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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, folks, if you doubt that these are treacherous times, you need to awaken. A former Clinton National Security Agency official leaking top secret information for a bunch of reasons, of course, because she disagreed with subsequent policies of an elected president but I also think that there’s an ongoing effort here to cleanse the dirt in the Clinton administration to keep it secret, to keep the blame focused on George W. Bush and subsequent administrations after Clinton, and to cover up the Clinton administration incompetence. We are truly dealing with a Democratic Party that is a culture of treason.
Greetings and welcome. It’s the Rush Limbaugh program, and this is the EIB Network.
We’re here at 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, Rush@eibnet.com. A culture of treason, we are dealing with. The CIA is infested. If you think Mary McCarthy is the lone wolf over there, you have a lot to learn. If you think that there are not a bunch of Mary McCarthys at the State Department, and over at the Pentagon, you have a lot to learn about what’s going on. The president of the United States decided, because of the new tone when he took office in 2001, not to clear out these Clinton holdovers and he’s paying the price for it now — and I think he’s fully awakened to what his faces and the administration faces and what the objective of the Democratic Party has been ever since he was inaugurated and especially since the war in Iraq began.
Now, one thing to remember here about Mary McCarthy, ladies and gentlemen — by the way, welcome to those of you on the Dittocam. We’re up and running and will be for the whole program today, and there’s a lot of stuff in the news. I don’t want to make this whole show about Mary McCarthy. I probably could, but I don’t want to because there’s so many other things out there. But the telephone number is 800-282-2882. What did Mary McCarthy leak? Mary McCarthy leaked news about secret prisons in Europe where we were holding captured Al-Qaeda terrorists. The point of that is this has nothing to do with Iraq.

Everybody assumes the Democrats oppose the war with Iraq because we ought to be focusing on getting Al-Qaeda, we ought to be focused on getting bin Laden. Well, Mary McCarthy leaked to Dana Priest of the Washington Post who won a Pulitzer prize for this treason of Mary McCarthy’s about secret prisons that, by the way, the New York Times ran a story last week that nobody has any proof exist. So there are people wondering if this was a sting operation inside the CIA to trap the leaker. Don’t know about that, but the bottom line is that Mary McCarthy, who has worked with Joe Wilson, who has worked with Sandy Burglar, who was hired by Sandy Burglar in the Clinton administration to work in the National Security Agency. This is a den of thick thieves here, folks, and they’re all over this administration, and they’re all over this government, and they are wreaking havoc as often as they can. They are leaking to the New York Times; they’re leaking to the Washington Post. They’re probably leaking to outfits like Human Rights Watch. They’re leaking to members of Congress they’re leaking to United States senators. There’s no question this has been going on, in my mind. The question now is to see what happens with Mary McCarthy. Will she be prosecuted? Will she be prosecuted for breaking the law? There is a federal statute that deals precisely with what she did.
No indication now of what’s going to happen, although the president did say if he found anybody leaking in his administration they would be subject to the full force of the law. Now, that was about the Scooter Libby leak, the Valerie Plame leak, and, by the way, there’s a connection here, Mary McCarthy with Joe Wilson. Mary McCarthy, Dana Priest’s husband, Dana Priest the writer at the Washington Post, and Joe Wilson are all thick as thieves. They work together. They have worked together. This is not some lone wolf whistleblower. This is not somebody in Mary McCarthy who is practicing the time-honored art of dissent. This is somebody behaving in a treasonous manner.
But the thing to keep in mind. Her leak about these prisons had nothing to do with Iraq. These prisons (if they exist at all) is where Al-Qaeda terrorists were being held, and this leak was designed to blow that whole program apart, make it impossible and to put at risk those European nations that were cooperating with us in the war on terror. The Democrats profess to be with us on the war on terror. They profess to be interested in getting bin Laden. They profess to be interested in preventing another attack on our homeland, and yet this Clinton holdover — this Clinton worker, this Clinton National Security Agency employee — Mary McCarthy, attempted to destroy our ability to gather information from Al-Qaeda prisoners.

