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This next story is just part of the pattern. It is amazing how little flexibility, how little curiosity, how little outside data can permeate what becomes an action line or a story line or a prism. What do you think I’m going to talk about? I know you can’t call and tell me. I’m not going to take the time. But here we have fighting going on, all these bombs raining down, corpses being paraded around. It’s hot as hell over there, people are sweating their butts off. What do you think the next angle of the Drive-By Media would be? If you think it is the environmental destruction you are right and give yourself a gold star.

Get this, folks, this is ‘Oh, no, city’. ‘Endangered turtles die shortly after hatching from their eggs. Fish float dead off the coast. Flaming oil sends waves of black smoke toward the city. In this country of Mediterranean beaches and snowcapped mountains, Israeli bombing that caused an oil spill has created an environmental disaster. And cleanup cannot start until the fighting stops, the U.N. says.

‘World attention has focused on the hundreds of people who have died in the 3-week-old conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. The environmental damage has attracted little attention but experts warn the long-term effects could be devastating.’ Yeah, like the oil fires in Gulf War I that Saddam started, over a hundred of them, lasting effects. Like the oil spill at Prince William Sound, lasting effects. Like all of the bombing at Hiroshima Nagasaki, lasting effects. Like the destruction of Pearl Harbor, lasting effects. Like Dresden and Hamburg and Germany, being leveled with tons and tons of explosives. Lasting effects. Ladies and gentlemen, there have probably been bombs by the tens of hundreds now going off in Israel causing fires. I don’t see anyone concerned about the environmental damage there. ‘Some 110,000 barrels of oil poured into the Mediterranean two weeks ago after Israeli warplanes hit a coastal power plant. One tank is still burning, sending thick black smoke across the country.’

This is an outrage! ‘Compounding the problem is an Israeli naval blockade and continuing military operations that have made any cleanup impossible. And environmental officials say the longer the problem is allowed to go unchecked, the greater the lasting damage.’ Bush’s bombs! ”The immediate impact can be severe but we have not been able to do an immediate assessment,’ said U.N. Environment Program executive director Achim Steiner in Geneva. ‘But the longer the spill is left untreated, the harder it will be to clean up.’ Experts warn Cyprus, Turkey and even Greece could be affected. Sarraf said Israeli planes ‘purposely hit the tanks which are the closest to the sea,’ and knocked out the berms designed to prevent any ruptured tanks from sending oil flowing into the waters. ‘Chances are, our whole marine ecosystem facing the Lebanese shoreline is already dead,’ Sarraf said. ‘What is at stake today is all marine life in the eastern Mediterranean.” Bush’s bombs. So the Drive-By Media covering all — and by the way, this is all al-AP, Miss Carroll. The Associated Press predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. No concern for the environmental crisis that might be facing Israel. This is devoted exclusively to fighting leaves Lebanon with environmental crisis.

You ever thought about who started this, Miss Carroll? You ever think about who started this? I mean, even your Buddy Kofi Annan admitted begrudgingly that it was the Hezbo’s and their terrorist act of kidnapping a couple of Israeli soldiers and the lack of implementation of UN resolution 1550. That is another thing Miss Carroll and all you Drive-By Media people. How come United Nations escapes your scrutiny? How come the United Nations escapes your examination? You want to talk failures? You want to talk utter failure? Resolution 1559. Yet you keep building the UN up. Well, time’s up. You don’t get away with this stuff anymore. It’s obvious you don’t like being questioned, but the questions shall continue. Three local environmental organizations by the way, Lebanon, have demanded a cease-fire to no avail.


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