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RUSH: I want to go to Karl Rove. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. As you know, Howard Dean was on the Today Show today, and the weekend anchor, Campbell Brown, interviewed him, and said (crying), “Karl Rove is not going to be indicted? How…?” (sobbing) It’s good news for the White House, sucks for us!
HOWARD DEAN: If Karl Rove would have been indicted it would have been for perjury. That does not excuse his real sin which is leaking the name of an intelligence operative during a time of war.
RUSH: (Laughing.)
HOWARD DEAN: He doesn’t belong in the White House. If the president valued America more than he valued his connection to Karl Rove, Karl Rove would have been fired a long time ago. So I think this is probably good news for the White House, but it’s not very good news for America.
RUSH: (Laughing.) Can you believe this? Oh, these people can’t handle it, folks. This is a classic example of what I’m talking about. They had him indicted; they had him in jail; they had him in an orange jumpsuit. It was a done deal. They were just waiting for their hero, Patrick Fitzgerald, to make it official. They all believed it. They all had talked themselves into believing that Rove was going to be indicted, and he was going to be indicted for leaking her name and identity even though Fitzgerald has said from the beginning, found no evidence anybody did that. That’s not even what he’s looking at, he’s looking at perjury. It’s a process case now, it has nothing to do with the original investigation, and they still thought they’re going to get Rove indicted for leaking Valerie Plame’s name. Listen to Chuck Schumer today, this morning, at a press conference.
SCHUMER: No matter what the outcome is of the final investigation, I am renewing my call on Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald to issue a report detailing his findings and explaining his charging decisions. In this type of case I think that’s the prosecutor’s obligation —
RUSH: Isn’t this amazing?
SCHUMER: — to the American people.

RUSH: Folks, they’re doing this with the election, too. They had the election won. It’s in their hands. It’s just a formality. They had Rove behind bars and that was going to lead to Cheney being indicted and some of the libs are even saying, “Well, you know what this obviously means is that Rove flipped. Rove flipped, turned state’s evidence, and Cheney is going to be indicted.” That’s what they’re telling themselves out there on the blogs, and now Schumer is so convinced that they were going to have an issue over which they could win an election even though Karl Rove has never been on a ballot. He will not be on a ballot in ’06, nor will George W. Bush. Somehow this was one of the key ingredients to electoral success. Here’s more from Schumer on Fitzgerald.
SCHUMER: I have asked for a report. Clearly the name was leaked, and there is a different standard between leaking a name, which is wrong, and a criminal standard, which is a statute that’s been on the books since 1982. It’s prosecutor Fitzgerald’s decision only to prosecute if the criminal standard is met. But that doesn’t absolve the White House or the leaker of culpability and there ought to be punishment for them as well, an appropriate punishment even if it’s not a criminal punishment in a trial.
RUSH: What he’s talking about is “the myth.” What he’s talking about is the alternative reality that these people have constructed and in which they live. What he’s talking about is the dream. He wants a report issued saying that Rove’s guilty even though Rove is not even going to be charged. He wants a report written and issued by Fitzgerald that explains this. He wants something done so that it’s on the books as official that the White House did leak, that somebody there leaked, probably Rove, and that there ought to be punishment for them somehow. Even though, after all of these appearances before the grand jury — I believe there were five — after all the hours of testimony Rove gave, no charge, it doesn’t satisfy them.
This is what leads to when they lose elections, demanding recounts, hanging chads, blaming voting machines. They’re not grounded, folks. They are not grounded in reality and they can’t deal with these kind of things. When Clinton was not charged, when Clinton was not indicted, you didn’t hear these guys running around demanding a full-fledged report to explain why even though they got one. It’s just breathtaking to watch this. (interruption) No, he thinks he leaked. This is why I’m telling you (interruption). Snerdley says, “So he wants him punished for not breaking the law?” No, he thinks he did break the law but Fitzgerald is not going to charge him and he wants to know why, and since he’s convinced that Rove broke the law, he wants some kind of punishment even if it isn’t from the special counsel, the independent prosecutor, or criminal in the form of a trial.
But he wants Rove fired, he wants Rove drawn and quartered. Old Joe Wilson wants him frog-marched out of the White House. Snerdley is looking at me incredulously. This is not hard to understand if you know who these people are. (interruption). Yes, they know exactly how they sound, Mr. Snerdley. That’s what makes this all the more amazing. They have constructed this alternative universe, this dream, this myth in which they live where all of these things they want have already happened. The Drive-By Media conditions them for this. Let’s go to the audiotape. Let’s go back and review the media. The media is culpable here. The media does polls. The media does stories, not on what happened, but on what they hope happens, what they hope will happen, and everybody on that side of the aisle buys into it, believes it, and starts throwing parties and celebrating before anything at all happens.

