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RUSH: Cookville, Tennessee. Jerry glad you called, sir. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’ll try to get to my point pretty quick here. Yesterday — I believe it was yesterday, maybe it was Monday — when you played John Dingell, when he was saying that he would not take a stance against Hezbollah. He would not call them a terrorist organization. I hope that you could just play, every day, so the people of this country could hear it. The left say they stand for Israel but they really don’t. They stand for our enemies, whoever they are, and the Drive-By Media, do you think that they are going to have somebody covering the woman who got killed last Friday in Seattle by that terrorist and the other woman he shot?

RUSH: You speak about that. That Seattle incident, the attack on the Jewish center. Here, again, there have been some media reports saying, ‘Well, the reasons for the attack are unclear. The attacker was a Christian, recent convert to Christianity from Islam, and he was bipolar!’ The reason for the attack was unclear. They are trying to, you know, not make that… I think, Jerry, you get it. Anything that plays into the scene that makes Bush’s foreign policy look right, they’re just going to cover it up.

Now, as for Dingell, I am gathering here that people are saying this little clip that circulate around is being taken out of context. Is that right? Well, then help me out. If it is being taken out of context, did he condemn the Hezbos? Is he saying that he condemned the Hezbos and this thing is being doctored to make it look like he didn’t? How is it taken out of context? (interruption) Yes. Oh, oh. The real context. Okay. We have the bite. That’s right, I remember. We have the bite. It’s on a local television station in Detroit. By the way, have you heard people are fleeing Baghdad for Fallujah because it is a safe Haven? (Laughing) At any rate, here’s the bite and we’ll explain the controversy.

DINGELL: First of all, I don’t take sides for or against Hezbollah or for or against Israel.

DEVIN SCILLIAN: You’re not against Hezbollah?


RUSH: Okay. Nothing is out of context there. They are just saying the tape should be allowed to play longer. You’re not against Hezbollah? No. The Dingell camp is trying to say, ‘You are misunderstanding. We need to be honest brokers there. We can’t choose sides. We cannot have an alley in this. We won’t have credibility in the region.’ That is his point. But let me tell you this, Howard Dean and a bunch of Democrats, Howard Dean accused the Iraqi prime minister of being anti-Semitic because he wouldn’t condemn Hezbollah and a bunch of Democrats sent a letter to the speaker of the House saying, ‘You better not let this guy Maliki speak. He is anti-Semitic. He won’t condemn Hezbollah. He’s failing to tote the line with the U.S. foreign policy.’ The same Democrats who got on the previous prime minister Alawi for being a puppet, want this is guy to be a puppet.

I would say to Howard Dean, ‘Mr. Chairman, if you don’t want the Iraqi prime minister to speak in Congress because he doesn’t comport to U.S. policy and does not condemn Hezbollah, then neither should John Dingell be allowed to speak.’ The difference here is that John Dingell is the eldest, most senior Democrat in the House of Representatives. Now, he lives in Dearbornstan. It is one of his constituencies. I think it is in his district. There are a lot of Lebanese Americans in his district. So there is a political factor. You cannot take that out of it. That’s just is the name of the game in politics. There are Lebanese Americans and they are constituents. So you just have to figure that’s politics and the way politicians can be. I tell you, it has illustrated that the Democrats are not unified as they want you to believe. They have not taken a unified position on the whole Israeli Hezbo conflict. They are trying to get away with trying to make people believe otherwise.


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