This has nothing to do with Iraq. Mary McCarthy is the fourth Clinton National Security Council member to assault the Bush White House. Mary McCarthy was one. Joe Wilson is another, along with his wife, Valerie Plame. They cooked up this phony Niger uranium document scam which now has Scooter Libby facing jail time, and this is interesting as hell to me to listen to people like John Kerry and others, and we’ve got the sound bites, go on television and talk about how Libby lied and Bush leaked and there was no plan on the part of Iraq to try to get yellow cake from Niger. All of that is lies. It’s all true. The liar is Joe Wilson. His wife, Valerie Plame, arranged for him to be sent to Niger to cook up this whole scam.
The thing that amazes me is that the independent counsel, Mr. Fitzgerald, has to know. He cannot be this uninformed. He cannot be this unaware of the facts of the case, and yet he champions Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame as though they are the most important people in the country and protecting them is his most important job, and putting people in jail who compromise her identity, none of it, on the surface, computes with me. We also had, in addition to Mary McCarthy and Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, we had Richard Clarke.
Richard Clarke ran interference for the Clintonistas during the 9/11 Commission hearings so that Clinton’s criminal neglect of bin Laden was somehow overlooked — and then we had Sandy Burglar himself. Sandy Burglar himself stole into the National Archives, stole documents out of there, trying to protect the Clinton administration from being accurately portrayed and investigated during the 9/11 committee hearings. So we have Mary McCarthy, we have Richard Clarke, we have Sandy Burglar, and we have Joe Wilson. She is the fourth Clinton National Security Council member to assault the Bush White House.
These are not just loyal Clintonistas. Make no mistake about it: these people are auditioning for positions in a second Clinton administration, that of Hillary Clinton, and if you add to the fact as I have pointed out on this program countless times: Bill Clinton himself travels abroad to routinely attack this White House and its foreign policy, in front of foreign audiences, including audiences that are filled with radical Islamists, as in Dubai. Al Gore and Madeleine Albright do the same thing. This is why I said during my translation of President Hu’s speech last week at the White House, the Iranians are simply waiting and placing their bets on 2008 when the Democrats will collapse to rising Islamist power if they win back the White House.

They’ve already attempted to collapse the Bush administration in its effort to deal with rising Islamist power with Mary McCarthy’s leak. And let’s not forget these generals. Let’s throw them in the loop here, folks. The timing of this I know appears all to be coincidental. We have the Clinton generals. They were promoted by Bill and Hillary to make the military politically correct. These were generals who agreed with the concept of making the US military a social experimentation playground. They were in the news just last week, applauded by the media for their courage and their integrity. The media today as much a part of the problem as anybody else because they don’t see anything wrong with what Mary McCarthy did. No, she’s a whistleblower! She’s a hero! She’s practicing dissent!
It doesn’t matter if she’s telling the truth when she leaks, then it’s okay — and of course the media is getting all over the Bush administration. “Well, now they’re trying to make sure that these people can’t interact with the press.” Well, I don’t remember, Bob Schieffer was making this point I think yesterday on Slay the Nation or Friday night during his news, I forget which, he was going on and on and on about how it’s unconscionable what this administration is trying to do. They’re trying to prevent government people from talking to reporters. I don’t recall Bob Schieffer being upset that he was talking or anybody was talking to Scooter Libby. They want to put Scooter Libby in jail for what he said to reporters, do they not? And Scooter Libby didn’t leak anything that nobody didn’t know. He didn’t leak anything period. He didn’t leak anybody’s ID. He didn’t leak anybody’s covert status because she wasn’t covert. She wasn’t even a “CIA agent.” This is a parallel universe. Everything is 180 degrees out of phase.