Then when reality slaps them upside the head, they don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with it. When Schumer talks like this, he thinks he’s reflecting the attitudes and the opinions of the majority of Americans, I guarantee you. This is how out of touch they are, especially a northeastern politician with red state America? He thinks he’s articulating what most Americans think. That’s why the Democrats are in the trouble they’re in. They have no clue how they sound. They have no clue how they’re really heard; they have no clue what the American people actually think of them.
They still believe that they have a monopoly in the media, and a monopoly in the American people’s hearts and minds, that all the rest of this is just an illusion and folderol. They have not come to grips with reality. Here’s Norah O’Donnell. I wish I could show you this because she looks like she lost her best friend and her boyfriend at the same time. This is MSNBC live today with the anchor, Randy Meier, and he says, “The prosecutor has not come up with enough evidence to charge Rove. Fill us in, Norah. What happened there, and how may this impact the case?”
O’DONNELL: Well it does appear this morning that the White House is firing on all cylinders, doesn’t it? A lot of good news for this white house. [Nervous laugh] They’ve got a lot of wins that they’re racking up.
RUSH: That nervous laugh of hers — I don’t know if you watch her when she sits in and guest hosts for Matthews, but she’s got this nervous laugh and there was an example of it. When things are not going “right,” she doesn’t know what she’s actually reporting. “A lot of good news for the White House, ha-ha-ha-ha. A lot of wins that they’re racking up.” Let’s go back to the audiotape. We have a montage from October of 2005 of the media reporting the news that Rove will testify before the grand jury, and this is part and parcel of what I was referring to a moment ago. These people think Rove’s dead, Rove’s nailed. He’s testifying. He’s going to be indicted. Listen to this.

CONTESSA BREWER: We begin with breaking news out of the White House.
NATALIE MORALES: That’s right. Presidential advisor Karl Rove will testify before the grand jury.
BOB KUR: It has been reported that Rove has been a source on the CIA leak story.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Karl Rove, a figure in the CIA leak investigation, returns to the grand jury yet again.
BOB WOODRUFF: George, three times in front of a grand jury is fairly unusual.
WOLF BLITZER: Karl Rove is going to testify now for a fourth time before this grand jury.
MICHAEL ISIKOFF: This is a fourth grand jury appearance. That’s extraordinary.
GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: To give him one last chance to talk his way out of a possible indictment.
BILL WEIR: Rove has no guarantee that he won’t be indicted in the case.
JEFF GREENFIELD: I think it’s an old blues song, “If it weren’t for bad news, I’d have to no news at all.”
BOB SCHIEFFER: He’s headed back to the grand jury —
GLORIA BORGER: They’ve been told he’s not a target, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be indicted.
JIM LEHRER: Rove will testify with no guarantee against indictment.
ERICA HILL: There’s no guarantee Rove will not be indicted
AARON BROWN: We’re at a point in the not-too-distant future we’re going to see Karl Rove with a raincoat over his head being perp-walked down the street in Washington?
RUSH: That’s Aaron Brown, no longer at CNN. Lets hear one more. This is Jack Cafferty October 17th last year on CNN with Wolf Blitzer.
CAFFERTY: Here’s the question. What should Karl Rove do if he is indicted? He might want to get measured for one of those extra large orange jumpsuits, Wolf, because looking at old Karl, I’m not sure they’d be able to zip him into the regular sized one.
BLITZER: He’s actually lost some weight. I think he’s in pretty good shape.
CAFFERTY: Well, then maybe just the regular off the shelf large would handle it for him.
BLITZER: Yeah. But it’s still a big if. It’s still a big if.
CAFFERTY: I understand. I’m just hoping, you know. I love to see those kind of things happening. It does wonders for me.
RUSH: So you see, folks, a simple review of media in the past years shows they’d already had him indicted wearing jump suits just like they thought I was going to be in jail. DeLay, same thing, and now they’re beside themselves. It’s going to take them so off their game. They’re going to be even more irrational as Schumer as already indicated they are.
RUSH: As to Senator Schumer who says — in fact, grab audio sound bite number two again, Mike. Snerdley asked me, “Does he not realize how he sounds?” Actually, I think he’s talking to two groups here. I think he’s talking to the media and he’s talking to the left-wing fringe kook bloggers in sort of a split screen. I don’t think he really cares what we or most Americans think of what he says. But there’s something I want to add to it. Here, hit that one more time.

