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RUSH: Susan in St. Louis. Thank you for waiting. You’re up next in the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. I’m a rarity: a Jewish Republican.

RUSH: Wow.


RUSH: I know three.

CALLER: Well, now you know four! (Laughing) I’ll tell you, though, there are more of us coming out of the woodwork, although I’ve been a Republican all my voting life. But I want to thank you seriously from the bottom of my heart because I told so many people, ‘Listen to Rush. He’s an honorary Jew.’ You get it about Israel, and people don’t get it, and when somebody like Sidney Blumenthal… I cannot imagine that this moron doesn’t get it, either.

RUSH: He gets it, but let me explain Sidney Blumenthal and let me explain to people what you mean. We had this story on Friday. Sidney Blumenthal was big in Hillary’s West Wing office. He’s a noted… I don’t know how to describe him. He’s worse than a liberal, he’s just a nut. I think he’s one of these guys that secretly admires the old days of Stalin and Lenin. Yeah, they called him ‘Grassy Knoll’. He’s just beyond description. At any rate, Sidney Blumenthal wrote a piece in Slate magazine, Slate.com last week admitting that the National Security Agency of this country was sharing information with the Israelis on Hezbollah troop movements from Syria and Iran. This compromised the national security effort of the United States. It also compromised the Israelis, and it let the enemy — the enemy, a bunch of terrorists — know exactly how their munitions shipments and supply lines were being tracked. So you, Susan, want to know why Blumenthal could sell out Israel, could sell out his people, and I’ll tell you the answer. You want to know it? It’s real simple.

CALLER: Oh, wait. I think I know. He didn’t get the anti-stupid pill.

RUSH: No. That wouldn’t help. There’s not a strong enough stupid pill to overcome liberalism.

CALLER: Oh, you’re right.

RUSH: The answer is: liberals are liberals first. It’s almost as though liberalism is their religion, before everything else. Liberals will be liberals before they’ll be anything else, and so right now, to liberals, the biggest enemy in the world is George W. Bush. They are seething with rage and hatred and they have been for so long that they’re in the early onset stages of genuine madness. And they will do anything to destroy George W. Bush, including wreck foreign policy of this country and attempt to harm what the Israelis are trying to do in protecting their nation. That’s the answer, and it really is no more complicated than that. People try to make it so, but it isn’t.

CALLER: No. I agree with you. However, what shocked me, and maybe I’m still a naïve person, is that Blumenthal doesn’t understand, if Israel goes, so does he. And that’s what the world doesn’t want to recognize, that when Israel’s statement — and it should be for every Jew is — ‘never again’ —

RUSH: He doesn’t think that. You’d be amazed. I’ve talked to them. You’d be amazed at the number of liberal Jewish people who think Israel has no right to exist where it is. They think Israel has displaced a bunch of poor, disadvantaged people, and that they’re pushing them around and bullying them and deserve what they get. I kid you not. I’ve spent plenty of time talking to them about it. It’s almost a knee-jerk response, victim versus power. They always side with what they think is the victim.


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