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RUSH: Carol in Omaha, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.
CALLER: Oh, my word, Rush. I (sigh). Let me catch a breath. I am so nervous, and I told you H.R. I just wanted him to pass you a note. I guess you don’t do that around there.
RUSH: No. If you call; you want to go on the air, you’re on the air.
CALLER: All right. Well, my —
RUSH: I’m glad. You don’t want to pass notes. I mean, this isn’t junior high school.
CALLER: No, but you make me so nervous — and I know a lot of people call in, and they’re nervous, and I’m extremely nervous, and I told him, “My knees are shaking and everything, so I’m going to get this over quickly.” (laughs)
RUSH: Well, let me… No, no. Wait a minute.
CALLER: Whaaaat?
RUSH: Look, I have been where you are. I have been a caller. I know exactly what it’s like. You’re sitting out there — how long you been on hold? You’ve been on hold at least a half hour. You’ve been on hold a half hour and you’re listening and you don’t know when they’re going to come to you and say, “All right, stand by, Carol. You’re next,” and hang up on you or put you back on hold without talking to you. No soothing, no comforting, just: “You’re next, Carol! Hang on!” (Panting.)
CALLER: I know. It just scares you to death. It’s torturous.
RUSH: And then you hear, “Carol from Omaha, you’re next,” and the lump in the throat, and you go, “Oh, my gosh! Can I remember what I even wanted to say?” Is that about it?
CALLER: That’s about it.
RUSH: I guarantee you, you don’t even sound nervous. Nobody would have even known it had you not said it, and when you finish with this it’s going to be one of the most pleasant experiences you’ve ever had. You’re going to wonder why you were nervous and you’re going to want to do it over and over again.

CALLER: I don’t think so. (laughs) But I did want to call in today because this notion of “white guilt” that you were talking about and have been talking about for a few days really intrigued me, and I think white guilt is unwillingly playing into and contributing to minority warfare, and the example that I posed to H.R. was this morning, on the six o’clock news, we were informed that a large grocery store chain here in Omaha and even in north of Omaha… But… No, here in Omaha, the north predominantly black part of Omaha was going to require that all their general managers had to learn to speak Spanish, and if they didn’t want to learn — and much to their credit they were going to pay for it, but if they didn’t want to learn — they were going to transfer them. Well, these are people that live in that part of town and didn’t want to be transferred, and I just thought to myself, “You know, you can see the changes and things encroaching.” For example, just in the redo of our supermarket, which is north of Omaha in Blair, on one side of the aisle you have El Paso and Taco Bell and those products, and on the other side of the aisle you have a complete line of products that are imported from Mexico, and I just thought that people ought to be aware of the little encroachments here and again.
RUSH: Oh, I think they are. I think they’re more than aware of it. I think you go to the Border States, they’ve been aware of this for years. It’s just now reaching where you are, and you’re of the impression, “Oh, my gosh, what’s happening here?” What you’ve just described is mild compared to what’s happening in other parts of the country.
CALLER: Well, I know it’s mild but it really is attributed I think to the guilt that we have, but I think this guilt is going to subside because I think we’re trying to pass it along to the minorities, and I think the blacks are going to be resentful, and the Mexicans are going to be resentful and then all of a sudden we can sit back and say, “Hmm, okay. We’re out of the picture for a little while.” I honestly think that that’s what’s going to happen down the road.
RUSH: See, you’ve actually been pretty brilliant here because the purpose of a phone call is to make the host look good, and with what you’ve just done you’re going to do that when I finish making my point here in a second. I want to thank you. You didn’t stutter once. You weren’t nervous at all. You’re a great caller.
CALLER: (Laughs)
RUSH: You should feel very good about yourself.
RUSH: This is not easy to do.
CALLER: No, it’s not!
RUSH: I always tell people, “Don’t try this at home.”
CALLER: (Laughs)
RUSH: But look, your story of what’s on either side of the aisle at a grocery store — I don’t care where it is in Omaha, what part of Omaha it is in — you have another factor. You can talk about the guilt and they need to hire Spanish-speaking general managers and if they’re not willing to learn then they’re going to transfer them out. That grocery store is a business. That grocery story has no legislative power to deny the encroachment that is occurring. They’ve got customers, and if their customer base demands goods from Mexico or only buys goods from Mexico or wants them and only speaks Spanish and is not going to learn English, that store…

You can’t expect a business to take a stand and put a sign outside that says, ‘English Only!’ So the problem occurred way before the manifestation that you saw or heard about on the news today. The fact that we have not enforced English only, which is a part of assimilation. There is an official language in this country, but it’s being watered down, and now businesses who either are being told by the state or some other type of law that you have to be accommodating of these languages and these products and so forth, it feeds on itself here, and that’s why you get to the point where you say, ‘There’s nothing we can do about it. The horses are out of the barn.’