SCHUMER: No matter what the outcome is of the final investigation, I am renewing my call on Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald to issue a report detailing his findings and explaining his charging decisions. In this type of case, I think that’s the prosecutor’s obligation to the American people.
RUSH: I don’t know. I still hold out the possibility that Schumer actually thinks most Americans agree with him on this, that most Americans think Rove did leak, that most Americans think Rove is guilty, that most Americans are shocked and dismayed and angry and command demand answers. He could be speaking to the blogosphere and the media. At any rate, Victoria Toensing a good friend of this program called during the break at the bottom of the hour and points out that what Schumer is calling for or demanding is illegal. The independent prosecutor law no longer on the books, there is no law that allows Fitzpatrick to write a report about grand jury proceedings.
He is asking Fitzgerald to break the law. You can’t simply write a report about what was said in a grand jury. Now, a couple reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle who can get the information leaked to them, as in the Barry Bonds case, could write a book about it, but the special prosecutor himself cannot write a report about what went on in grand jury proceedings, and that’s all that Schumer could possibly be referring to here because it is clear. You heard the media sound bites: Five appearances! Why, why, why, they had him indicted! They had him in jail. They had Cheney. In fact, our buddies at NewsMax did some surveying, if you will, of some kook, left-wing blog sites and this sample featured reaction ranging from disbelief to denial to the desperate hope that Rove has turned state’s evidence against Cheney.
One visitor to the Huffington Post website said, “How could this snake slither away from an indictment? The man lied to the DC grand jury; he gets off scot-free? Where’s the justice?” How do we know he lied to the DC grand jury? You see, this is where the dominant media or the Drive-By Media is creating all this false hope, not only in the Democrat Party’s eyes but in these poor little waifs that make up the kook blogosphere. They actually report this stuff, these people believe it and think that it’s true. Another Democrat at the Huffington Post said, (crying), “Oh, there’s no God,” and then over at the Daily Kos, it was even better. “This is appalling, and any DC jury and many Main Street USA injuries would find him guilty. It really, really is bad precedent to allow a criminal to have free rein in the White House.”
Another Daily Koser was in abject denial, said, “I personally will believe nothing about this until I read it and hear it from Patrick Fitzgerald himself.” Still another poster at Daily Kos saw the silver lining in this: “If Rove flipped, then Fitzgerald believes it will give him Cheney, and he may damn well be right.” I’ve been alive 55 years. I’ve been paying attention to politics probably since I was 12, and I’m being honest with you people. I have never seen — even after Watergate, I have never seen — a political party so disengaged from what is real. I have never seen a party with supporters, a major political party, with supporters as dense, as stupid, as dilapidated, as pathetic as those who make up what are now called the future, the Democratic Party.
This party once ruled this country almost as royalty, folks. The Democratic Party had an iron fist, grip, on everything in this country, and I know what’s happened. I mean, I don’t want to bother you with boring explanations again, but they have now descended and faded away into a collection of people who may be clinically insane because of their inability to grasp what had happened. They had the bowl of cherries for so long, they had the Holy Grail. They owned everything. It was their country to do with whatever they wanted — and now it’s not, and with each passing day, that reality hits them, broadsides them and they simply have no mechanism to deal with it.


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