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RUSH: Janet, Northport, Florida, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hey, Rush.
RUSH: Hey.
CALLER: In watching all the coverage about the 9/11 remembrances this last week, I was struck by a clip that I saw of a poll that was taken, I guess it was the first week after the attack, and in the poll, President Bush had a 93, 92% approval rating. And I believe now you can almost pinpoint that day of this poll that the Democrats pretty much decided that he had to be destroyed, and that they would never get power back if they didn’t destroy him. And I think looking back on it now, these last couple years, they’ve been pretty effective.
RUSH: Well, longer than that. They’ve been effective for longer than that. But you know, it’s one thing, 93% approval rating after 9/11, that would make total sense, country comes together in an event like this. What the Democrats tried to do as quickly as they could is erase people’s memory of it, or to mischaracterize it. But let’s not forget, ladies and gentlemen, all of these Democrats in 1998 and again in 2002 at their own request for a new resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq, took to the floor of the Senate and warned us of those weapons of mass destruction, including Jay Rockefeller. And they have the privilege now, the opportunity to just erase that from memory because the Drive-By Media will not remind anybody of it. But there are those like me who will and do, and we’ve got the audio and we’ve got the video, and you have seen it on various cable networks, you’ve heard it on this program. So it’s unconscionable what they are trying to do. Of course, they’re hiding behind, “Bush lied to us.” They had all the intelligence, they know what everybody else had and they were talking about this long before Bush even came into office.
But you’re right, at some point — and we have the Rockefeller memo in which he said we can only do this one time, but we’re going to have to launch a full scale investigation into how we’ve been lied to, how the intelligence was made up. And of course the product of that was released on Friday. You’re right. The whole thing has been a fabricated policy to win back power at the expense of national security and everything else. It has featured lying, it has featured prevarication, it has featured deceit, duplicitousness, it has arrogance, pretty much every human characteristic that we find offensive has been front and center in terms of the Democrats, particularly Senate Democrats. You can’t leave the House out of this, either, efforts to rewrite history and erase it from as many minds as possible.

RUSH: Hey, look at it this way, folks. You want some straightforward, blunt words? You have the 1990s and no action taken. Bush takes action, there’s two different policies. You got Democrats running around in 1998 warning of all these threats from Saddam Hussein, doing nothing about it as usual. Now in 2002, demanding a chance to say it again on the floor of the Senate in debating a use-of-force resolution for the president, and now, four years later, they want to erase memories. Clinton administration with the same thing. That’s why they didn’t want this movie to air.
Remember, only one minute has been cut. I have confirmed this. Out of five hours, only one minute has been cut. It was a total, failed effort by the Clintonoids. Well, you can’t say total, but they can’t erase any of the meaning of the movie. ABC did not cave. Turns out that Bill Clinton lied, and it did cost lives. He didn’t have to spend years lying about the Lewinsky matter and being embroiled in the Paula Jones thing, perjuring himself, obstructing and all the rest. He lied, and people did die around the world, Americans. And what of Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright and all the rest? I don’t know if they had sex with Lewinsky, either, but were they so busy they couldn’t focus on the terrorist threat in front of them? It’s inescapable, ladies and gentlemen, inarguable.


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