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RUSH: This is hilarious. It’s so cute. The editor of the Limbaugh Letter, the newsletter, Diana Schneider just sent me a link to a new children’s book that’s out there called Why Mommy is a Democrat. It stars a squirrel family. I think it’s squirrels. It could be chipmunks. But whatever they are, they’re rodents. You know, a squirrel, I know people think they’re cute. They’re just tree rats. A seagull is just an air rat. Well, it’s not actually a rat, but it performs the same function. So there’s a family of tree rats, well, just mommy — there’s no dad around. There ain’t no dad here. It’s just mommy, and the two little squirrel offspring.
“Why Mommy is a Democrat, a different kind of children’s book.” All these quotes from like Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show, “Why Mommy is a Democrat is a sweet children’s tale that reminds us why we are all Democrats. I loved it.” And the mayor of Columbus, Ohio, Michael Coleman, “Why Mommy is a Democrat is a warm and wonderful story of commitment to family and community. You’ll want to share this book with your children for the same reason you’re a Democrat, because you care.” Cherie Mabrey, York County Democratic Party, South Carolina, “I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity to promote our values.” Senator Patrice Arent, Utah Senate, “I just received my copy of Why Mommy is a Democrat. It’s a wonderful book. I immediately got online and ordered more. I’m looking forward to share your simple but profound message with my two children. Thank you for your excellent work.”

Who wrote this thing? Jeremy Zilber, and it was illustrated by Yuliya Firsova. They have a click on some sample pages so you can actually read three of the pages of Why Mommy Is a Democrat. Well, let me describe the first sample page. You have an old man and woman walking through a park. The old man is smoking a big cigar.
The woman looks like she’s carrying an infant. There looks to be a homeless dreg sitting on a park bench. This is all in the background, and behind the bushes, amidst the — what kind of flowers are those? Do you have any idea? I’m not a botanist or biologist. What kind of flowers are those? Daisies? They’re daisies? I thought daisies were yellow. It doesn’t matter. Daisies. They’re white, five petals with a gold little thing in the middle. Bumblebees run around on these things all the time. And you’ve got these two little tree rat squirrels, one boy, one girl, the boy wearing blue jean overalls, and the little girl wearing a green and white striped little shoulder sweater, and they’re playing with building blocks. They’re out there trying to spell words, tree rats. And mommy is looking out the window of the house, which is obviously a tree, with a cup of coffee, and she’s looking on admirably with her buckteeth and smiling, and the page text is this: “Democrats make sure we all share our toys just like mommy does.”

All right. Democrats make sure we all share our toys like mommy does. Next sample page we have a giant, what would that be, an elephant walking by, where the previous old man and woman were, old man with a big cigar and ugly old woman with a little kid. The homeless guy is now up out of the park bench, because this elephant is walking by on the pathway in the park. Mom has left the safety of the treehouse and is now shepherding the two kid tree rats, and the text is, “Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like mommy does.” And, of course, the elephant is significant. It’s a GOP elephant. It’s a Republican walking by! And the thing is huge. It dwarfs the homeless guy that’s standing up off the bench, even he’s gotta leave because the Republicans are coming.
“Democrats make sure we are always safe just like mommy does.” And the third sample page, there is a university, and some graduate in cap and gown with the same couple — you know, would you explain the woman on the left here, wearing short shorts or a mini-skirt and knee boots with that gray hair that is in a beehive? Is this a depiction of rich Republicans? Okay, rich Republicans. She’s wearing a fur, she’s got some roses. Oh, I take it back, that’s not short shorts. It’s a red skirt all the way down to down to below the knees. And their son I guess is graduating there, and there’s a sign on the side of the university entrance says, “Admission, $160,000.” Keep in mind it’s Democrats that run all these places. It’s liberal Democrats that run all these places and jack up tuitions. Across the street behind the little fence, the homeless guy is still here. The homeless guy looking longingly, hanging over a fence, wishing he could get into the school, but he can’t because he can’t afford it.

And mom tree rat and the two kid tree rats now have their backpacks on and their books as though they’re getting ready to go to school. Mom is packing lunch, a couple of apples in a brown sack, and there’s a little mouse looking on, and, of course, these tree rats are not attacking the mouse. No, no, no, no. They’re friends with the mouse. The mouse is probably their pet. And the text is, “Democrats make sure children can go to school just like mommy does.” (Laughing)
Why Mommy is a Democrat. I’ll tell you what, it’s desperation time out there. I don’t know where this book is available. Well, there’s a “donate” button here on the website. So I guess you click on someplace in the website, you can buy it there or they’ll tell you where to go to get it. Why Mommy is a Democrat. The front cover is mom tree rat with a little girl tree rat on her lap sitting in wicker chairs with a little baby horse carriage there as a toy. So the Democrats are associating themselves with squirrels, portraying them as Democrat families. And whatever happens, it’s because Democrats do it just like mommy does. So they’re admitting here, yep, we’re the nanny party. We are your mother. You’re always our kids. You don’t have decency and sense enough yourself to do the right thing. Just turn your lives over to us, and we’ll make sure that you have just a little, not a lot, and that you will be miserable.


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