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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I think the Hezbos have learned a great deal from the American left. The Hezbos have created their own little welfare state inside of Lebanon, and now all these Lebanese people are totally dependent on them — and the New York Times, this story, the headline I shared with you just before the conclusion of the previous hour. If you stop and think about it, during the war itself, all we heard about was civilians this, civilians, civilians, civilians, and civilians, and civilians, and civilian casualties. The New York Times today cannot stop using the word ‘Hezbollah’ throughout its story. ‘Hezbollah leads work to rebuild, gaining stature, while the Israelis began their withdrawal, hundreds of Hezbollah members spread over dozens of villages across southern Lebanon, began cleaning, organizing, and surveying the damage.

‘Men on bulldozers were busy cutting lanes through giant piles of rubble. Roads blocked with the remnants of buildings are now, just a day after a cease-fire began, fully passable. In Sreifa, a Hezbollah official said the group would offer an initial $10,000 to residents to help pay for the year of rent, to buy new furniture and to help feed families. In Taibe, a town of fighting so heavy that large chunks were missing from walls and buildings where they had been sprayed with bullets, the Audi family stood with two Hezbollah volunteers, looking woefully at their windowless, bullet- and shrapnel-torn house. In Bint Jbail, Hezbollah ambulances — large, new cars with flashing lights on the top — ferried bodies of fighters to graves out of mountains of rubble.

‘Hezbollah’s reputation as an efficient grass-roots social service network — as opposed to the Lebanese government, regarded by many here as sleek men in suits doing well — was in evidence everywhere. Young men with walkie-talkies and clipboards were in the battered Shiite neighborhoods on the southern edge of Bint Jbail, taking notes on the extent of the damage.’ Oh, what a great, great bunch of guys, ladies and gentlemen! I guarantee you that every bit of this money and every ambulance and every morsel of relief is coming from Iran through Syria, and perhaps other places, too. The Hezbos don’t have the means to do this on their own, and yet the New York Times just loves them. But no stories about the buildings damaged in Israel by the 3500 rockets that were launched in there. No, no, no, no! I haven’t seen any of that, not in the New York Times, anyway. No, all we’re learning is what a great bunch of guys the Hezbos are. It’s very obvious, folks, they’ve learned from the American left. They’ve been studying American liberals. They’ve set up this welfare state within a state, and all these people depend totally on them.


RUSH: I have an idea. After reading the New York Times story on what a great rebuilding job Hezbollah is doing in southern Lebanon, all those $10,000 to every family. Hell, we only gave people in New Orleans a couple grand on a credit card. You can’t have a great vacation on a couple grand! Well, you might, but 10,000 would be even better. I think what we ought to do, and to show our willingness to reach out and show that we can all become just one family here on planet mother erf, we ought to send a boat over there and get a bunch of Hezbos and bring them to New Orleans and put ’em to work starting to rebuild New Orleans. If they’re so good, I mean, look it, they’ve almost got roads rebuilt already.

It’s just been two days, three days, four days. The roads are rebuilt, apartment buildings are going up. New York Times just says it’s incredible to watch all these Hezbo ambulances all over the place. Hell, these guys are better than FEMA. We need to bring them over to New Orleans. The only problem that we might have here, I think, is that the Hezbos might object to the high crime rate there. We’d have to maybe give ’em some bodyguards while they go about the business of rebuilding New Orleans, but hell, I mean, it’s worth looking into, and put ’em on retainer. Any time there’s a disaster, tornado, hurricane, even a terrorist attack, let’s say the next Al-Qaeda hit, bring the Hezbos over here to rebuild the damage. Ho-ho-ho-ho. This is why I need to be in a position of power, ladies and gentlemen, because I cut to the quick, and I get to the solutions here. We don’t just moan about things, and the Hezbos clearly are revolutionary and cutting edge when it comes to rebuilding devastated bombed out war torn areas.


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