RUSH: Mary McCarthy leaks the secret CIA prison story to Dana Priest of the Washington Post. Some speculate this may have been a sting operation. I don’t know about that. The only thing I know about this is the important thing to remember, is that the Democrats are on record as wanting us out of Iraq and think it’s a big boondoggle, but they claim to be on board with the war on terror, and her leaks had nothing to do with Iraq. Her leak on these prisons, if they exist, is where Al-Qaeda terrorists captured on the battlefield were being held. Mary McCarthy and Joseph Wilson served at the National Security Council together at the same time.
Both had African portfolios. Does Dana Priest’s husband serve as Joe Wilson’s agent, in effect getting him speaking gigs. And some are asking was it Mary McCarthy who sent Joe Wilson to Niger? Our friends at the PowerLine blog point out that it’s hard to keep up with all these revelations coming out about Dana Priest, the Washington Post reporter who published the secret prison story, got a Pulitzer Prize for it, and Mary McCarthy, the Democratic Party activist and now fired CIA bureaucrat who leaked this story to Dana Priest — and yes, she was an activist.
She contributed $5,000 in soft money to the Democratic Party. She contributed 2,000 to the Kerry campaign in 2004. Dana Priest is married to William Goodfellow. Now, William Goodfellow is the executive director of something called the Center for International Policy, and if you go to the Center for International Policy’s website, you’ll find its mission statement, which reads: “promoting a foreign policy based on cooperation, demilitarization, and human rights.” Pure liberalism, pure leftism! It appears that the Center for International Policies idea of ‘demilitarization and human rights’ is best exemplified by Cuba,” if you read their website. They love Cuba, Dana Priest’s husband’s website and organization.

But when you read their mission statement, that they “promote a foreign policy based on cooperation, demilitarization and human rights,” you have to know that they are surrenderers and they are appeasers, and they do not recognize enemies. There are connections, interesting connections among the Center for International Policy. They operate the Iraq policy information program. Joe Wilson is part of it. Dana Priest is part of it. This is not just guilt by association. Dana Priest herself participated in an anti-Iraq war program put on by her husband’s group, the Center for International Policy, along with Joe Wilson and even other more unsavory characters — and if you go to the right websites you’ll find pictures of Dana Priest sitting next to Joe Wilson, or close to him, and others at seminars put on by Dana Priest’s husband at the Center for International Policy.
And then and we have Ms. McCarthy, the CIA leaker, who turns out to be a substantial contributor to the Democratic Party. Andy McCarthy, National Review Online — no relation to Mary O. McCarthy — notes that the Washington Post has published a sympathetic portrait of McCarthy who leaked, remember, to the Post resulting in a story for which the Post won a Pulitzer Prize. The Post story touts McCarthy as unbiased without ever mentioning she was a Kerry supporter who has given up to $7700 a year to the Democratic Party and its candidates. Now, I’m not surprised that the Washington Post would gloss over the political bias of Mary McCarthy. Their reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting her leaks. So what do we have?
We have a Democratic Party activist who, by the way, was working in the CIA’s inspector general’s office. Do you know what they do at the inspector general’s office at the CIA? They investigate leaks. They investigate impropriety on the part of CIA employees. She was sent in there to cover up for her own actions, to police her own actions to make sure she could get away with leaking. All weekend long, as I’ve been boning up on this, I couldn’t help but wondering if she’s a plant in there, folks. She’s a plant in there, and we’ve got some patriots in the CIA who are trying to ferret these people out. God bless you and thank you, Porter Goss.
I’ll tell you what, I know Goss and these guys are under attack, “They’re too political,” and “this is unreal because she’s doing the nation a great service. She’s a whistleblower and so forth.” She broke the law. She’s engaging in traitorous activity here. She’s undermining the policies of the United States, which she personally disagrees with. She can personally disagree with them all day long, but it is not her responsibility nor does she have the right to undermine US policy in this manner. She can resign or go on a speaking tour; she can do whatever she wants to do, but to subvert US foreign policy in this manner is against the law.
