, I erred. I got an e-mail shouting to me that I was wrong. It was not critics of new conservative students on campus that came up with the term “Rush babies,” Rush Limbaugh babies. It was actually a conservative student on a campus somewhere said, “Yeah, we’re all Rush Limbaugh babies.” As long as I’m not paying child support, that’s the deal.


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