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RUSH: There are more and more Democrats signing up now for this censure movement of Feingold’s. They want to get Bush. They want subpoena power. That’s why they want to win the House. You people out there think they want to win the House to, you know, start fixing the country according to their aims? I’m sure there’s a little bit of that, too, but there’s not much to fix when you get down to it. When you get down to brass tacks there’s not a whole lot to fix. We are not in an economic malaise. We are not in dire economic straits. We’ve got a rosy future. We’re the United States of America! They’re the ones that have tried to make everybody think about doom and gloom and they’re going to need some new salesmen because people aren’t buying into it.
They want to get Bush. They want to destroy Bush, and that’s what they will do. Now, in this effort to do so, the LA Times… I told you this yesterday. It’s why we are on the cutting edge of societal evolution. What I told you yesterday just makes it in the LA Times today, it’s about the special election for Duke Cunningham’s Republican seat, “San Diego area, California 50[th Congressional District] — “Voters replacing the disgraced former Rep. Randy Cunningham were swayed more by party labels and name recognition than boiling issues like corruption and immigration, analysts said Wednesday. As a result, two familiar faces, the Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray will probably face each other in a June runoff that, for all intents, could look a lot like Tuesday’s free-for-all.”
“Although Busby outdistanced Bilbray, she still faces an uphill fight in a district where Republicans have a 44-30% registration edge. Democrat leaders claimed victory yesterday,” it was a moral victory and so forth, “but Republicans said that Busby’s failure to win more than 50% of the vote and claim the seat outright showed the limits of the Democrat anti-incumbent drive. ‘If Democrats can’t win on a corruption message here, they can’t win on it anywhere,’ said Carl Forti a spokesman for the GOP’s Congressional Campaign Committee.” That would have to be right. The culture of corruption is not going to take them anywhere. DeLay is out of the picture. But if they can’t win this seat, they’re going to need to win seven seats like this. They’re going to need to take seven seats currently held by Republicans, and if they can’t win this one? They’re looking at this one, “Oh, man!” They thought this was gonna be a trend. She didn’t even get 44%; she got 43.9% of the vote. There are still 10,000 write-in ballots that have yet to be counted, but they’re not all going to go one way. I mean you’ve got all these candidates. The reason the Republican vote was less than Busby’s was that there are 14 Republicans on this ballot. So if you add up the Republican percentage in the vote, it was 53%. Democrats were at 46.2%, 47%, something like that. This does not bode well for their effort to retake the House, and I have tried over and over to tell all of you — don’t go negative on me here, don’t go doom and gloom.

There was a piece by the editor in the American Spectator yesterday, Quin Hillyer, and I love Quin Hillyer, don’t misunderstand, but it was all about, “Woe is us,” and it was all based on the political situation for the Republicans, or most of it was. And it’s just not the case. There are two political parties here, and while our side looks to be totally inept and looks to be unlike what we wanted them to be after we elected them all these past elections, the Democratic Party is in the biggest mess of its life. They don’t talk about it in the drive-by media because they (A) don’t know it. They don’t think they have any problems other than your stupidity or voting machines or hanging chads, or other mechanisms where people cheat.
They don’t think they have a problem, and they are still focused as they always are, “What do we have to do to get Democrats back in power? What do the Democrats have to do to get themselves back in power?” Can anybody recommend to me that Democrats are doing one thing to cause people to vote for them? You can’t. They’re not reaching out. That’s why they need felons; that’s why they need these illegals. They’re not inspiring anybody. Republicans may not be, either, but, I’ll tell you what, one thing people in the Republican side have is an absolute visceral disgust for the Democrats today, and not just about what they stand for, what their policies are, but about their behavior. The Democrats have done nothing in the last five years worthy of being rewarded, other than by their already locked-in fringe kook base.
RUSH: I want you to hear Barbara Boxer Tuesday night on Hardball on MSNBC, just to show you what these people are up to is getting Bush — and they don’t care what else they wreck. She also in these bites, there’s three of them, will demonstrate just how these people are not ready for prime-time when it comes to national security. They just can’t be trusted. First question: “Do you think he’s purposely telling what he knows not to be true? Maybe he’s being led by advisors who are ruthless and just want to get their policy forward,” — talking about Bush here — “which we’ve seen before in American history. Truth does not always win the argument or is he basically just confused?”
BOXER (breathless): I don’t know the answer, Chris. What I believe now is the only way to check this president, if you believe in checks and balances, you’ve got to bring back the Democrats in charge. Now, we’re not perfect, that’s for sure, but I think the American people should give us a chance, because this guy is on a runaway train. Now, as you talked before, maybe toward another war, before we’ve even completed this mission, and it’s just — he needs to be stopped.
RUSH: Yeah, and Matthews says, “Well, what is your rudimentary basic thought right now about the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon five to ten months from now? What should the US policy right now be?”

BOXER: My first thought is you take a deep breath. Now, I’m on a bill that would begin sanctions on Iran if they keep going down this path —
RUSH: Stop the tape. That’s really going to matter. The Jimmy Carter argument. Sanctions! “Yeah, I’m on a bill. We’re going to be tough! We’re going to put sanctions on these people!” She’s clueless, folks.
BOXER: — to where we were early in the Iraq situation. We have to lead the world. The trouble is we have a president who is being shunned by this world. If you look at Iran, if you like at India, all those countries, it is a matter of personal pride, and it is a matter of strength, and it is a matter of telling the people we have common enemies, and I don’t think there’s any problem with having difference scenarios, but let me just say that we might use nuclear weapons against Iran is stunning to me.
RUSH: Yeah, the fact that we might use… Nobody’s ever said that. (interruption) Well, I know nuclear weapons, take out their nukes is still on the table. But it doesn’t matter because still, to Barbara Boxer, the biggest threat in the world is George W. Bush, not the fact that Iran is getting them, not the fact they got a wacko leader who wants a battle, apparently, wants this clash of civilizations, wants to establish militant Islam as the dominant political and ideological force in the world anyway. It’s of no matter to her, and here’s why. Next question: “Any chance your Senate, even though it’s a Republican-dominated Senate, would issue a resolution saying, ‘Mr. President, we don’t believe your commander-in-chief authority extends to attacking Iran?’ “
BOXER: Chris, we need a new president, someone who knows the history of the world, someone who can use back door channels to avoid this. I mean my people, when I go in the supermarket, everywhere I go —
MATTHEWS: We’ve got two and a half years with this elected president.
BOXER: Yes, yes, we do and there’s only one thing to do: check him. Check him at the polls in ’06. Give us Democratic control so we can stop the worse things from happening and get this country moving in the right direction again.
RUSH: Okay, so that’s who they are. I just wanted you to hear this. “As a country, we gotta stop it. We need a new president!” Matthews [says], “Wait a minute! We have two and a half years to go.” She let the cat out of the bag. Their objective is to get this guy. They’re going to get this guy. They’re long past the point of being rational about this.


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