It is not valorous. It is not something that’s worthy of fine, great praise. It is just the opposite. The American Spectator today, The Prowler, has a good piece on this. “‘It isn’t just the CIA that has problems with former politicals getting knee-deep into this administration’s policy and leaking material,’ says a current Bush administration aide. ‘We’re talking about a situation we haven’t been able to deal with in a manner in which we’d want, but this Mary McCarthy case may help us.'” So they’re saying we know we’ve had problems here. “‘We haven’t been able to do much about it,’ the presidential aide, referring to the firing last week, of course, of the agency’s Office of Inspector General worker [that would be Mary McCarthy].

“One of her jobs was investigating allegations of torture by CIA employees or contractors at Iraqi prisons. The CIA fired McCarthy on evidence that she was one of the sources for Washington Post reporter Dana Priest report on the so-called black site prisons in Europe and elsewhere that housed captured Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and some senior Iraqi military and intelligence individuals.” Now, unresolved is this, is whether Mary McCarthy also leaked materials to the left-wing organization Human Rights Watch which clearly was also a key source to Dana Priest. Note this quote in Dana Priest’s now Pulitzer Prize-winning story.
“Quote: ‘I remember asking, what are we going to do with these people,’ said a senior CIA officer. ‘I kept saying, “Where’s the help? We gotta bring in some help. We can’t be jailers. Our job it to find Osama.”‘ unquote.” That’s a quote from Dana Priest’s story. “Is that Mary McCarthy? McCarthy’s background is just becoming increasingly fleshed out, including her ties to former national security advisor Sandy [Burglar] and the Clinton White House. McCarthy was appointed special assistant to the president and senior director for intelligence programs by Burglar in 1998.” Do you know who she replaced?
“Rand Beers, who went on to become the foreign policy advisor of the John Kerry campaign, and according to former Kerry campaign staffers, Rand Beers spoke of having continued access to CIA and national security data from colleagues who were still in government while he was working for Kerry. Former staffer of Beers said, ‘He said he still had friends willing to help the Kerry campaign from inside. We always assumed that guys like Beers and Burglar were in touch with these people. I’m not talking about having secure material leaked to us, but our national security folks always seemed to be in the know.’ The former staffer said he never recalled mention of any names.
“But all of this is now past tense, and the White House, as well as senior staff at the Departments of Justice, State, and Defense, are attempting to identify possible leakers among their own career staffs with access to information that might be helpful to Democrats or the press. Of greatest concern is the Department of Justice, the nexus of many terrorism and national security cases that would involve the White House, Defense and State Departments, as well as briefings on Capitol Hill to congressional leadership. ‘We know we have people leaking materials. It’s been an ongoing problem, but until someone has taken the first step, and the McCarthy case would appear to be the first step, it’s hard to move against career staff,’ says a current Defense Department staffer. ‘We have an IG looking at all kinds of things right now. Perhaps we’ll get some movement.'” We shall see. Keep in mind the drive-by media is doing everything it can to suppress any action, to stop any action being taken against Mary McCarthy. She will be the new Daniel Ellsberg and John Dean before this is over.

RUSH: Let’s apply the rules that the liberals currently use in dealing with, discussing and hoping to investigate this Bush administration. Under those rules, we must investigate this on the basis of the seriousness of the charge. This is a very serious charge against Mary McCarthy, that she leaked damaging information that compromised an effort in the war on terror, and we know that there are countless other leaks, the national security agency’s foreign intelligence procurement program, that’s been leaked, and you know names of elected officials keep popping up in that one. That is being investigated as well, and we don’t know where the leak came from originally.
