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RUSH: This is Norman in New Briton, Connecticut. Norman, nice to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I just want to say I saw you last night, and you were great. You’re just a great American.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: But what I wanted to say was, two years ago, same time — same time presidential election — Michael Moore made that movie Fahrenheit 9/11.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: Now, he has a right to say what he wants to say, because we’re all protected under the Constitution, but the Democrats, what they did was they embraced him. They made him the superstar, the rock star. That was his title: the rock star of the DNC convention.

RUSH: Right. They totally embraced it, they went to his premieres. He sat at the right hand of Jimmy Carter almighty at the Democratic National Convention, and the movie was a fraud, but it worked. It ginned up a bunch of anger among the Democrats. It was propaganda, but it worked just like the attack on Bush and Rove over Valerie Plame. It worked. It was all lies, total lies.

CALLER: Everything was a lie. But I don’t understand their outlook. I mean, now they want — to me, freedom of speech is freedom of speech.

RUSH: No, no, no, not when they are being criticized. These people are Stalinists. I am trying to explain this. They know that whoever controls the media, controls power. That’s what they know, and this somehow slipped under their radar. You know, if Fox were doing this, they wouldn’t care. Well, they’d care. They’d care. I take that back. But it’s ABC. That just can’t happen at Peter Jennings’ network! How can this possibly be happening? The problem with the Democrats is, they can’t stand the truth being illustrated about them. They can’t stand the light of truth, folks. That’s why many covers of the Limbaugh Letter have featured the Democrats as mice and rats hemmed into a corner with a bunch of light shining on them and no place for them to go. That’s what this is.

Five years after the fact they’re still trying to control things. Intimidating an American corporation — and, of course, what’s new about that? They’ve been doing this to Wal-Mart for how long? They’ve been doing this to Big Oil for how long? This is who they are. I know you think this is simplistic, but I’m speaking to you now psychologically. It’s all rooted in their entitlement attitude to power. It is theirs! Especially since FDR and the Kennedys, it’s theirs! They own it! That’s what they’re born to. They are born to go to Harvard and Yale and Princeton and wherever else, the Kennedy school. They are born to be groomed to lead. They are born to be elected. And when the people don’t cooperate, well, there’s hell to pay.

Voting machines! Hanging chads! It’s never their fault. I don’t want to review all this but, folks, they had a monopoly. They ran the show for 50 years and they don’t anymore, and they can’t come to grips with it and they’re lashing out at anybody who has usurped some of their power. The fact that ABC — the fact that this movie even got made? There’s one way to look at this that nobody is right now, but this is one hell of a step forward that the movie even got made at ABC. I mean, this is stunning to me. I’m outraged by the Stalinist attempt to cause it to be edited down to where it doesn’t mean anything, or to be canceled, but it’s an amazing, amazing thing. It’s another event in a long series of events over a long period of time that will be required to continue to wrest more and more power away from these people.
The problem is that there are setbacks of people go, “Oh, what’s this? It’s not worth it. Every time we win we lose. Two steps back every time we take one forward.” That’s not the case. (interruption) Why are you frowning in there, Snerdley? How can you possibly disagree with anything I just said? How can it be? How? Just tell me how you can possibly disagree. I am stunned. I have just been profound and brilliant. I have offered a new insight into something people have been talking about for a week, and you’re going, “Hmm, hmm, hmm.” How could you tell the 9/11 story?
You could tell it the way Michael Moore did. ABC could come up with their own classy version of it, if they wanted to. The fact that they took a script that was as close to accurate historically as anything you’ve ever seen, is stunning. We’re hearing gossip out there. It’s nothing you can hang your hat on. Mr. Iger is livid about it according to Variety — I mean livid, and thinking about pulling it. ABC executives are still pondering whether or not to pull this thing. One of the things that would make it easier to pull it is they’re not running any commercials in it anyway. They never had scheduled commercials in it. So they don’t have to worry about advertiser defections. That’s a big part. If there were advertising in this, it would be a different story because advertisers don’t want controversy, supposedly.
I think they could probably find a whole bunch of people that would love to be sponsors of this thing today if they wanted to go out and sell it. But they’re going to run it without spots, so they don’t have that controversy. If they pull this, if they do that, folks, the repercussions will be felt by them for a long, long time. To buckle to pressure from a former president and his hacks, Sandy Burglar, who himself pleaded guilty to a crime in all of this in the aftermath — and I’ll tell you what. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen if they do pull it. I know that there have to be tons of review copies out there. There just are, and if I know the Internet, the uncut, real version will be out there, regardless what ABC does. So count on seeing this anyway, folks.


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