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RUSH: Let’s start right now with the audio sound bites. Let’s go to the chief — by the way, do you know the Hezbos have a media relations office? They have a media relations office and the guy that runs it has a business card. I saw it on a blog today. The Hezbos have a media relations office. I shouldn’t be surprised. Here is just a portion of the remarks yesterday made by the head honcho of the Hezbos, Hassan Nasrallah, issuing a new warning through a taped television message.
NOSEHAIR NASRALLAH: The bloodshed in Lebanon is the responsibility of Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Rumsfeld and their barbaric administration. Whenever this war stops, you should not forget it is the doing of the American administration and the results of this war, Lebanon will not be Israeli, Lebanon will not be American. It will not be a part of the plan: Rice’s new Middle East.
RUSH: That sounds like a Democrat could have written it. Sounds like Democrat talking point. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld they’re the problem. To illustrate my point, last night, Situation Room, the forehead was on talking about the situation in the Middle East.
THE FOREHEAD BEGALA: There’s no peace. There’s no stability, and there’s no democracy. Things are getting worse. And then, in the middle of all of this, for Condoleezza Rice, our secretary of state, to say, well, this is just the birth pangs of a new Middle East, it was one of the most callous, unhelpful, harmful statements I have ever heard an American diplomat make.
RUSH: I play that just so you can get an idea of where the Democrats are coming from and to show you just how similar the forehead Begala sounded to Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of the Hezbos. Now, let’s go to Secretary Rice. She was on Larry King Alive last night and King said, “How to you handle the critics? Senator Biden yesterday described the administration’s Middle East policy as a failure.”
RICE: What has been a failure in Middle East policy is the last 60 years, in which we decided that we would try and trade democracy for stability and we got neither. We are on a difference course in the Middle East and it is a course that because it is different, because it insists on major change in the Middle East, is going to produce some turbulence. But I would have to say that this is a better Middle East in which you have Syrian forces out of Lebanon. It’s a better Middle East in which Saddam Hussein is not still repressing his people. And it’s certainly a better Middle East where the rights of women and the rights of people to express themselves are being upheld. So I will stack up this policy in the Middle East against any. I think that we have made more progress under this president toward a Middle East that will be different and better than at any other time in recent memory.
RUSH: And that is absolutely right. She said it. Can’t be said better than the way she said it here in the top. What’s been a failure in the Middle East policy is the last 60 years. Which is what Begala, the forehead, and all the Democrats seem to want to return to. It’s lunacy, the last 60 years has given us little skirmishes and big skirmishes like this one repeatedly, albeit irregularly, but they have happened. There hasn’t been any peace. There hasn’t been any progress whatsoever, none. Now there is a sign of progress being made.


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