We don’t know if it’s somebody at State. We don’t know if it’s somebody at CIA. But I have told you people since the last three or four years that the CIA and the state department are infested with career liberals and Clinton holdovers, and they are doing their best to undermine this administration, and they don’t care how many American soldiers lose their lives. They don’t care to whom we lose in the war on terror, the war with Iraq. It’s all about destroying George W. Bush and this administration as well, I think, as continuing to cover up the incompetence of the Clinton administration. I think 9/11 has scared the hell out of these people and there’s a lot to be learned about what was not done in the 1990s to deal with and respond to rising indications, alarming indications of terrorist attacks.
They were taking place in the nineties. The Clinton administration did diddly-squat about it. 9/11 happens. The Democrats immediately begin after a couple of months to establish circumstances where, ah, 9/11 just random event, haphazard, we don’t need to make policy based on 9/11 and so forth. It’s just so obvious they’re trying to sweep the memory of 9/11 off everybody’s front page and create a world that is actually a pre-9/11 world. I have never doubted for a moment, folks, that the Clinton loyalists — and there are many of them — and I don’t understand the loyalty they have to him other than liberals hang together like flocks of insects, but they are still doing everything they can to make sure this man has a positive legacy, and in order to do that you’ve gotta keep the truth of what went on in terms of incompetence in his administration from coming out.
So we have a serious charge here, and the serious charge is… Well, you know, Bill Clinton’s administration, Bill Clinton knew Sandy Berger. Bill Clinton picked the people for his National Security Council, Mary McCarthy is there, Richard Clarke is there. Could it be that Bill Clinton himself is behind the Mary McCarthy leak? Could it be that Bill Clinton himself is behind getting her in the CIA? Remember, she got in there before one of Bush’s guys was running the place. That was Porter Goss. George Tenet is a holdover of the Clinton administration. Is Bill Clinton behind Sandy Burglar’s disruption of the top secret information that he pulled out of the National Archives during the 9/11 investigation, the committee investigation?
We must pursue this and assume it’s true. Bill Clinton knows where all the dead bodies are buried, all the leaks between CIA insiders and the press could have been suggested and/or coordinated by Clinton. He knows the facts, he knows the people. I’m just pointing this out because this is the rule by which the Bush administration is pursued. Bush knew everything. Bush authorized Libby. Bush authorized Cheney. Bush authorized this. Bush knows everything going on. Everything the liberals are doing trying to bring down the Bush administration is oriented toward going to the top. It’s Bush’s fault this. It’s Bush’s fault that. Bush lied! Bush knew the intelligence was something other than what he said, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Well, here we have a Clinton administration holdover and she’s the fourth one. We’ve got Burglar, who committed a criminal act. We’ve got Richard Clarke; we’ve got Joe Wilson; now we’ve got Mary McCarthy. How can Bill Clinton be left out of this equation under the rules that the liberals are using to go after George W. Bush? He knows the facts. He knows the people. We need to examine Bill Clinton’s phone records. Now, I know there’s no evidence to support this, yet, but that’s the point. It’s not the nature of the evidence. It’s the seriousness of the charge that matters here. And when it comes to criminal activity we can actually point to a bunch of it on the part of Clinton administration people.
All you’ve got is alleged criminal activity on the part of Scooter Libby and that was a process crime. There are simply too many leaks to be coincidental and random, and we can’t leave Bill Clinton out of the equation. He routinely traveled the country during the election cycle of 2004; he traveled the world speaking to Islamist audience and worldwide socialist audience denouncing this administration, denouncing his policies. The Bush administration policies in the war, both in terror and the war in Iraq. You liberals ought to understand this line of reasoning. Remember it was the Clintons that managed to misappropriate all those classified FBI files. There may be a pattern here, a culture of subversion, if you will, in addition to a culture of treason.
Now, by the way, folks, Mary McCarthy is an admitted lawbreaker. The Duke lacrosse players are not. Yet who’s going to get raked over the coals in the press and who has been? Mary McCarthy has illegally released classified information. She flunked a polygraph. She’ll be treated better and is being treated better than the presumed innocent Duke students. Mary McCarthy will be treated better by the media than Scooter Libby. A quick comparison of their behavior makes this hard to understand. Mary McCarthy will be treated better than Karl Rove in the Joe “I’m a huge liar” Wilson case. Mary McCarthy will be treated better than George W. Bush in the Dan Rather forged documents case.