It is going to lead to problems. That’s what Bob Samuelson was writing about. You know, when you have a permanent underclass of a group of people that are primarily in existence to serve as victims for liberal Democrats, traditionally it’s been minorities, and they’ve tried to make as many minority groups victims as possible, not just blacks, but women and homosexuals, one-armed amputees in Soho. I mean, it doesn’t matter; any little minority group they’ll turn into victims as best they can. Well, the largest victim minority group in the Democratic Party happened to be the black population.

Now the Hispanic population is catching up. If I’m not mistaken, it’s larger, right? The Democratic Party seeks to keep as many of these new-arriving Hispanics, legal or illegal, victims. This is going to set up a competition among the minorities. ‘Wait a minute,’ the civil rights leaders will say. ‘We’re the official minority here of the Democratic Party! You’re encroaching on our benefits,’ and the Mexicans will say, ‘Well, screw you! We’re bigger than you but we’re still a minority,’ and there’s going to be a competition for entitlements! And there’s a political party out there willing, if they ever get back in power — you think the Republicans have spent out of their mind, don’t think the Democrats are going to bring any fiscal sanity.

The Democrats are only upset — they complain and whine about all this spending, but they’re only upset because they haven’t been in charge of it. Folks, the Bush administration creates this Medicare prescription drug entitlement, and Democrats opposed it? Democrats think that entitlements are theirs! Nobody gets to do an entitlement because the purpose of that is to create victims and get credit for caring and compassion and offering assistance. So here come the Republicans offering an entitlement. Well we didn’t understand. What the hell is this?

Well, the attempt is to get market reforms into prescription drug prices for the seasoned citizen population. But it still was a new entitlement. Democrats, behind closed doors, are gnashing their teeth. “This is our territory. Who do they think they are?” If they ever get back in power, they are going to start expanding the welfare state like you can’t believe to codify their relationship with all these new victims arriving here, and that’s why there’s an opportunity here to at least put the brakes on this by stopping the inflow. If that doesn’t happen, this problem is going to keep exacerbating itself, and it’s going to keep growing, and it’s going to reach the point where we’re almost at now where you hear people say, “There’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t deport 12 million people or 20 million people.”
Okay, so what do we do? Well, we come up with these bastardized ways of dealing with the problem. The only reasonable thing to do is to remember the word “illegal” means something and stop this massive inflow, primarily on the southern border, and then deal with the problem that we have now as it exists. But when you have, folks — I’ll tell you — when you have a political party — and there are only two of them, a major political party which seeks to maintain the low-wage, uneducated status of these new arrivals because they want to make them victims, we are setting up all kinds of problems.
You know, big ideas are on the conservative side of the aisle. They always are. They always have been. Liberals have nothing but old, worn-out, failed ideas like Marxism. You can’t find anywhere in the world it succeeds, but yet on every college campus, it rules the day. In journalism school, it rules the day. It’s a failure everywhere it’s been tried, and yet the intelligentsia in this country is out there educating these young skulls full of mush that that’s the only fair and egalitarian way to have a fair society, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Evidence proves it.
So this is why it’s imperative that these people in the Democratic Party not get control of country, the budget, national security, or anything of the sort, because if they were in charge while this immigration debate is going on, whatever you think of it now, it would be so bad. It would be three times as bad as what’s going on now with no attempt to fix it whatsoever — and the people that would be trying to fix it would not be in the majority and hence wouldn’t have as much success as they’re having, even though it may not appear to you there’s much.
RUSH: I’m being given a note here by Mr. Snerdley. I said, “English is the official language here,” but there is no “official” language, legally. The Senate voting on making English that today and on an English-only bill, and there are objections to it, and Snerdley says, “You wouldn’t believe the objections.” Yes, I would believe the objections to it. We cannot offend people that don’t speak English. We can’t. They’re voters! They’re potential victims! They’re current victims. We cannot offend them, can’t say anything to hurt their feelings, can’t be critical of them. Obviously, folks, when you go up to somebody in America who doesn’t speak English and tell them they’ll have to speak English, you’re telling them they’re not good enough. You’re telling them they’re inferior, and we are just not going to do that — and if you don’t speak Spanish when you run our store, screw you! We’ll transfer you somewhere else where they speak Pakistani. Ha-ha-ha-ha!


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