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RUSH: (Reuters) “President Vicente Fox paused for a long moment before answering a question on how long it would take Mexico to reach a stage where citizens no longer want to cross the US border to seek work. After pausing, he said, ‘Generations. It’s a long way to narrow the gap between incomes and Mexico and on the other side of the border.’ Roughly half of Mexico’s population lives on less than five bucks a day, according to government figures. The US minimum wage is $5.15 an hour. The annual Mexican gross domestic product per capita is just under $7,000, and is almost $44,000 in the United States.”
Basically he says we’re going to be an economic mess in my country for generations. Well, what about this new oil find? What about this new super port that you’re going to build now? They don’t want to fix this circumstance or situation. I have to tell you, folks, there’s some things about this that are really starting to irritate me, and I hope that this does not disappoint some of you in terms of preparation, but I have been prepping this program a little bit last night, yesterday afternoon, but this whole notion… The Senate right now is opening debate on this immigration bill, and “Republicans swiftly began arguing over whether the legislation would amount to amnesty for millions of illegal residents in the United States.”
You know, “amnesty” is about as popular a label as liberal is, and that’s why they don’t want amnesty associated with it, but that’s what this is. Make no mistake about it. There’s no other way to look at it. People are trying to say, “Weeeell, $2,000 in fines and having to go to English class is not amnesty,” but it is, because there’s no enforcement. Anybody want to bet that this is not going to be enforced? I’ll tell you why it’s not going to be enforced. It isn’t going to be enforced because it’s an election year, and all the elected officials in Washington in both parties seem to care about is the Hispanic voting bloc.
They don’t care about the citizens of this country and what they may think about this. They care about this new voting bloc. It’s a stunning thing to watch. It’s pure cowardice in action. Pure fear is running all of this, this whole issue. Guest workers? They’re trying to call them guest workers to avoid the amnesty label. They’re not “guest workers.” They are illegal immigrants. People are out there insisting on a comprehensive plan which means a pathway to citizenship. We’ve been through this before. Simpson-Mazzoli. I was talking about this the other day.

In 1986 when they pushed Simpson-Mazzoli the key argument was that employers would be fined for hiring illegals, and Jeff Sessions, Senator Sessions from Alabama on the Senate floor yesterday said that in 2004 there were a total of three instances where employers were charged. So we’ve been through this. They don’t enforce any of this stuff. Simpson-Mazzoli, 1986, the big argument there, the key argument, the thing they sold it with, “We’re going to fine employers who hire these illegals.” You know, we had all kinds of arguments being made.
“Well, you know, free market countries, people do jobs that Americans won’t do.” That’s another one I’m getting fed up with, too, by the way, which I’ll get to here in just a second. But, you know, the argument. Mark Belling yesterday talked about this. I got a lot of e-mails about his opinion of this. I guess he said that we shouldn’t be punishing businesses because we allow these kids, the kids of illegals, into our schools, and we do. He’s right about that. But we do it by order of the judiciary, and that started 25 years ago. But if we don’t have employer sanctions, if we don’t incarcerate and deport, then what are we doing?
All of this is just meaningless if there’s no enforcement — and let’s just wait and see how many $2,000 fines are handed out. Now, let’s see how many English classrooms get filled up with these. They’re not going to enforce any new law. They won’t enforce current law. The same elites that pressed for the ’86 change are at it again. It’s all intended to appear like something is being done to stem illegal immigration when in fact it’s not. The country gets roiled about it every 20 years. The country demands something be done about it and the elites in Washington say, “Okay, we’re really serious about it this. We’re going to handle it. We’re going to fix it this time.” Tom Sowell wrote yesterday</a>, “We already subsidize these big agribusinesses.”
That’s one of the arguments for illegals. “Hey, we’re keeping prices low. You know, we need cheap labor, entry-level wages. Americans won’t do that work.”
But we already subsidize agribusiness. We subsidize their water. We subsidize their products directly by stockpiling it. We pay them not to grow crops sometimes. He could have added — he didn’t say this — ethanol fuel is a big payoff to them, the agribusiness, and now we’re supposed to subsidize their labor. I wonder what the real true cost of a head of lettuce is — and cheap food? Of course, that’s something that we all need. That’s not an option in life, and so everybody’s interest in the governing levels is to keep the price of food as low as possible, since it’s a necessary.
That’s why all the subsidies are in there, but when it leads to silly excuses like this, then you have to question the whole thing. The problem is there already are pathways to citizenship. It’s called following the law, and if we need more immigrants, then we can increase the numbers legally — and Congress can do that. Now we who oppose what they’re doing in Congress are being called radical or mean-spirited or racist or sexist or whatever else. When is it so radical to demand that the very law Congress passes be enforced, and what is this silliness that Americans won’t do these jobs? Somebody tell that to the West Virginia coal miners. Somebody tell that to the Americans, those lazy Americans in Iraq on the battlefield.
This notion that there are jobs Americans will not do is getting a little bit histrionic to me. I’m sick and tired of being told by these elites in Washington, these politicians how we all refuse to work. They seem to think we’re all raised like Ted Kennedy or married into wealth like John Kerry. The American people work. They work damn hard. The economy and the numbers there prove it but yet we’re told, “No, no, no! The Americans are lazy. They’re uppity. There are certain jobs that they will not do.”
Well, check the coal mines. Check the military. I don’t see any illegals there.

