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RUSH: Ron in Traverse City, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.
CALLER: Hey, I’m really glad to hear those reporters asking all those questions
RUSH: Yeah?
CALLER: — staying tough, keeping on — on topic here. Because wouldn’t it have been fabulous if we’d had more time for that on the WMD intelligence that brought us to this point?
RUSH: Uhhh.
CALLER: Well, you probably won’t agree with my premise, but I’ll tell you that I think —
RUSH: I’m trying to figure out how best to answer this and remain calm, cool, collected and composed.
CALLER: Take your time.
RUSH: Thank you. Let me exhale here deeply. (exhale) Bill Clinton first announced — along with Madeleine Albright and John Kerry and Tom Daschle — the threat exposed by weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 1998. <a target=new href=”//home/stacks/democrat.guest.html”>(Democrat Quotes on Saddam’s WMD)</a> The United Nations had a number of resolutions starting in 1991. UN inspectors went over and found evidence of it. Worldwide intelligence sources also found evidence. So from 1998 until 2003, we didn’t do diddly-squat about it, giving Saddam many years to get rid of whatever it was everybody knew that he had. Do you think waiting five years was not waiting long enough?
CALLER: Well, I know that, uh, all the — all the estimates that his production capabilities at the time prior to the war were off, misleading, wrong, and I just — I don’t think the American people were in for a ten-year stint on — on the freedom of the Iraqi people or, you know, you know, more likely the case, a beachhead in the Middle East to project force for a global fight on terror.
RUSH: I think a lot of people would be in favor of that. I don’t think too many of you people on the left would knowing how you despise and recoil at the very mention of the US military. But I’m trying to still get the connection here. Notice, my friends, I’m being compassionate, understanding, polite, temperate, all these very difficult things to do when confronted with sheer stupidity. (Ahem) Sorry. We’re supposed to keep asking these questions. The media is supposed to keep asking Major General Caldwell these questions to find out what really happened to Zarqawi, because if we’d taken the time to ask these questions — if we’d have taken the time to ask questions about WMD — why, we may never have even been there and then this wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have these questions of Zarqawi, and we wouldn’t be building a beachhead to expand military operations in the Middle East from that base.
You know, I actually have a new mantra for you libs: “Why not the worst?”
Why not the worst?
Liberal Democrats, when you’re putting together your presidential campaign for 2008, I want the motto and the slogan to be: “Why not the worst? Why not put everybody in the worst horse…manure cars you can put ’em in? Why not make people live in the worst, squalid conditions possible? Why not make the US military absolutely worthless and impotent? Why not? Let’s go out and make sure that every American has a free right to an abortion card and can pick one up at the neighborhood 7-Eleven or any other convenience store.”
Why don’t you guys finally throw up the doors and tell us who you really are, and your slogan for America: Why not the worst? Vote us!


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