Mary McCarthy, like her former boss, Sandy Burglar, was a high level intelligence officer and a huge security risk. She was a subversive force at the highest levels of the CIA, and yet the drive-by media already making her out to be a more respectable figure, more responsible and patriotic and heroic player than the Duke lacrosse players, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, and George W. Bush. If my theory holds true about liberal losers getting the red carpet treatment from their party, Mary McCarthy is about to get a huge book deal and all the free publicity she wants to promote it. It’s only a matter of time. You have Mary McCarthy and Joe Wilson, they’re big Kerry supporters — and I mentioned a moment ago they both had the African profile while they were working together at the National Security Council.
Mary McCarthy began her government service as an analyst then manager in the CIA’s director of intelligence, holding positions in both African and Latin-American analysis between 1984 and 1991. US Ambassador Joe Wilson was special assistant to the president, senior director for African affairs at the National Security Council from July 1997 until July 1998. Mary McCarthy’s time at the National Security Council was 1991 to 2001. So if I’m reading this right, they served on the National Security Council together with the same portfolio, Africa, and she was the CIA’s Africa analyst at the time old Joe was down there. I’m telling you, folks, this is thick as thieves, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is, in my mind, no question about it.

Now, the Weekly Standard recently had a piece about all of this, and here’s just an excerpt. “The CIA’s war against the Bush administration is one of the great untold stories of the past three years. It is, perhaps, the agency’s most successful covert action of recent times. The CIA has used its budget to fund criticism of the administration by former Democratic officeholders. The agency allowed an employee, Michael Scheuer, to publish and promote a book containing classified information, as long as, in Scheuer’s words, ‘the book was being used to bash the president.’ However, the agency’s preferred weapon has been the leak. In one leak after another, generally to the New York Times or the Washington Post, CIA officials have sought to undermine America’s foreign policy. Usually this is done by leaking reports or memos critical of administration policies or skeptical of their prospects. Through it all, our principal news outlets, which share the agency’s agenda and profit from its torrent of leaks, have maintained a discreet silence about what should be a major scandal.”
That’s the Weekly Standard, a recent article. Now, the CIA doesn’t have a lot to stand on in terms of confidence itself. It failed to see the downfall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. It failed to see anything happening on 9/11. It was not allowed and didn’t try to connect the dots on a number of things. It does seem that their most successful covert operation of recent times has been their attack on the Bush administration, Mary McCarthy being the visible evidence of said attack.
RUSH: As I mentioned, Dana Priest, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Washington Post, to whom Mary McCarthy leaked information on the prisons, the black prisons in a couple of European countries. Dana Priest, married to William Goodfellow, the executive director of the Center for International Policy. Now, the Center for International Policy has as a client, Fenton Communications. One of the most sophisticated of the Fenton Communications anti-war projects is the commingling of Win Without War and the Center for International Policy. Before 9/11, the Center for International Policy, which was a Fenton Communications client, mainly acted as Fidel Castro’s greatest think tank ally.
Before 9/11, the Center for International Policy acted as a domestic think tank promoting the great things coming out of Cuba. Much of its million-dollar budget was spent lobbying to end economic sanctions and travel restrictions against Cuba. Now it has another mission. Fenton Communications has established a war room with the Center for International Policy. This war room is called the Iraq Policy Information Group, IPIP. Its job is getting the anti-Bush foreign policy message out to the media and providing guests for talk shows. The featured speaker of the IPIP is Joe Wilson, one of the Bush administration’s most vocal enemies. So you could conclude here that the husband of Dana Priest, William Goodfellow is involved in getting Joe Wilson paid speaking gigs as well as getting his message out to the media.


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