RUSH: I once fell for the argument, by the way, that there are “jobs Americans won’t do,” because it sounds right, but there’s something behind that argument that’s insidious, and it’s this: it’s a put-down. It’s a put-down of people who are working in this country. Law-abiding, hard working, tax-paying Americans are being put down as Ted Kennedy-type sloths to justify what? To justify people coming here from other countries illegally and pandering to them because they fear that in a decade or so they’re going to lose their votes.
I think some of these politicians need to get out of the Beltway and reacquaint themselves with their constituents (interruption). What, Mr. Snerdley? What’s the problem? How can you reject anything I’ve said? What I have said is unassailable. It’s unarguable. Plus, I’m the host. You’ve got (interruption). Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. He’s talking supply and demand. You’ve got the word “illegal.” This is a vicious cycle that has perpetuated itself and fed itself. One of the things this does also is it’s a justification for keeping wages low. It’s a justification for keeping wages low, perhaps artificially.
The whole thing here revolves around that Americans are being told, “You’ve got to let the illegals in and you can’t argue with us about this because there’s jobs out there that you won’t do.” I would think jobs Americans won’t do are the dirty grimy tough ones and those are the jobs Americans do “do,” but to put down work, period, is another thing about this argument that just runs awry. Americans, in a sense, are being told — and I think they’re fed up with it — that they’re a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings when they don’t look at themselves that way at all. A couple audio sound bites here. Ted Kennedy, the Swimmer, yesterday on the Senate floor calls this the new civil rights movement. Number six, audio:
KENNEDY: We propose to end this system of exploitation and to right this historic injustice. We believe that immigrants, like women and like African-Americans before them, have rights in this country, and the time is ripe for a new civil rights moment. We believe that a nation of immigrants rejects its history and its heritage when millions of immigrants are confined forever to second-class status, and that all Americans are debased by such a two-tear system.
RUSH: So here we go. Now we have the modern equivalents of the civil rights leaders. These people are no different than Dr. King, no different than the early leaders of the civil rights movement. So all citizens of the world, regardless of citizenship, deserve the same rights as Americans paid for by Americans — and if that doesn’t bother you — this incorporates every liberal argument they make on the economy. Here comes class envy, here comes guilt, here comes elitism. Now, the swimmer next explains, he was on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and he tries here to explain why this bill of his is not amnesty.
KENNEDY: Amnesty, that — you mean if they now pay a — amnesty, as I mentioned before means forgiveness, and it means pardon. It means that they go to the front of the line. They don’t go to the front of the line. They pay a penalty and they go to the back of the line. This is a crowd that works hard, plays by the rules, pays their taxes, and wants to make America a better country. What we’re saying is you don’t go to the front of the line, you don’t go to the middle of the line, but you go to the end of the line. We have 11 years to find out if you’re going to work hard, you’re going to pay your taxes, and you’re going to stay out of trouble.
RUSH: Okay, that’s the swimmer’s attempt to explain how it’s not amnesty. He can’t do it because it is. Rose in Beaumont, Texas, we’ll go to you first on the phones. Glad to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.
CALLER: Yes, sir. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and —
RUSH: There usually is. We try to deal with it here every day.
CALLER: And so the problem is this, that people are not understanding that there are people from all parts of the country — different countries that have political problems that cause these people, these poor people that are not given the privileges that we have here in the United States, coming into these countries, and that’s why we have the problem. So if we would send some sort of diplomacy over there to keep these people from having problems in their country, keep them away from ours, maybe that would —

