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RUSH: More and more stories are starting to surface about the Hezbos locating their rocket launchers near UN sites and in homes and so forth. It’s not really being genuinely reported. It’s obvious when you watch the Drive-By Media, the sympathy is with Hezbo here. Charles Krauthammer writes today that the moral universe is totally inverted. A country that does not attack civilians, that defends itself, Israel, put on the clock while the country that does the attacking wantonly targets innocent people and civilians, they are considered the victims. The Israelis are told, ‘You better wrap this up very quickly.’ And the Israelis are talked about as mean-spirited, extremist, bloodthirsty hacks. It’s just the opposite. I’m going to tell you, when you’re watching Drive-By Media reports of this war, you will be best advised to consider what you hear and then say the exact opposite may be true when you are hearing about the nature of the attacks, who’s hitting who and who’s dying, who’s getting hurt, who’s getting wounded, in terms of civilians and so forth. By the way, the UN observers have now been pulled out of there, the UN, Kofi Onan, as you called him, has decided to remove 50 unarmed observers from posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border and relocate them with a lightly armed UN peacekeeper force, a spokesman said today. The decision came three days after an Israeli airstrike destroyed one of the posts earlier this week, killing four observers from Austria, Canada, China, and Finland. This is AP story, this is exactly what I’m talking about. ‘After an Israeli airstrike destroyed one of the posts earlier this week…’ That may be what happened, but they didn’t tell you why it happened, they didn’t tell you why the Israelis were not targeting that post because the UN observers were in it, they were targeting a missile installation and firing installation that was close by. You have the biggest bunch of cowards on the face of the earth in Hezbollah. They’re being portrayed as brave fighters, holding onto their little piece of land (Crying) against the mean powerful Israelis and their ally buddies, the United States.

I have a question, ladies and gentlemen. Anybody know where there’s an Army-Navy store that sells the official Hezbollah uniform? Because I’d like to get one. (interruption) Well, is that right? There is not an official Hezbo uniform? Really? I guess you’re right. There is no official Hezbo uniform, and they probably don’t have dog tags, either, right? So if that’s true, if there is no official Hezbo uniform, military uniform, then I have a question. How can anyone list the, what do they call it, ‘civilian deaths’ in Lebanon, when everybody in Lebanon is dressed as a civilian? If the Hezbos have a uniform, it’s pants and a shirt and an automobile driving around in an ambulance. Now, if our crack journalists wanted to report the truth, they would tell us how many Hezbo deaths, how many Syria advisor deaths, how many Iranian military deaths. Good idea. Iranians don’t speak Arabic, they speak Farsi, why doesn’t Israel broadcast funny jokes in Farsi, first one to laugh, kaboom! Another Lebanese civilian was killed. The point is, there is no uniform and thus any count that I hear about civilian deaths in Lebanon is meaningless, ladies and gentlemen, there’s no truth to it, and there’s not even real curiosity to find out who they are.



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