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RUSH: In Chicago we’ve been following the “living-wage” argument and the Big Box Resolution, trying to keep Wal-Mart stores out of the city. (story) “The so-called ‘living-wage’ ordinance that would have required mega-retailers here to pay their workers higher wages was successfully turned back Wednesday as supporters on the City Council could not muster enough votes to override Mayor Richard Daley’s veto. Daley, who vetoed the ordinance this week saying it would cost the city jobs and hurt people who need those jobs the most, was able to convince enough aldermen who voted in favor of the ordinance in July to change their votes. The vote was 31-18 in favor of overriding the veto — three short of the necessary votes to do so.”
Here is Brian in Chicago. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.
CALLER: Rush, it is an honor. I am thrilled. This is going to be my talk of the week with everybody. Yeah, coming from the land where foie gras and Wal-Mart are illegal I got two things I want to tell you really quick. One my thinking on Wal-Mart, why Democrats don’t like it, is because Wal-Mart has managed to fulfill a lot of promises that Democratic Party has not been able to fulfill, and they did it solely based off of the rules of capitalism — and I think that’s one of the things that angers them very much at Wal-Mart for doing what they do and for doing what they’ve done.
RUSH: Well, there’s no question. We touched on this a little earlier in the program. I think it’s even more detailed than that.
RUSH: There’s no question that they resent middle class success.

RUSH: But here, you have to understand the liberal attitude. Liberals are arrogantly condescending. The last thing liberals want is to be thought of as part of the middle class. They’re above all that! These people are elitists, and the people that are enjoying life at Wal-Mart, working there and shopping there, don’t need liberals.
CALLER: Mmm-hmm.
RUSH: It’s an affront; it’s an offense to liberalism that something like this, like Wal-Mart, could become so big and so successful in the middle class, because liberals look at themselves as the providers for the middle class, and it just offends them, and so they have this arrogance toward these people. They have an arrogance toward most everybody: can’t do what’s right in life, can’t make the right decisions, not smart enough. There is a contempt and an arrogance for these people, and when these people have this product and this place and the people that work there are happy and the people that shop there enjoy the benefits they get from shopping there, it just makes them mad. They say, “How come they don’t appreciate us?” and these people become enemies — and so the shop, the whole company, must be attacked and shut down so that liberals will once again control those people’s lives and fortunes.
CALLER: Yes, and this is tied to the second thing I want to bring up. When you were talking about women? I gotta tell you, Rush, my girlfriend — greatest girl in the world — when I found her she was 19. It was about four or five years ago, and she and her family they are all liberal; they were all Democrat. The parents were divorced and her and her brothers and sisters, all they were taught was just, you know, “Wait ’til the check comes in from dad.” The money was just spent on garbage. They would just wait for welfare to come in, wait for the grandparents to take care of things. “The grandparents will pay for the house.” Everything was taken care of and they were never taught to think for themselves and they were never taught to go out and work for themselves, to always depend on other people.
And my girlfriend, I found her, she was working at a comic bookshop, and I love her so much, I started instilling these conservative values, you know, to think for yourself, to keep your compassion but to not depend on others — and I’m telling you, you know, to this day, she’s 23 years old, she owns her own house; she has a degree. She’s working downtown, doing what she likes to do. She wants to be an accountant. So she’s doing what she wants to do downtown in the building next to the Sears Tower. She’s thrilled. She signed the deal for her own house at 23 years old. She’s going towards her master’s degree. She’s going towards her CPA. She’s already got of ideas of, you know, being her own boss in five, ten years, having her own little accounting company going.
RUSH: Let me ask you a question, then a follow-up.
CALLER: Mmm-hmm?
RUSH: Is she white?

RUSH: All right, then there’s no need for a follow-up question. I just want to tell you that, not personally, but a woman like your girlfriend is an enemy to liberals.
RUSH: To explain her success, they can’t reward her. They can’t say, “She’s got ambition. She’s willing to work hard,” because that’s not possible in America anymore. Bush has so ruined the economy that the only way this could be happening is with some sort of favoritism or other people with less advantages, fewer advantages are not being treated fairly, and she’s being treated in a way that discriminates against others. They cannot credit individual success. They simply can’t! They want to punish it with high taxes; they want to make it tough for people who succeed to continue to succeed, because they resent it. They look down upon it, and they will excuse it — and the last thing they will do is credit people like your girlfriend for their own success. It’s just like when they lose election. It can’t be because people aren’t voting for them! It has to be because people are cheating and monkeying with the chads, the ballots, and the voting machines. Same token.
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: Go ahead. You got ten seconds, though, time is dwindling here on the network.
CALLER: She worked a serving job back when she was still making money to pay for college, and back then everybody, they loved her, and they all got along.
RUSH: Right.
CALLER: As soon as she was kind of riding up they kind of turned against her for that same reason.
RUSH: I can tell you’re proud as you can be of her, and that’s fabulous. I love hearing calls like this. You should continue to be.


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