RUSH: Basically what you’re saying out there, Rose, is that we need to try to understand these people better.
CALLER: Yes, sir.
RUSH: Is that right?
CALLER: Yes. We do certainly.
RUSH: That’s right. We need to really understand. We need to understand their poverty. We need to understand their rage. We need to understand whatever it is, because only then will we be able to become a family of one peoples, understanding each other, loving each other, and singing kumbaya all afternoon as we patrol the border on both sides.
CALLER: Well, if you’re Christian, it’s something that Jesus Christ would do and I agree with that because you do go to different countries and solve problems there —
RUSH: No, no, no, no. I thought I understood Christianity until Hillary Clinton started defining</a> it. Now I’m confused. If you want to look at and analyze it from that side, we can go both ways and not score any points either way. This is not a problem of not understanding them. This is not a problem of not feeling bad for them. It’s not a problem of not understanding their plight. We have here a political situation.
Look at the ports deal. (Folks, I love the ports deal. We’ve got great ports deal news today, too.) But the fact of the matter is the people of this country were shocked. They were outraged. They were angry that we were going to let an Arab emirate company run the ports. People spoke out within three weeks, Congress said, “Okay. Nobody from any Arab country is going to have anything to do with our ports. We need to keep those ports secure.” The same reaction to this immigration bill is occurring, and the same people are being ignored. The American people are being ignored on this because there is fear in Washington over votes.
So we get this recycled Simpson-Mazzoli from 1986, and none of this is practicably enforceable because there’s no intent to enforce it. This is just pandering. We’re all being insulted here, especially when we are told they’re jobs Americans won’t do. As I said, you know, we’re not all a bunch of born into the life of luxury Ted Kennedy types. We don’t all marry our money like John Kerry did. The American people work hard. Right, Snerdley? The American people work very hard, and to be told that there are jobs they won’t do, especially in the midst of a roaring economy, is just a bit much. Stu in Tampa, you’re next. It’s great to have you on the program.
CALLER: Rush, thank you. It’s a privilege to speak with you. I would like to meet you someday. Listen, I have a recommendation that would fit both the United States and Mexico. It will provide jobs for Mexicans, long-term public works project, and if President Fox is listening, consider this. Have the Mexicans build the wall. It will keep the costs down. Mexico is home to one of the largest cement and block companies in the world, which is a terrific company. It will provide jobs, and all of the offshoot businesses, the little taco stands — and I’m not kidding, the taco stands</a> — the roads that need to be built. Let the Mexicans build the wall.
RUSH: Sort of like letting the prisoners build Folsom Prison</a>.
CALLER: Well, it’s 700 miles they’re projecting the length of this wall to be. If they could do a half a mile a day, that would be a four or a five-year project. Look at what China is doing on the border of North Korea to stop all of the North Koreans from flowing into China, what did they do? They built a wall.

RUSH: Yeah, but you know something? In all candor, it’s funny. I myself, even though you are the rank amateur and I’m the highly trained broadcast specialist, I have been laughing at what you said. But communist countries build walls, and they build walls to keep people out. I’m not sure I want to go that route. What you’re illustrating, though, is the first and foremost thing that has to happen is border security. How in the world can you go bananas over the port deal on the basis that our ports are unsecured and we can’t let an Arab company be in charge! Why, they’ll sneak a terrorist in here to nuke and we will all die! Well, what about the southern border? There is no concern about the security there that even comes close to paralleling or equaling the hysteria, the tsunami of hysteria that happened with the port deal.
RUSH: (NewsMax)</a> “Vicente Fox, Mexican president, defending earlier comments where he insisted that the United States will be begging Mexico to send workers to alleviate a coming US labor shortage. He said, ‘I dare say in ten years the US will be begging, will be pleading with Mexico to send it workers.'”
So he’s got a crystal ball that says things are going to hell. He must know that the Democrats are going to win the White House within that period of time.

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