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RUSH: Only one person can put all this together and explain it to you in an understandable way so that it makes total sense, and that is me. So from top to bottom, we’ve heard from George Lakoff, rhymes with. We’ve heard from Howard Dean. And we’ve heard from Hillary Clinton. We’ve heard from John Kerry. We hear from Joe Biden. We hear from Dingy Harry Reid. We hear from Nancy Pelosi. We’ve heard from all of these people. Can anybody tell me what the Democrat position is on the war? Can somebody tell me what the Democrat position on the war on terror is? Can you — (interruption) no, that’s not the position. Snerdley says it’s wrong. That’s not a position. What is their position? Their position is cut and run. I don’t care what any of them say, you just heard Kerry. Hillary is the only one who’s not for that, but she doesn’t say it convincingly. But the Democratic Party, et al, is invested in defeat.
They have no position on the war except lose it and get out of it. They have no position on winning it, they have no position on taking it seriously. They are as divided and clueless as ever, folks. All the ink that’s being spilled writing about how they are reinventing themselves, they are not reinventing themselves. They are a pathetic group of panderers who put power ahead of country. What you are witnessing in the Democratic Party today is the aimless wandering through the desert with one purpose, the acquisition of power for the sake of power. Not for any reason they want to use, not for any reason they want to announce, they just want their power back. They’re entitled to it. It’s their birthright. They don’t care. Mark my words on this. They do not care how 24 Iraqis were killed in Haditha unless it can be used to smear US troops and that’s going to fall apart on them and blow up in their face, too.

They didn’t give a rat’s rear end, they didn’t care a whit about 300,000 Iraqis being slaughtered before we went in and the bloodbath that would ensue if we left tomorrow, but they’re going to get all concerned about 24 dead Iraqis if the US military is behind it — that’s when they’re going to get concerned about life in Iraq. They are leftists who want power but they can’t figure out how to get it in a conservative country. Their entire debate is not about ideas. They don’t dare go public with their truthful ideas. Their entire debate is about plans, it’s about strategies, it’s about PR, it’s about themes. Never about their radicalism. They’re debating, in essence, how to deceive the American people so they can win back power.
Their kook base wants them to sprint over the cliff. Their professional advisors want them to deceive the electorate, deceive the electorate to win, and that’s the battle, whether they should lie about who they are or tell the truth about who they are, and that’s their problem, they can’t tell the truth about who they are. They dare not. And yet it’s the only thing they can do. The only thing they can do is be honest. Here’s who we are, here’s what we believe and start debating and try to convince the American people to go along with it. They haven’t got the courage to do that because they know full well that this whole country would oppose them other than a few little blue state enclaves, reject them out of hand even more so than is happening now. So that’s where they’re headed, not so much in 2006, but in 2008. Hillary is not pro-war. Make no mistake. She is not for this war effort. She wants the electorate to think she’s reasonable about war. And that’s why she’s under attack from members of her own base.
They don’t care, they’re not little “d” democrat types. These people are authoritarians. That’s what liberals are, they are authoritarians and they use any number of techniques to silence people they disagree with, from political correctness to outright censorship to the infallibility of their victims. They are about silencing things they don’t want to hear, silencing people who say things they don’t want to hear and not having to debate those people for fear of losing. They just want more big government, they want more judicial rule, they want more victims, they want power. If you elect these people you’re going to get less political speech, you’re going to get more politically motivated investigations, you’re going to get a tax on talk radio and anybody they think has done them harm who has relegated them to their current status. They’re not leftists, they’re not Democrats; they are authoritarians. But they are confused. They can’t even unify among themselves, which is what happens when you get a group of people together who simply can’t be honest.


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